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A multi-faceted creative professional who cultivates a passion for writing and a respect for journalistic integrity. No matter the subject or assignment, I strive to create engaging copy with a positive tone.

My work combines a strong science and health background in film and photography with almost two decades of experience writing all manner of content and copy, scriptwriting and non-profit grants, academic papers and proposals, eLearning courses, non-profit advocacy, and opinion pieces. My true passions are fun, food, wine, and travel. This is a great way to use my WSET I certification.

Currently a Stage 32, The Author's Guild member, and IAPWE member, I have served four years as an International Film Festival Judge for WFA, Cinexpose, and BAFF. I love good wines, old Hollywood films, and Susanna De Simone Mugs.



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Guide To The Best Tours In Italy: History, Scenery, and More

Dreaming of an Italian vacation? There are 20 regions and over 58 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country. Italy is an ancient land that has left a powerful mark on the Western world. Its language, history, and varied wines and cuisine have shaped modern times.

RentByOwner Journal
Most Delish Turks and Caicos Restaurants - Staff Writer

Views: 15 Turks & Caicos is a stunning group of islands with white powdery beaches and pristine aquamarine waters. They are considered a beach lovers' playground. These extraordinary locales are also home to the culinary world's Caribbean Food & Wine Festival.

RentByOwner Journal
An Insider Look at the Regions of Italy - R.R. Fletcher

Italy is a European country that has strongly influenced the development of Western culture. Located along the eastern Mediterranean Sea, its outline resembles a 'boot.' There are 20 regions of Italy, all with distinct histories, flavors, customs, and local dialects. 5 of these are independent regions in Italy with unique administrative status.

RentByOwner Journal
Unmissable Things to Do in Turks and Caicos - Staff Writer

Views: 11 East of the Bahamas is a group of breathtakingly beautiful islands with aquamarine water and soft, sun-bleached sands known as the Turks and Caicos. Originally the home to indigenous peoples who peacefully gardened and fished under the Caribbean sun, the Turks and Caicos were discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492.

Christmas Market Guides
The 11 Best Christmas Markets in Alabama You Can't Miss

FYI - this post may contain affiliate links, which means we earn a commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase from them. Also, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Check out our Privacy Policy and Disclosure for more info. Looking for the best Christmas markets in Alabama?

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Best Fishing of Marathon Key

Marathon is the central city in a 10-mile 13 island community located in the middle of the 120 miles long Florida Keys island chain, which ends on Key West.

Be Coastal | Sustainable Travel
Best Oregon RV Campgrounds with Horses

The Oregon coastline is the perfect getaway destination, whether catering to tent campers, hikers, or RVs. Adventurers worldwide come to this stretch of coastal waters searching for majestic views, surfing, hiking, boating, fishing, and some of the best Oregon RV campgrounds with horses.

Be Coastal | Sustainable Travel
Best RV Spots Near Houston | Be Coastal | Sustainable Travel

Spontaneity is the spice of life. But once you've decided to get away from the groceries and back lawn, choosing your destination for fresh air may be just as time-consuming. Texas is perfect for road trips, and Houston as a starting point offers numerous choices from scenic forested areas to large lakes perfect for weekend getaways.

Be Coastal | Sustainable Travel
Best Bars in Chattanooga, Tennessee | Coastal Confessions | Sustainable Travel

Chattanooga is Tennessee's best-kept secret. Known unofficially as "Gig City, " owing to claims that it has the fastest internet service in the Western Hemisphere, it sits in the Appalachian Mountain foothills along the Georgia border. "Chatt City" is exciting, with plenty to see and do during the day, from a trip up Lookout Mountain via the incline railway to bicycling around St Elmos.

Be Coastal | Sustainable Travel
4 Scenic Drives Near Austin

Whether an Austinite or just visiting, you will want to experience the splendor that is Central Texas. Whatever direction you choose, there is a fantastic road trip to be found.Whether you have a couple of hours or a long weekend, you may choose from arid deserts or snow-capped mountains.

Wine, Spirits & Food

Crush Wine Experiences
Robots in the Vineyard: How Technology Influences Winemaking

When we think about wine, we most likely imagine warm summer days and rolling vine-covered hills. But here in the twenty-first century, wine is just as much about microchips and satellite networks as grapes and growing seasons. The wine industry, like many others, is facing numerous challenges, including sustainability in the face of a changing climate and growing demand for food traceability.

