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Darby Mae

Content Creator | Creative Strategist | Artist Manager

Location icon United States

Darby Mae is a creative thinker, writer, and producer with a successful track record of translating abstract ideas into cogent and imaginative content and vernacular.

With a particular proclivity for the quixotic, she relishes the antediluvian practice of letter writing and deeply values meaningful connections. Knowing brevity as well as detail, she writes to share, to expose, to inspire and to inform. The art of persuasion is a language she speaks, too. As a content creator for three years and counting, Darby has learned to assiduously tailor her clients' needs to a body of work that reflects them in a uniquely marketable fashion. From ideation to publication, her efficient and detail-oriented work ethic is on par with her interpersonal communication.

Her personal writing is at once obscure and deeply introspective, writing in a multitude of styles from poetry and music reviews to non-fictional narratives and portrait essays. Before moving back to the US in October of 2018, Darby was co-editor of European cultural webzine, Slow Culture, and periodically contributed to the budget travel site, EuroCheapo.

Darby is also a seasoned music enthusiast, periodic band manager, and (aspiring) vinyl collector. Her network of bands and solo musicians, as well as music industry personnel, extends across four continents and multiple generations. In 2015, she earned a B.A. in Arts Management with a concentration in Music Industry Studies, as well as a French minor, from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. Darby's ensuing trajectories led her to France, where she stayed for three years becoming fully fluent in French. An adventurous soul with an enterprising mind, Darby's global experiences has imparted her with the desire to help companies build conscious brands that spark positive interaction and catalyze continual growth. Darby strives for excellence, not perfection, originality, not safety.

In the spring of 2019, Darby moved to New York City, marking a significant pivot in her career from the spheres of marketing and branding to the vibrant world of wine.
Her newest passion lies within the world of natural wine and biodynamic viticulture specifically. She currently helps curate and manage the wine club for the vanguard UES natural wine shop, Vinyl Wine. Beginning in September of 2020, Darby will travel to Oregon to apprentice under French winemaker, Gilles de Domingo, of the Demeter certified Cooper Mountain Vineyards in Beaverton, just outside of Portland.

With a strong belief and penchant for building off of a previous experiences, Darby intends to eventually combine her skills, experience, and passions to become a trusted consultant for individuals, small businesses and organizations rooted in forward thinking, antiracist and environmentally conscious initiatives.

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