Laura Bubeck

Writer at KPMG

United States

What's my story? It's about telling yours. I write insightful, engaging content that grabs attention and hits home with readers.

Covering hundreds of business services and dozens of industries, I work with subject matter experts to shape their point of view on pressing business issues. Simplifying complex ideas and making them interesting is my specialty. I’m skilled at writing for a wide variety of print and digital formats, including thought leadership papers, research reports, marketing websites, online articles and infographics.

I love to write, but I also know writing just to write only creates noise. That's why I focus on developing content that directly supports strategic business goals. Recognizing the pressure and pace of today's marketing functions, I also write extremely fast and regularly juggle multiple projects, usually far exceeding deadlines.

2024 Chief Tax Officer Study

Tax meets tech to meet tomorrow: With change all around, tax transformation steps forward

KPMG Consumer Technology Survey
The technology we can't live without

Consumer trends on the most useful tech, generative AI, data privacy, sustainability and social media

2023 KPMG US Technology Survey
Meticulously ambitious

Enterprises advance with targeted digital investments and transformation

KPMG Global Tax Function Benchmarking Survey
No stranger to change

How tax functions are navigating continuous strategic and tactical challenges

KPMG Enterprise Innovation
Fueling the clean energy economy

Leading energy company increases trust and pricing power with new blockchain-based technology

KPMG's Private Equity practice
ESG metrics that matter

Leveraging ESG data contributes to enhanced outcomes for private equity investors.

KPMG's Tax practice

Reimagining tax drives value in more ways than you think.

CTO Insights - December 2022
Managing tax workloads of the future

The latest CTO Insights from KPMG explores the talent risk, workforce disruption, and operating model trends in the tax function.

CTO Insights - October 2022
Tax in the ESG era

Companies are looking to demonstrate commitment to a sustainable approach to tax.

Voice of the CSCO
Domino effect

Keeping supply chains balanced as tensions rise

KPMG 2022 U.S. Technology Survey Report
Digital to the core

Tech maturity leaps forward as enterprises navigate uncertainty

KPMG's Tax practice
ESG: Mobility's new mandate

By delivering "global illumination", mobility can help address enterprise-wide ESG issues at scale.

Chief Supply Chain Officer Peer Exchange
A premium on resilience

Perspectives on key trends in the evolving supply chain landscape.

Chief Supply Chain Officer Peer Exchange
Surmounting supply chain snags

Perspectives on key trends in the evolving supply chain landscape.

KPMG's IP Consulting practice
KPMG IP Consulting Services

It is time for a paradigm shift in how intellectual property is managed.

KPMG's Asset Management practice
Power or peril?

Making flexibility work for women in asset management

Innovation Leader - Pointers
Do the hard work to make innovation easier

Four tips for creating disciplined structures for achieving successful innovation outcomes--even when change is occurring all around.

KPMG's Consumer & Retail practice
Revive to survive

2021 Retail State of the Industry Report

KPMG's Return to the Workplace Survey 2020
Return to the workplace

Employers want to get back to the office soon, but few have frameworks to return

Scale digital technologies to grow and thrive in the new reality
Enterprise reboot

2020 Global Emerging Technology Survey Report

KPMG's Cryptoasset Services practice
Cryptoasset services

Seizing the business opportunities of cryptoassets

KPMG COVID-19 industry website
COVID-19 Reaction, Resilience, Recovery, New Reality

Working together to meet the unprecedented challenges of a rapidly changing landscape to establish clarity, emerge with strength, and inspire the future of business.

KPMG COVID-19 industry video series
Road to new reality: Perspectives from sectors

All businesses are seeking facts and insights to deliver the clarity they need to navigate through uncertainty, drive meaningful change and emerge stronger. Watch KPMG's National Sector Leaders discuss COVID-19 impacts, responses and outlooks in the industries they serve.

KPMG COVID-19 campaign website
Short-term plan. Long-term vision.

All companies will experience similar short- and long-term macroeconomic conditions created by the COVID-19 crisis.

