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United States

A culture journalist who is passionate about reporting on streetwear, New York City, graffiti, and hip-hop culture. I'm was a Staff Writer in Complex Magazine's style section for nearly five years.

I've written original feature stories and short news posts for magazines and websites such as New York Magazine, XXL, Mass Appeal, Grailed, Complex and 12ozProphet since 2015.

I'm a 2018 graduate of the Journalism and History program at Stony Brook University.

I'm currently working as a freelance writer. Please email [email protected] for any inquiries. I'm open to penning magazine stories, fulfilling copywriting jobs, providing creative consulting services, and more.

No Bells
Sometimes We Explode

An oral history of Ratking's So It Goes album release party at Babycastles. Interviews with Wiki, Sporting Life, Hak and more.

How Savant Studios built a beloved New York City 'it' brand

“This place serves our community, it doesn't take from them.” For Gothamist, I reported on Savant Studios, a clothing store that Brooklynites dub to be "A Church for Creatives" in Bed-Stuy. This piece explores the community it's created via its weekly 'Sunday Vibes' gatherings.

Can Supreme Grow And Keep Its Cool?

Will Supreme live on to become a heritage streetwear brand? Or will its acquisition by VF Corp. serve as a cautionary tale for other streetwear brands looking to grow?

Pharrell Is One of Hip-Hop's Most Talented Creatives. But Did LVMH Miss the Point?

Louis Vuitton may have delivered the world's biggest surprise on Valentine's Day when the French luxury house unveiled that Pharrell Williams would become Louis Vuitton's new creative director of menswear. It was another bolt of lightning sent down by a label known for making creative decisions that have produced both shock and awe within the fashion industry.

Ukrainian Resellers Are Still Flipping Hypebeast Grails Amid War

Igor Zakharov has been selling secondhand clothing full time for more than a decade. His business, Hodkotom, has made nearly 20,000 transactions collectively on Grailed and eBay since 2016, which works out to selling something every 27 minutes. He has buyers who source clothing on payroll, and he analyzes his sales data to forecast new trends in the vintage market.

Will Yeezy Save Gap?

By the time Kanye's first Yeezy Gap pop-up in Times Square opened at 10 a.m. on Thursday, a line of approximately 100 shoppers had already snaked around the corner of 45th Street and Broadway. Naturally, Yeezy fans, like Peter Signley, a 37-year-old man from Uptown Manhattan, were aptly dressed.

How Kanye Changed The Way We Dress
How Kanye Changed The Way We Dress

From wearing pink Polo tops to Balenciaga Croc boots, for close to two decades, Kanye West has changed how we all approach fashion and get dressed. Here's how.

Pelle Pelle and Avirex Are Back: Here's How Hip-Hop Popularized Leather Jackets

This fall in Chicago and New York, groups of leather jacket enthusiasts came together to celebrate "Pelle Pelle Day." East Harlem native Miguel Rodriguez organized the events. He's a collector who runs an Instagram account with just over 2,500 followers called @PellePelleLeather-an archive page dedicated to documenting the history of the American leather jacket label Pelle Pelle by Marc Buchanan.

How Reggieknow Paved a Way for Kanye West and Virgil Abloh

After working for months on creative projects for clients like Virgil Abloh and Chris Gibbs, Reginald Jolley, better known as Reggieknow, is barely getting any sleep these days. When I dialed into Reggieknow's world via Zoom, he spoke to me from a dimly lit office in his Los Angeles duplex.

The Top Shows From London Fashion Week Spring 2023

This year, designers from London gathered some of the fashion industry's biggest accolades. In April, the North East London designer Saul Nash won the International Woolmark Prize. Steven Stokey-Daley of S.S. Daley was declared winner of this year's prestigious LVMH Prize in June.

Supreme Naming Tremaine Emory Creative Director Was the Right Choice. Here's Why.

Tremaine Emory's appointment as Supreme's creative director marks one of the brand's biggest moves since being acquired by VF Corporation in 2020. Brendon Babenzien and Angelo Baque served as brand directors at the streetwear brand, but this is the first time Supreme has publicly confirmed an external creative director hire.

Is New York City the Best Place to Start a Streetwear or Fashion Brand?

Colm Dillane's studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a dimly lit space that's smaller than your average bodega. It's located directly underneath elevated subway tracks-you can hear the rumble of the J train every 15 minutes-and packed with hundreds of clothing samples that complement Dillane's bright paintings hanging on the walls.

How Brock Fetch Shot The Iconic Mixtape Cover For ASAP Rocky's 'Live. Love. ASAP'

Any teenager or rap enthusiast growing up in the early 2010s remembers the moment they saw the cover for Live. Love. ASAP. You might have first peeped it while your homie was playing "Peso" on their iPhone 4. Or maybe you stumbled on it when someone sent you a DatPiff link through BlackBerry Messenger, urging you to download the tape immediately.

Why Did Supreme Open a Store in San Francisco?

An hour before Supreme's store-opening party in San Francisco took place last Wednesday, a Korean college student named Thai-who is wearing a black Supreme Creeper T-shirt released last season-is asking anyone, and everyone, within the vicinity of the store if they're on the list to get in.

