Rhonda R Fletcher

Blogger, Critic, Traveler, Writer, Editor, Scriptwriter

United States

A multi-faceted creative professional that cultivates a passion for writing, research, teaching, filmmaking, and life.

A strong science and health background-peppered in film and photography and 17 years of experience writing all manner of content and copy: from scriptwriting and non-profit grants, academic papers & proposals, to advocacy and opinion pieces as well as fun-in-the-sun food and travel, I strive to create-engaging copy with a positive tone.

Currently a member of Stage 32 and The Author's Guild, I have served as an International Film Festival Judge for WFA & BAFF.

Coastal Confessions | Sustainable Travel
Best RV Spots Near Houston | Coastal Confessions | Sustainable Travel

Spontaneity is the spice of life. But once you've decided to get away from the groceries and back lawn, choosing your destination for fresh air may be just as time-consuming. Texas is perfect for road trips, and Houston as a starting point offers numerous choices from scenic forested areas to large lakes perfect for weekend getaways.

The 20 Greatest Jack Lemmon Roles, Ranked

If anyone deserves to be called a Hollywood legend, it's Jack Lemmon. John Uhler Lemmon III was born on February 8, 1925, in Newton, Massachusetts, to Irish Catholic parents. During World War II, Lemmon served as an ensign on the Naval aircraft carrier USS Lake Champlain - it was only after the war ended and he graduated from Harvard in 1947 that his acting career began.

Coastal Confessions | Sustainable Travel
The History of Gumbo | Coastal Confessions | Sustainable Travel

In Loui siana, Gumbo is King. Although the history of gumbo and its ingredients varies, for the faithful, a steaming bowl of aromatic gumbo is one of life's true pleasures. Gumbo is an example of the melting pot that is Louisiana cooking.

Coastal Confessions | Sustainable Travel
Guinness Beer and St. Patricks Day | Coastal Confessions | Sustainable Travel

Guinness Beer and St. Patricks Day. Each year, this mid-Lenten holiday honors the patron saint of Ireland through drinking and feasting. St. Patrick's Day, initially a day to celebrate the life of the patron saint of Ireland, has evolved into one of the most celebrated beer-drinking days of the year.

The 20 Best Psychological Horror Movies Ranked

Horror films allow us to examine universal fears such as death, disease, or war in a relatively safe environment where we can shift the blame to definable external evils beyond our control. But psychological horror is different.

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Shark Teeth Hunting in South Carolina

Whether for a day or the week, Myrtle Beach offers the perfect beach getaway alternative to the beaches of Florida. On your next beach vacation, try hunting shark teeth for a few hours off the coast of South Carolina. Myrtle Beach is a perfect place to look for seashells, but it is also a hidden...

Private Client
Best Fishing of Marathon Key

Marathon is the central city in a 10-mile 13 island community located in the middle of the 120 miles long Florida Keys island chain, which ends on Key West.


Dead Talk News
Ghost in a Shell: A Franchise Overview

Award-winning, Japanese director Mamoru Oshii and prolific screenwriter Kazunori Itô joined forces to adapt Shirow Masamune's stunning award-winning cyber-tech Manga anime that sparked a multi-decade franchise.

Dead Talk News
The Long Night (2022): A Review

The popularity of the zombie as a titular creature in horror did not rise in popularity until after George Romero's creation. It is to him that we owe the universe of zombies enjoyed today.

Dead Talk News
ANNA (2014): A Review

As a longtime assistant director and creator of documentaries, Spanish filmmaker Jorge Dorado makes his feature-length debut with this neo-noir, psychological drama by story writer Martha Holmes and first-time feature screenwriter Guy Homes.

Dead Talk News
Anna (2021): A Review

Anna (2021): A Review "Anna" is a dark, atmospheric series with a young cast drawing together to impart surprisingly powerful performances.

Dead Talk News
Red Snow (2021): A Review

Red Snow (2021): A Review "Red Snow" is an off-beat thriller romance tale of an ill-fated writer who is naively obsessed with vampires.

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About Rhonda Rhonda is Creative Executive at Burnt Oranges, a collaborative media company specializing in documentary films, in Austin, Texas. A developing screenwriter, Rhonda believes there is never just one story to tell and looks for the "unique," the "why" in everything.