KPMG's Cryptoasset Services practice
Cracking crypto custody

Custody businesses founded on four key building blocks will be poised for growth in the expanding crypto ecosystem.

KPMG's Emerging Technology Services practice
After the rainfall of IoT regulations

New regulations are making product manufacturers responsible for safeguarding consumers on the IoT.

KPMG's Venture Capital practice
IPO Insights

Perspectives on Q3 2019 IPO market trends

KPMG's Consumer & Retail practice
Prepping for the holidays

How retailers can make this year's critical shopping season merry

KPMG's Accounting Advisory practice
LDTI deferral

Making the most of the additional time

KPMG's Venture Capital practice
IPO Insights

Perspectives on Q2 2019 IPO market trends

KPMG's Accounting Advisory practice
LDTI deferral

Making the most of the additional time

KPMG's Impact Ventures practice
Enlightened Capital

The role of trust in impact investing

2019 U.S. CEO Outlook

Website to promote KPMG's annual CEO outlook survey report, "Agile or irrelevant: Redefining resilience"

KPMG's Alternative Investments practice
Driving change

How alternative investments organizations help women rise and ROI soar

KPMG's Customer Advisory practice
KPMG at CX NYC 2019

Radical CX innovation will be front and center at Forrester's flagship CX event, held June 11-12, 2019 in New York City.

KPMG's Private Markets Group
Private company services

Helping private companies grow and prosper at every stage

KPMG's Real Estate practice
Women in real estate: Infographic

Data representing the responses real estate industry respondents to the KPMG Alternative Investments Survey.

KPMG's Emerging Technology Risk Services practice
Building technical trust

Trusted technology is at the heart of trusted brands

KPMG Citizenship
Let the beat go on

KPMG sponsorship ad for the American Heart Association

KPMG's Reality Check blog
Automation: Build or buy?

As your explore automating service delivery, you’ll face a difficult choice: Should you do it on your own or leverage an outsourcing arrangement?

KPMG's Customer Advisory practice
The customer-centric CIO

Customer experience should be at the top of the IT agenda

The KPMG Lighthouse
"How may A.I. assist you?"

Conversational AI agents can boost employee performance, productivity and outcomes

KPMG's Real Estate practice
Views from abroad

Inbound and outbound opportunities in real estate

KPMG Advisory
Digital Transformation

Digital is not a thing. It's the world we live in today. And it's redefining what it takes to compete and survive in business.

KPMG's Reality Check blog
Want premium content? Ask your favorite tech giant.

Say goodbye to your remote controls and gaggle of subscriptions. The way people consume TV and film--along with the media and telecommunications industries--is about to dramatically change.

KPMG's Reality Check blog
Join new KPMG group to advance women in risk field

I feel a special responsibility to help all of our women to know that it’s possible to achieve whatever they want. And, I think our new Women of Risk group is an inspired step in that direction.

KPMG’s Federal Advisory practice
KPMG Future Ready Government

KPMG’s Federal Advisory services help government agencies see around corners, strategically shift with change, and get ahead of the curve.

KPMG's Reality Check blog
Your RPA pilot is done. Now what?

Get 4 critical success factors for building an intelligent automation program that drives value, long after the initial pilot is complete.

KPMG's Connected Enterprise practice
The new model to wow customers

Reinvent your organization with customers at the center of everything.

KPMG's Alternative Investments practice
Inside the minds of investors

What drives their decision making and how can women-led funds take advantage?

KPMG's Reality Check blog
Shaping a workforce of bots and bosses

Today's advances in intelligent automation (IA) technology have the power to create smarter enterprises and accelerate organizational performance.

KPMG Cyber
Cyber transformation

Realize the return on your cyber investments with improved processes and technologies.

KPMG's Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory practice
Ready for a boundaryless workforce?

Contingent work is evolving into a true alternative to traditional service delivery

KPMG's Tax practice
CTO Insights - December 2017

This issue covers 4 top-of-mind tax issues: transforming workforce models; navigating cross-border confusion; tax risk management; and intelligent automation.