Supreme Team: The Story Behind the Brand's Original Design Crew

Having a major clothing brand was never something James Jebbia, Supreme's founder, envisioned. When he opened Supreme's doors in April of 1994 it was one of the only skateboard shops in SoHo, and he wanted to create a clubhouse for New York's budding skateboard scene downtown.

Dior Cedes the Stage to Young Kanye West-Co-Signed Designer Eli Russell Linnetz

The first hoodie to ever grace Dior's runway arrived on Thursday evening at the Spring 2023 show, which took place in Venice Beach, California, right under the Venice sign. The catwalk was designed to resemble the barrel of a wave that washed Windward Avenue in a hue of ocean blue and swept through Venice's iconic colonnades.

Kanye West's 'Donda' Listening Event in Chicago Captured the Struggles of an Icon

When a newly divorced Donda West purchased a 1,600-square-foot home on South Shore Drive for $40,000 in 1981, the Chicago State University English professor did so out of sheer necessity. While raising a young Kanye West in a small apartment in the Roseland area of Chicago, she embarked on a nine week research-trip in India and let her boyfriend, Ulysses "Bucky" Blakeley, stay at her apartment.

The 'Very Ralph' Documentary Barely Addresses Ralph Lauren's Greatest Influence

How has Ralph Lauren influenced fashion? That's what Susan Lacy attempts to explore in Very Ralph, a new 108-minute HBO documentary that premiered last month. It's the first authorized documentary on Ralph Lauren. In an interview with Vogue, Lauren said "It's not easy having someone write about you, or seeing a film about you," and revealed that he previously declined documentary offers over the years.

With His New LVMH Deal, Virgil Abloh Protected His Biggest Asset. Here's How.

On July 20, LVMH, which owns Louis Vuitton, Dior, and many more luxury brands, unveiled that it acquired a majority stake in Virgil Abloh's Off-White. The deal gives LVMH 60 percent interest in the Off-White trademark while Abloh will retain a 40 percent interest and continue as the brand's creative director.

Will Supreme End Up in TJ Maxx?

This past Monday VF Corporation acquired Supreme for $2.1 billion and the reactions have been mixed. The comments under Complex Style's IG post about the news range from "It's gonna be a win for the industry, but an L for resellers," to "Yea, they over with for sure."

The Story Behind Tyler The Creator's 'Call Me If You Get Lost' Album Cover

Ever since Tyler, the Creator dropped his debut studio album Goblin in 2011, the Los Angeles-based rapper has been a fan of dropping alternate album covers. Many of these covers feature the work of Tyler's favorite artists. For example, when T dropped Wolf, the deluxe edition featured special art made by the pop surrealist painter Mark Ryden.

How a Graphic Designer Landed an Off-White Collaboration With Virgil Abloh

Last summer, a London-based graphic designer named Simon Brown received an email from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and book publisher Prestel. He thought it read more like spam from a suspicious dating site. It stated, "I've got this client called Virgil, we're making a book for him.

The 15 Best DIY Streetwear Designers Right Now

DIY and customization is intrinsic to streetwear. Whether it was Dapper Dan making something completely new out of designer textiles or Ari Forman constructing the Menthol 10 sneakers, repurposing logos, creating bootlegs, and producing something out of nothing is a streetwear pillar that's no longer an underground phenomenon-just go to pop star Billie Eilish's IG page.

The Best Emerging Fashion Brands

What a time to be a new brand? There's something exciting about the early stages of starting anything new, but it can also be terrifying-with or without a global pandemic happening. "The first week I literally cried all week. I'm like, 'What the fuck?'

The 10 U.S. Stores That Helped Define Streetwear

We take our brick and mortar streetwear stores for granted today. In an age where hundreds of online retailers exist, customers seldomly visit an actual shop. Instead, they discover new brands on Instagram and purchase by hitting a checkout button on an e-commerce platform.

How to Consider Sustainability When Shopping for Streetwear

Streetwear will always be tied into a culture of over-consumption. With product drops every week and constant trends to follow on Instagram, it's difficult for anyone to stop buying and think about the impact of their spending habits.

Freelance Work

New York Magazine/The Cut
How The North Face Took Over '90s New York

My first feature story for New York Magazine was a piece explaining the popularity of The North Face within 1990s New York City street culture. This was one of the first stories to reveal the relationship between graffiti writers, rappers, and shoplifters with one of America's most successful outdoor clothing brands.

The New New: 15 New York City Rappers You Should Know - XXL

There is no bringing New York back-at least not in the sense of the catchphrase that's staled over the past decade (and has never quite come to fruition). Thanks to the internet, hip-hop is more democratized than ever. Scenes these days tend to be more dictated by sonics than geography.

Mass Appeal

Mass Appeal
The Return of China Mac

A profile on the ex-Chinatown gangster China Mac, a formerly incarcerated Chinese American rapper who is making a buzz in New York.

Student Journalism Work

The Stony Brook Press
Volume 39 Issue No. 3

Executive Editor of Stony Brook University's school magazine, The Stony Brook Press. Led a team of editors and designed the print magazine.

Author at 12ozProphet

Published various amounts of online content for 12ozProphet. Put together galleries, managed weekly posts, shared new music.