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Linda Bollivar

Writer, editor, project coordinator

Higher education professional passionate about diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Experienced at writing for diverse audiences on a variety of platforms. AWARDS: Communication Innovator Award, American Women in Communication Bloomington/Normal Chapter Spring 2019 Alumni Community Service Award, Multicultural Leadership Institute, April 2022


Skyler Gausney-Jones


Skyler Gausney-Jones is a driven and innovative freelance journalist with excellent storytelling skills and a longing for the truth. The American journalist received her BA in Writing and Rhetorical Studies from Syracuse University in 2017. In 2022, she obtained her MA in American Journalism from New York University. Skyler has been commended for her ability to balance wit with fact to deliver compelling stories covering various subjects. She has experience in feature writing, breaking news, long-form, on-air broadcasts, and photojournalism. Her work can be found in Business Insider, The US Sun, Uppereastsite.com, and The Click News. Additionally, Skyler won the 2018 Louis Wetherbee Phelps Award for Upper Division Writing at Syracuse University. Please feel free to browse some of her work listed here. Email: [email protected] Phone: (585) 500-7079


Alison Pringle Guerra

Copywriter/Creative Director

You'd have to ask my mom, but for some reason I love to push the envelope. Just a little. If we're being honest, my preference is to push it A LOT. But I'm a professional — I understand budgets and brands and people yelling in the comments section on social media. I have written stand-up comedy, on-air promos, branded content, and grocery lists. Being a data-driven creative, I have learned a lot about human behavior by analyzing actions from social media users and even the audio levels from audience laughter. Relatable content that stirs emotion in people is what excites me — whether it’s making someone laugh, cry, or comment, "Look at these stupid city people!” That was a very specific video. My leadership style, you ask? I love to teach junior creatives in an easily digestible, non-threatening way. For example, I've shared my mistakes in team meetings in a reoccurring segment I called, "Oops! I F'ed Up — With Alison Pringle." This was designed to have our team learn from my mistakes and feel more open about sharing theirs. Together, let's lead the industry with stand-out digital content. Thanks for taking the time!


Chef Susan Denzer

Recipe and Product Developer | Writer

MY MISSION As a professionally trained chef and educator, I am passionate about helping others learn to create delicious, flavorful cuisine and food products using quality ingredients in support of a healthier lifestyle. MY COOKING It's all about the ingredients! Over the years, I’ve witnessed firsthand the immense power and connectedness of food to our health and well-being. I subscribe to an overall “less processed” approach to cooking and recipe development based on the highly regarded principles of the Mediterranean diet, DASH diet, and Food as Medicine. My focus is on selecting better quality ingredients - vegetables, fruit, proteins, whole grains, legumes, healthier fats, herbs, and spices - to create delicious, crave-worthy meals that help us to feel our best. MY WRITING For over five years, I have written and produced my own subscriber-based culinary newsletter. I have also submitted recipes and articles for use by brands, retail establishments, and professional associations in magazines, newsletters, and websites. I am always interested in expanding my reach and producing content for both online and print formats. CONTACT ME Let's talk about how I can support your culinary online or print needs! Email: [email protected] Below are selected writing samples of my articles and recipes.


Cher Garman


Hello, and welcome to my portfolio! I'm a freelance writer/author with a diversified writing background, including human resources staffing, training, and recruitment. I have a (WordPress) blog with 1,200+ posts and experience in: technical/web/creative/article/digital content (and) blog writing. Additionally, my background includes editing, proofreading, and training manual development. I'm a published author with a story in the book "Chicken Soup for the Soul - Think Positive, Live Happy." Currently, I am working on two children's books.

Antonio M. Daniels

Editor| Writer| Columnist| Teaching Writing Expert| Education Consultant| Writing Instructor| Writing Laboratory Director| Nonprofit Executive| Published Scholar

Antonio Maurice Daniels is a Teaching Writing expert and researcher at Johns Hopkins University, University of Wisconsin-Madison Research Associate in Education and Co-Founder of The Why You Initiative, a minister, theologian, grant writer, higher education finance consultant, university instructor, non-profit chief executive, published scholar, and Earl E. Hoffmann Fellow. He is an Arkansas Razorbacks football and Pittsburgh Steelers Beat Writer for Gridiron Heroics and a Wisconsin Badgers football and basketball and Milwaukee Bucks and Brewers Beat Writer for Wisconsin Sports Heroics. Also, Daniels is an Editor and Columnist at The Good Men Project.

Miles Raymer


I’m an award-winning, multifaceted trans writer and creative motivated by an endless fascination with culture and the people who shape it. As a writer, I produce ahead-of-the-curve journalism and criticism, specializing in music, fashion, and fringe communities. As a visual artist and designer, I create graphics influenced by underground media from the 60s through the present. As a creative director and consultant, I bring my decades of experience working on the leading edge of culture to projects ranging from magazine launches to marketing campaigns. I’m an expert in pop music, trans issues, and queer history. I live in New York City with an orange cat named Junior.


Adrienne Webster, MPH, LAC

Addiction Specialist, Counselor, Writer

I am a Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC) in Montana. I received my B.A. in Media Arts from Montana State University and later completed my graduate studies in Addiction Counseling there as well. I work with clients individually and in groups as a counselor, behavioral health advisor, and recovery coach. I am deeply committed to reducing the stigma that surrounds addiction and mental health conditions, and I recognize the complex emotional and environmental factors that contribute to substance use disorders and behavioral addictions. To enhance my ability to address these issues on a larger scale, I recently completed my Master of Public Health degree from Eastern Washington University. I am particularly interested in an integrated approach to treatment and recovery that encompasses health education, compassion, mindfulness practices, and community support. My goal is to combine these elements to provide more impactful solutions and support to individuals who are trying to make significant changes in their lives.


Lauren Brathwaite

Candid insights Content Editor, Candid

Lauren serves as content editor for Candid insights. In this role, she authors and edits content leveraging Candid’s internal thought leadership and data. She also collaborates with external experts to provide valuable insights and actionable information on social sector-specific trends and issues. Before joining Candid insights, Lauren was the content editor for Candid’s Philanthropy News Digest. With PND, she wrote about various topics relevant to the social sector through diverse editorial formats, including discussions on Black philanthropy and feminist philanthropy. Lauren holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in English and a minor in Education from Lincoln University (HBCU) and a Master of Science degree in Publishing from Pace University.


Laura Bubeck

Writer at KPMG

What's my story? It's about telling yours. I write insightful, engaging content that grabs attention and hits home with readers. Covering hundreds of business services and dozens of industries, I work with subject matter experts to shape their point of view on pressing business issues. Simplifying complex ideas and making them interesting is my specialty. I’m skilled at writing for a wide variety of print and digital formats, including thought leadership papers, research reports, marketing websites, online articles and infographics. I love to write, but I also know writing just to write only creates noise. That's why I focus on developing content that directly supports strategic business goals. Recognizing the pressure and pace of today's marketing functions, I also write extremely fast and regularly juggle multiple projects, usually far exceeding deadlines.