Frank William Finney

poet, retired lecturer (Literature)

United States

Frank William Finney is the author of The Folding of the Wings (Finishing Line Press). Originally from Massachusetts, he taught literature at Thammasat University in Thailand from 1995 until 2020. His poems appear in numerous publications including Green Mountains Review, Orbis, The Plentitudes, Slipstream Magazine.

WILDsound Writing Festival
Read Poem: If Winter Comes, by Frank William Finney

Genre / Dark / Death / Nuclear War If Winter Comes (translated from the Human) Nothing will stand or sit or walk or crawl. No creature will sing or chirp or growl. No loved one will whisper or scream or weep and nothing worth living will live.

Goth Garage

Dank thurible of oil and pine;A congregationdraped in dust:paddles, oars,and mouldy sails;surfboards, lawn chairs,bits and bobs.Rakes in the rafters.Rats on the roof.A crack in the floorto the dungeon's door.A splash away from the boiling lake.Frank William Finney is a Massachusetts poet and retired lecturer who taught literature in Thailand from 1995 to 2020.

Hearth & Coffin
Fossil Fuel

by Frank William Finney The spark. The fumes. The burning trees. The flames. The smoke. The burning bones. Frank William Finney is a poet from Massachusetts who taught literature in Thailand for 25 years. He is the author of The Folding of the Wings (FLP Books, 2022), and other collections.


On these stony steps,I took my first tokes while motors movedthe Avenue. Even the berriescan't take us back to where we wereinside those blindsoutside these one-waywindows. Frank William Finney is an internationally-published poet from Massachusetts. He is the author of The Folding of the Wings (FLP Books, 2023) and other collections.

The Asylum Floor

Urban Vignette I'm perched on top of these granite steps close to the entrance of Betty's Used Books. I pull out a sandwich and forge... Hang Gliding I was sitting in the lobby of the doctor's office, waiting to be called for my mammogram, when I overheard the receptionist beh...

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