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Danielle Kirsh

Senior Editor, Medtech

Hello there, I'm an award-winning medical device journalist and results-driven strategic communications professional with a proven track record in developing and executing comprehensive B2B communications strategies, driving impactful media relations, and amplifying brand narratives. I'm not just a journalist; I'm a passionate advocate for transparent, informative, and engaging storytelling. Let's connect and share stories!

Monte Davis

Writer, editor, communications strategist

Speechwriter and print, web, video communications for F500 companies in IT, pharmaceuticals, engineering, and other industries; science and technology writer for national magazines


Catherine Josephine

Content Writer, Novelist and Screenwriter

I am a writer of love letters, novels, and screenplays. In everything I do, I weave sensuality with spirituality. I write about women who enhance their femininity with quiet courage and tenaciousness. I write about women who roar and the men who keep them purring. I write about love because love is what we are here to experience. I am in love with love! I love helping women and the men who love them write their empowering stories because our stories inspire one another. We give each other courage when we share our stories of how we overcame defeat, survived the loss of someone we love, or found the love of our life. Each time someone succeeds against all odds, it gives another dreamer hope. Your story might share the encouraging words that restore the flame of hope in another person's heart. It might be your story that makes all the difference for someone on the verge of despair. Your story has the potential to save a life and give life to others. I love hearing stories and I love writing stories. It's what makes us human. The creative process is magic! Life's synchronicity, the beauty of coincidences... is not only powerful, but a sure sign you are on the right path. It's impossible to know when inspiration will strike, but when it does, it is the most wonderful feeling! Each of us is blessed with unique talent, and we are meant to share our gifts, so that we all live our heart's desire in this lifetime. I am gifted with imagination, creativity and writing skills packaged into a petite, nurturing, and fun-loving female. I research and write content that informs and inspires. I write poetry and fantasy and erotica. I write screenplays and novels. I offer ghostwriting services where I put your knowledge and life experiences into words which reveal your unique soul. This includes everything from resumes, heartfelt love and thank you letters, advertising, books, scripts, and website content. I create what you need with words that reflect your voice and your essence. Let me be the moon to your sun and shine your light when the world is at its darkest hour. I'm looking forward to hearing from you and discussing your creative vision. We create our own opportunities. Let me put yours into words. Catherine is a trauma-informed certified love and intimacy coach, spiritual mentor and sacred sexuality teacher with a BA in Communications Arts who helps men and women explore conscious dating and relationships by first discovering their shadow and then freeing themselves from untrue stories. Her coaching method includes a tantric approach, focused on self-acceptance and love, because she believes the key for lasting transformation is love. Her soul's purpose and intention in her work is to help you see the beauty within and around you so you feel safe to share your true self with the one you love.


Dara Rosen

Senior Journalism Student & Aspiring Communications Professional

I will be graduating May 2024 with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism. I have also completed two minors, Political Science, and Peace & Social Justice. I have experience in writing, graphic design, and brand development and I look forward to continuing to hone these skills in any career path I take. [email protected] (954) 687-8929


Kari Garcia

Creative & Influential Corporate Storyteller

I specialize in a wide range of corporate communications writing types and styles. These include bylined technical articles, press release, customer application stories, infographics, scripts, web content, speeches, presentations, social media content, background documents and executive narratives.


Alison Weiss

Writer/Editor/Content Developer/Strategist

Behind every technology or product, there’s a compelling story. The key is to strategize and create the right content at the right time to delight customers, build brand identity, and increase market share. I tell the stories that attract audiences and help my clients grow their businesses.


Allison Plitt Basile

UX Copywriter | Editor | Technical Writer

Is your digital space bogged down by murky, lackluster content? I’m a dynamic UX content manager, writer and strategist. My passion for creating useful, engaging copy drives deliverables that inform and delight audiences—while advancing strategic business goals across Digital, Financial, Publishing, Automotive, and Pharma sectors. See a career cross-section of my writing samples below.


Symantha Reagor

Writer / Content Producer

I received my B.A. in English Literature from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona in 2011 and my M.F.A in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania in 2013. I also hold a Certificate in Copy Editing. I have 11+ years of experience in content writing, technical writing, creative writing, web production, content management systems, communication coordination, localization, copyediting, social media management, and employee training supervision.

Daniel Russo

Automotive Writer | Automotive & Motorsports Enthusiast

As the owner and operator of The Pit Crew Agency, I have honed my skills in crafting compelling, results-driven sales and marketing copy within the automotive and motorsports industry. My journey from launching a start-up agency to managing large-scale marketing projects and leading a global team of freelance writers is a testament to my tenacity, strategic thinking, and dedication to excellence. My journey began with a bold transition from a career in sales to establishing my copywriting agency. This leap was fueled by my passion for the automotive sector and a determination to make a mark. The growth of my agency, from scratch to over 20 clients, was not just a business achievement but a narrative of building relationships, understanding client needs, and delivering beyond expectations. My work with various prestigious clients, from the largest automotive retailers to iconic motorsport brands, speaks to my ability to adapt my writing style and strategic approach to meet different brand voices and objectives. Let's discuss your automotive writing project and get you on track to success!


Gina Martinez


Experienced breaking news reporter with knowledge of social media, great interviewing skills and talent for news gathering in a busy news room. Contact: [email protected]