Chef Susan Denzer

Recipe and Product Developer | Writer

United States

As a professionally trained chef and educator, I am passionate about helping others learn to create delicious, flavorful cuisine and food products using quality ingredients in support of a healthier lifestyle.

It's all about the ingredients!

Over the years, I’ve witnessed firsthand the immense power and connectedness of food to our health and well-being. I subscribe to an overall “less processed” approach to cooking and recipe development based on the highly regarded principles of the Mediterranean diet, DASH diet, and Food as Medicine.

My focus is on selecting better quality ingredients - vegetables, fruit, proteins, whole grains, legumes, healthier fats, herbs, and spices - to create delicious, crave-worthy meals that help us to feel our best.

For over five years, I have written and produced my own subscriber-based culinary newsletter.

I have also submitted recipes and articles for use by brands, retail establishments, and professional associations in magazines, newsletters, and websites. I am always interested in expanding my reach and producing content for both online and print formats.

Let's talk about how I can support your culinary online or print needs!
Email: [email protected]

Below are selected writing samples of my articles and recipes.

Love + Craft Kitchen Website
Cucumber-Tomato-Dill Sauce for Salmon

One of my favorite ways to prepare salmon is to do so very simply - brush the fillet with olive or avocado oil and sprinkle it lightly with salt, pepper and dried or fresh dill before grilling or roasting. Super quick, easy and delicious! Then, to take it up a notch, I top it with [...]

Love + Craft Kitchen Newsletter
Ready to Boost Your Overall Health and Brain Function? Add Leafy Greens.

I started growing Swiss chard, Bibb, and Oak Leaf lettuce in pots on my balcony late this past fall - part gardening continuing education, part easy access to quality ingredients. My experiment is going so well that I know I will do so again next year!

Love + Craft Kitchen Website
Basil and Super Greens Pesto

Pesto is one of those well-loved, comfort food condiments with a long culinary history. Its first iteration appeared in ancient Roman times and later developed into what we recognize as traditional Genovese pesto with the use of basil leaves.

Love + Craft Kitchen Website
Black Bean with Pork Stew

When we lived in rural SE Minnesota for several years, winters were long, bracing, and windy. I started making this stew to take the chill out of the day and provide the comfort that we longed for. Filled with flavorful, health-boosting ingredients, this stew satisfied our hunger and also put a smile on our faces.