Crush Wine Experiences
High Altitude Wines: What Are They and Why Are They So Good

In recent years, winemakers have celebrated the fresh and complex wines created at high altitudes. But established vintners point to Listrac, or the Left Bank of Bordeaux's Médoc, which produces Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. These are two of the lowest-lying wine regions in the world. So, does elevation really make a difference?

Crush Wine Experiences
Wine-Tasting Etiquette: How to Avoid Basic Mistakes

Drinking your favorite wine with friends or co-workers can be one of life's great pleasures. But for those unfamiliar with wine and wine-tasting etiquette, it can be daunting. As with many social experiences, there is a certain basic etiquette to wine tasting. But once mastered, it is appropriate for any vino and vintage.

Beachnest Vacation Rentals
Where To Go Wine Tasting Near Santa Cruz

The Santa Cruz region shines for wine lovers. The Santa Cruz Mountains AVA sits south of San Jose, California, nestled between Big Basin Redwoods State Park and the Soquel Demonstration State Forest. This large appellation holds over 350,000 acres, comprised of mountainous areas with high elevation, ocean influence, and varied microclimates on the northwest California Coast.

Crush Wine Experiences
Wine Glasses: Does it Matter Which Glass You Choose?

It's all about taste. Honestly, you can drink wine from whatever you want: wine glass, coffee cup or stainless steel tumbler. However, following proper wine etiquette, including glass choice, is more about enjoying a great-tasting wine than following crazy rules. Ultimately, using the correct glass improves the taste of wine and makes for a better wine experience.

Be Coastal | Sustainable Travel
Guinness Beer and St. Patricks Day | Be Coastal | Sustainable Travel

Guinness Beer and St. Patricks Day. Each year, this mid-Lenten holiday honors the patron saint of Ireland through drinking and feasting. St. Patrick's Day, initially a day to celebrate the life of the patron saint of Ireland, has evolved into one of the most celebrated beer-drinking days of the year.

Google Docs
Shark Teeth Hunting in South Carolina

Whether for a day or the week, Myrtle Beach offers the perfect beach getaway alternative to the beaches of Florida. On your next beach vacation, try hunting shark teeth for a few hours off the coast of South Carolina. Myrtle Beach is a perfect place to look for seashells, but it is also a hidden...

Be Coastal | Sustainable Travel
The History of Gumbo | Coastal Confessions | Sustainable Travel

In Louisiana, Gumbo is King. Although the history of gumbo and its ingredients varies, a steaming bowl of aromatic gumbo is one of life's true pleasures for the faithful. Gumbo is an example of the melting pot that is Louisiana cooking.


The 20 Greatest Jack Lemmon Roles, Ranked

If anyone deserves to be called a Hollywood legend, it's Jack Lemmon. John Uhler Lemmon III was born on February 8, 1925, in Newton, Massachusetts, to Irish Catholic parents. During World War II, Lemmon served as an ensign on the Naval aircraft carrier USS Lake Champlain - it was only after the war ended and he graduated from Harvard in 1947 that his acting career began.

The 20 Best Psychological Horror Movies Ranked

Horror films allow us to examine universal fears such as death, disease, or war in a relatively safe environment where we can shift the blame to definable external evils beyond our control. But psychological horror is different.

Dead Talk News
Ghost in a Shell: A Franchise Overview

Award-winning, Japanese director Mamoru Oshii and prolific screenwriter Kazunori Itô joined forces to adapt Shirow Masamune's stunning award-winning cyber-tech Manga anime that sparked a multi-decade franchise.

Dead Talk News
The Long Night (2022): A Review

The popularity of the zombie as a titular creature in horror did not rise in popularity until after George Romero's creation. It is to him that we owe the universe of zombies enjoyed today.

Dead Talk News
ANNA (2014): A Review

As a longtime assistant director and creator of documentaries, Spanish filmmaker Jorge Dorado makes his feature-length debut with this neo-noir, psychological drama by story writer Martha Holmes and first-time feature screenwriter Guy Homes.

Dead Talk News
Anna (2021): A Review

Anna (2021): A Review "Anna" is a dark, atmospheric series with a young cast drawing together to impart surprisingly powerful performances.

Dead Talk News
Red Snow (2021): A Review

Red Snow (2021): A Review "Red Snow" is an off-beat thriller romance tale of an ill-fated writer who is naively obsessed with vampires.

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Rhonda R Fletcher - Rhonda's Bio, Credits, Awards, and more.

About Rhonda Rhonda is Creative Executive at Burnt Oranges, a collaborative media company specializing in documentary films, in Austin, Texas. A developing screenwriter, Rhonda believes there is never just one story to tell and looks for the "unique," the "why" in everything.

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