Cynthia Mukherji

Marketing Communications | Creative Writer + Content Creator

United States

Hello, I’m Cynthia – A thoughtful creative, enthusiastic collaborator, and nerdy lover of learning.

As a creative writer and brand storyteller, I’m passionate about the transformative power of words. The right message is exciting. By bringing ideas to life, words highlight value. They create a story and shape an experience. Words foster deeper connections. They promote thought, educate opinions, and inspire action.

I specialize in brand messaging, marketing strategy and campaign development. With expertise in creating both long and short form copy, I can help increase your digital footprint and support long-term growth. My services include crafting articles and blogs, web copy, email and lead capture pages, print and digital ads, broadcast scripts, social media stories, executive presentations, brochures, use cases, sales materials, and event collateral.

This type of smart content is designed to raise visibility of your brand, connect to your target audience, and support your marketing goals.

Let's talk about how the power of words can elevate your business: [email protected]


The Glass House



AT&T Partner Exchange Newsroom
Fortune magazine - AT&T #1

Discover why AT&T ranks #1 on the FORTUNE magazine list of the World’s Most Admired Companies.

AT&T Partner Exchange Newsroom
Gain a simplified path to success

Enhance your professional skills and product knowledge through the AT&T Certification Achievement Program.

AT&T Partner Exchange Newsroom
Check your order status

Get 24/7 self-service access to your customer order information via the new Order Status Tool.

AT&T Partner Exchange Newsroom
Get in position to win

Amplify your expertise and get in position to win with our AT&T Partner Exchange Learning Center.

AT&T Partner Exchange Newsroom
Committed to collaboration

Deepen your insight of how collaboration is a program cornerstone in Closing the Loop, Vol 1.

AT&T Partner Exchange
Get help with billing

Learn how Billing as a Service (BaaS) can increase efficiencies and the ease of doing business for your customers.

AT&T Partner Exchange Newsroom
Grow with mobility and IoT

Discover the power of IoT to increase business efficiency, productivity and insights.

AT&T Partner Exchange Newsroom
You talked. We listened.

See how solution provider feedback drives program improvements in Closing the Loop, Vol 2.


AT&T Partner Exchange
AT&T Branding Basics: Style Suite

Day 1 of branding "Lunch & Learn" educating internal audiences on the importance of brand consistency across communications.


AT&T Partner Exchange
Closing the Loop

Bi-annual publication created to communicate program enhancements and resources added based upon program member feedback.

AT&T Partner Exchange
Mobility Case Study

Case study showcasing how mobility solutions can add value and expand sales for customers.


Channel Partners conference
AT&T booth reel

Digital ad reel created to showcase AT&T program value, products and solutions.

Channel Partners spring conference planner
AT&T IoT ad

Ad created to showcase IoT solutions and drive booth attendance.

Channel Partners conference guide
AT&T booth ad

Mobility solutions ad created to inform audiences and drive booth attendance.

AT&T Partner Exchange
AT&T Summit event signage

Print and digital signs for the AT&T Partner Exchange premier solution provider event, Summit.

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