Kevin Brown

Freelance Mental Health Content Writer & Fiction/Nonfiction Ghostwriter

United States

Kevin Brown is a freelance mental health content writer in Silver Spring, Maryland. He has 5 years of lived experience in residential treatment and psychiatric facilities.

Kevin creates compelling, SEO-friendly content for mental health organizations, publications, teachers, and activists. He uses his empathy, compassion for others, and desire to see others succeed to encourage readers to seek a constructive path forward.

Despite poverty, mental illness, and long periods of isolation, Kevin has ghostwritten hundreds of blog posts and articles, one nonfiction book, and a five-book crime thriller series. His work has been published in The Innovation, Longevity, Unbalanced, and Psyche.

Kevin's writing has increased awareness and support for people living with mental illness or addiction, as well as those pursuing meaningful self-improvement. Follow Kevin Brown on Twitter and see creative nonfiction, self-improvement, and mental health-related content.


Mental Health

"The Last Crisis, He Promised": Chapter One Preview of Noncompliant: A Memoir - Nonfiction from...

Without medication, surviving chronic stress is impossible. But moments from the next crisis, there’s an opportunity to get help. This is a nonfiction book chapter that raises awareness about noncompliance with a mental health treatment program, a significant problem that creates daily stressors or crises for someone with a mental illness. Extensive research was conducted for this nonfiction work. Creative writing techniques such as imagery, metaphor, and flashbacks were used as well.

The 3 'C's' of Overcoming Loneliness

Content Description: What do you need to reach out for help and feel human? Industry: Mental Health Content Keyword: loneliness Content Purpose: Inform/Encourage