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Experienced, versatile, and professional writer with more than two decades in the field and a BS in Radio/TV/Film from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Career highlights include creating/writing/producing television series for The Discovery Channel, Inc., interviewing Harrison Ford and the crew of the Apollo 13 mission, writing SEO enhanced product descriptions and other marketing data for B&H Photo Video, Target, JCPenney, Nordstrom and others, creating website content for a variety of clients at a boutique ad agency and blogging for a vast array of different industries. I happily embrace new challenges and am always driven to succeed.

AACD Accreditation: Your Competitive Edge

You're the best in the business-at the top of your field. You're a cosmetic dentistry superhero! When you're at the pinnacle of your profession, you know it. Not because you've learned it all and done it all, but because you understand that you can always push yourself to be even better.

Liora Manne Visions V Arch Tile Indoor/Outdoor Rug

The Liora Manne Visions V Arch Tile Indoor/Outdoor Rug is a vibrant area rug with eye-catching hues. The sturdy backing can withstand some weather or heavy indoor traffic and the polyester and latex material makes the beautiful mosaic pattern durable so it holds its color and appeal.

Gia-Mia Girls' Reignite Patent Combat Boots - Assorted Colors

Kicky, tough attitude comes built right into the Gia-Mia Girls' Reignite Patent Combat Boots. These incredibly awesome girls' boots give her look a rugged touch that's packed with attitude. You know her spirit sometimes screams to come out in a tough, don't-mess-with-me way and these combat boots give her a look that expresses her inner desires.

Top 5 Strategies to Optimize Your Store for Organic Search

Your website is where you shine. Your graphics are on trend, your images are crisp and descriptive, and your merchandise is organized in a consumer-friendly way, just waiting to be slid over into the cart. But if no one is coming to your site then all of your hard work is wasted effort.

Where Should You Sell Your Produce?

As a commercial farmer, you probably already know farmer's markets are a popular choice for selling your produce, but there are a number of ways to market your crops that you might not have on your radar. From CSA's to U-pick farms, let's take a look at a variety of options you can choose from to sell your produce.

Titus Talent Strategies
How to Recruit in Rural America - Titus Talent Strategies

Recruiting in rural areas is a significant challenge. While a large percentage of companies have locations in rural areas, there is still a struggle to find employees to work for many of these topnotch companies. In the past, the unemployment gap between rural and urban populations was large, resulting in an available workforce in rural areas.

Titus Talent Strategies
The CO-Op Recruiting Conundrum: Look At These 5 Tips To Increase Success - Titus Talent Strategies

Cooperative businesses, or co-ops, are a great way for smaller companies or businesses to come together and compete in today's global market. But they face some unique challenges that make finding top talent difficult. Same needs. Every co-op needs a location or site manager, location sales team, transportation experts and more; and because of these common needs, competition for talent is fierce.

Outdoor Families Magazine
Porto Family Holidays: The Best Places to Eat, Sleep, and Adventure

by Kristin Kizer - Located on the Rio Duoro, Porto, Portugal is a thriving metropolis that dates back to around 300 BC. Many of the historical structures still exist, although some of the oldest houses are currently at risk of collapsing. In 1996 UNESCO recognized the historical downtown center of Porto as a World Heritage Site.

Mommy Hiker
Istanbul, Turkey Family Travel Guide

by Kristin Kizer - Where East meets West and modern meets ancient lies Istanbul, Turkey. A city with a rich history evidenced by the monuments that remain set against glorious backdrops that feel like painted masterpieces. It's a must for the traveler, but it's an even bigger must for the seasoned traveler who's been here...

Backpack Handbag Black - Mossimo Supply Co.™

Neutral and practical, the Mossimo Women's Backpack Handbag in Black is calling your name. There is nothing quite like the convenience of a backpack purse. You get to carry all of those essential and nonessential items with you everywhere and theres the hands-free mobility and comfort you love.

Women's MUK LUKS® Maleah Slipper - Winter White

The trusted comfort of these Muk Luks Women's Maleah Slippers makes them a reliable favorite. These women's slippers have a great knit exterior that keeps the warmth in while allows enough ventilation to prevent sweaty feet. The super high shaft gives you warmth all the way up your calf.

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