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Lei Takanashi


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A culture journalist who is passionate about reporting on graffiti, hip hop and streetwear.

I've written original feature stories and short news posts for a number of magazines and websites such as New York Magazine, XXL, Mass Appeal, Grailed, Complex and 12ozProphet. I have experience interviewing rappers, graffiti artists and New Yorkers.

I'm a graduate of the Journalism and History program at Stony Brook University.


Freelance Work

New York Magazine/The Cut
How The North Face Took Over '90s New York

My first feature story for New York Magazine was a piece explaining the popularity of The North Face within 1990s New York City street culture. This was one of the first stories to reveal the relationship between graffiti writers, rappers, and shoplifters with one of America's most successful outdoor clothing brands.

The New New: 15 New York City Rappers You Should Know - XXL

There is no bringing New York back-at least not in the sense of the catchphrase that's staled over the past decade (and has never quite come to fruition). Thanks to the internet, hip-hop is more democratized than ever. Scenes these days tend to be more dictated by sonics than geography.

Mass Appeal

Mass Appeal
The Return of China Mac

A profile on the ex-Chinatown gangster China Mac, a formerly incarcerated Chinese American rapper who is making a buzz in New York.

Student Journalism Work

The Stony Brook Press
Volume 39 Issue No. 3

Executive Editor of Stony Brook University's school magazine, The Stony Brook Press. Led a team of editors and designed the print magazine.

Stony Brook University: JDrive
The Last of the Video Stores

A feature story on the last video stores standing in New York City.

The Stony Brook Press
Bombing Long Island

An feature piece on JOEY and CLYDE, two new school Long Island graffiti writers who have had their names run the entire lengths of the LIRR.

The Stony Brook Press

A profile on Hempstead, Long Island rapper A+, a former child rapper who became one of the first artists to sign toUniversal Records.

leisamp, Author at 12ozProphet

Published various amounts of online content for 12ozProphet. Put together galleries, managed weekly posts, shared new music.

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