KPMG's Real Estate practice
Views from abroad

Inbound and outbound opportunities in real estate

KPMG's Real Estate practice
Taking their place

Chinese investors build presence in U.S. real estate markets

KPMG's Automotive practice
Islands of autonomy

How autonomous vehicles will emerge in cities around the world

KPMG's Reality Check blog
Wired for automation

How KPMG helped a telecommunications company drive value from automation.

KPMG's State and Local Government practice

Moving women forward into leadership roles

KPMG's Tax practice
The evolving role of the CTO

The role of the Chief Tax Officer is evolving significantly. We examine the changing expectations on, and responsibilities of, the CTOin today's high-stakes tax environment.

KPMG's Consumer & Retail Practice
Winning the shelf war

How consumer goods companies can drive cross-functional success through Revenue Growth Management

KPMG's Real Estate practice
Women in real estate

Setting the foundation for meaningful change

KPMG Spectrum
Meet the team

Web bios of the KPMG Spectrum team.

KPMG's Tax practice
Chief Tax Officer Insights

Highlighting top-of-mind issues for tax executives and ways CTOs are addressing these opportunities and challenges.

KPMG's Digital Labor practice
Governing the bot revolution

How centralized control stops ad hoc RPA deployment and drives true transformation

KPMG Advisory
Trust Issues?

Holistic technology governance can pave the path for autonomous cars

KPMG Advisory's Reality Check blog
10 mobile risks: The enterprise user's perspective

The proliferation of mobile devices is improving your organization's connectivity, productivity and innovation. But it's also introducing a host of security and privacy risks.

KPMG Advisory's Reality Check blog
Dealmakers must consider cybersecurity

In an era where data has become one of a company's biggest assets, cybersecurity is fast becoming one of the most important deal concerns.

CTO Insights
Transforming Tax Talent

This edition of KPMG’s CTO Insights looks at major talent-management challenges and how tax executives are tackling them.

KPMG Advisory's Reality Check blog
How much is customer experience worth?

There is significant romanticism over the customer experience in the market today. The truth is much more complex.

KPMG Customer Advisory
Sales and Marketing website

Website for KPMG's Customer Advisory practice, including a landing page and five sub-pages.

BCC Rally sponsorship ad

Print ad promoting KPMG's support of a breast cancer awareness golf tournament.

U.S. CEO Outlook 2016

Landing and sub pages promoting KPMG's survey of 400 U.S. chief executives, which sheds light on how companies are transforming in times of extraordinary change.
Make Digital Deliver

Published on the Wall Street Journal website as part of a paid advertising content partnership, this article shares KPMG research on reaping the benefits of digital.

KPMG Advisory
Almost Human

E-newsletter article recapping KPMG event which examines how automation is transforming work.

KPMG Tax website

Copy for KPMG US Tax homepage and 20+ service pages

KPMG Risk Consulting
Elevating Internal Audit

Brochure about KPMG's services to leverage data & analytics in the internal audit process.

KPMG Risk Consulting
Strengthen Procure to Pay Performance

Brochure describing how KPMG's D&A-enabled internal audits enhance the performance of the procure-to-pay process.

KPMG Risk Consulting
Streamline Fixed Assets

Brochure on how KPMG's internal audit approach turns fixed assets data into insights on risk, controls and performance.

KPMG IT Advisory
Facts 2 Value landing page

Landing page promoting KPMG’s Facts 2 Value (F2V) approach, a data analytics solution that helps organizations analyze vast amounts of financial data stored in ERP systems.

KPMG Advisory
Embracing the Cognitive Era

Using automation to break transformation barriers -- and make every employee an innovator.

KPMG Consumer Markets
Are You Talking Tax?

Tax implications of key trends in the consumer markets

KPMG Advisory
Veterans Services website

KPMG is dedicated to supporting the U.S. Department Veterans Affairs (VA)'s mission: promoting quality services to all Veterans.

