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A multi-faceted creative professional that cultivates a passion for writing, research, teaching, filmmaking, and life.

A strong science and health background-peppered with film and photography and 17 years of experience writing all manner of content and copy: from scriptwriting and non-profit grants, academic papers & proposals, to advocacy and opinion pieces as well as fun-in-the-sun food and travel, I strive to create engaging copy with a positive tone.

Currently a member of Stage 32 and The Author's Guild, I have served as an International Film Festival Judge for WFA & BAFF.

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Best Fishing of Marathon Key

Marathon is the central city in a 10-mile 13 island community located in the middle of the 120 miles long Florida Keys island chain, which ends on Key West.

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Anna (2021): A Review

Anna (2021): A Review "Anna" is a dark, atmospheric series with a young cast drawing together to impart surprisingly powerful performances.

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Ghost in a Shell: A Franchise Overview

Award-winning, Japanese director Mamoru Oshii and prolific screenwriter Kazunori Itô joined forces to adapt Shirow Masamune's stunning award-winning cyber-tech Manga anime that sparked a multi-decade franchise.

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ANNA (2014): A Review

As a longtime assistant director and creator of documentaries, Spanish filmmaker Jorge Dorado makes his feature-length debut with this neo-noir, psychological drama by story writer Martha Holmes and first-time feature screenwriter Guy Homes.

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Red Snow (2021): A Review

Red Snow (2021): A Review "Red Snow" is an off-beat thriller romance tale of an ill-fated writer who is naively obsessed with vampires.

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About Rhonda Rhonda is Creative Executive at Burnt Oranges, a collaborative media company specializing in documentary films, in Austin, Texas. A developing screenwriter, Rhonda believes there is never just one story to tell and looks for the "unique," the "why" in everything.

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