Revenue Recognition website

Discover how KPMG’s wide-ranging capabilities help companies tackle all of the challenges of revenue recognition.

KPMG's Shared Services & Outsourcing Advisory practice
The Rise of Robotics

Email marketing message recapping KPMG conference on intelligent automation.

CCH Magazine
Capital Matters print ads

Save-the-date ad and Register ad for TCPI's tax symposium, sponsored by KPMG.

KPMG's Private Markets Group
QuantumShift website

Website copy for QuantumShift, a KPMG-sponsored executive education program for entrepreneurs.
U.S. CEO Outlook 2015

Microsite for KPMG’s U.S. CEO Outlook 2015, a forward-looking examination of the next three years in business.

2014 KPMG Cloud Survey Report
Elevating Business in the Cloud

Research and perspectives on the growing impact of cloud technology in business today – and tomorrow.

KPMG's Deal Advisory practice
Data Driven Insights

Microsite promoting KPMG's M&A technology tools

KPMG's Shared Services & Outsourcing Advisory practice
Bots in the Back Office

A thought leadership piece on the impact Robotic Process Automation (RPA) on Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms.

KPMG Tax Watch Institute
Affordable Care Act & Tax

Micro-site to promote KPMG's tax services related to the Affordable Care Act.

KPMG's Private Markets Group
QuantumShift print ads

Print advertisements for KPMG-sponsored executive education program for entrepreneurs.

KPMG's Deal Advisory practice
Deal Advisory

Web copy for the KPMG Deal Advisory practice website relaunch.

KPMG Ignition
KPMG Ignition: Pushing the Limits

Website for KPMG Ignition, where KPMG professionals push boundaries of business and deliver innovative technology solutions.

ABA Bank Compliance Magazine
Decrypting Derisking

Why are banks exiting whole categories of customers ... and what are the consequences?

KPMG Forensic Practice
10 Common Cyber Incident Response Mistakes

Ten major mistakes can hinder an organization’s response effort to data breaches, cyber attacks and other serious security events.

Forensic Focus
Dial Up Data Analytics

How to use forensic techniques to evaluate class certification in TCPA class actions

2014 KPMG Cloud Survey Report website
Elevating Business in the Cloud

Research and perspectives on the growing impact of cloud technology in business today – and tomorrow.

Privately Speaking: Insights on Private Company Growth
Powering Profitable Growth

This issue explores strategies private companies should consider when planning for profitable growth.

Forensic Focus
Protect or Perish

An in-depth look at POS malware and ColdFusion® exploits

Writing Samples from Stevens Institute of Technology

Guest Post: The innovator's Rx for health care - Postcards

It's strange to think that not long ago, the ability of ordinary people to access a blog like this from a PC, laptop or cell phone was the stuff of science fiction. But the advent of the microprocessor, which simplified computer design and assembly, brought computing out of corporate mainframe centers and into our homes.
Stevens Unveils Ambitious Ten-Year Strategic Plan

President Nariman Farvardin has unveiled Stevens' ambitious ten-year strategic plan, designed to exploit Stevens’ technology-centric capabilities to address the most challenging problems of our time.

Writing Samples from Stern + Associates PR

Business Wire
The Father of Open Innovation Outlines New Route to Prosperity in Services Era

The latest book from award-winning author Professor Henry Chesbrough is here – an essential investigation into how open innovation models can transform product- and technology-based companies into more customer-focused, differentiated and sustainable service and solution businesses.
Past and Present Stevens Ducks are Invited to 2013 Homecoming Weekend

Join Stevens alumni, as well as current students and their families, at the university’s annual tradition of Homecoming Weekend on Oct. 3-6, 2013. Homecoming brings together past and present members of the Stevens community for a weekend of exciting festivities and reunions.

Harvard Business Review
How My Company Hires for Culture First, Skills Second

No two organizations' hiring processes are alike. No technology company hiring manager would ask a programmer applicant to teach the alphabet, but it's the first thing a school administrator might ask of a teacher.