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Britt Thorson

Assistant Editor of Seattle Refined

Britt is the Assistant Editor and a writer at Seattle Refined. She mainly covers the all-encompassing Lifestyle section, but can occasionally be found in Travel and Fashion as well. Britt is a passionate Seattleite who loves to write, talk, eat and sleep (among some other things). She left this wonderful city for college at USC, and quickly moved back to the Pacific NorthBest as soon as she graduated. She’s a little obsessed and will defend this city to the death (it doesn't actually rain that much here! Chicago and NYC get more than us each year! Geez.) 
An all around communications junkie, Britt’s dabbled in broadcast journalism, radio, talent publicity, weeklies, and strategic planning firms. Outside of writing, her passions are kids and animals - she volunteers with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and spends ridiculous amounts of time cuddling with her dog Bella. When Britt isn’t talking or typing, she’s probably watching Law and Order: SVU, trying to get friends to go out dancing, or hauling away on the elliptical.

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Tiffanie Wen

Writing about culture, travel, food, psychology, health, tech and fascinating people/things.

"Experimentality" columnist at BBC Future. Award-winning writer. Freelancing for The BBC, The Atlantic, Timeline, The Daily Beast, DAM, New Hampshire Magazine, Firebrand titles and others as I split my time between New Hampshire and San Francisco. Please find a few clips below. Thanks for reading!

Amanda Andries

NYC-based Multimedia Journalist, Editor, Writer, Blogger | I cover News, Features, Sports, Op-Ed, Fashion, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Reviews, The Arts

A 2014 Graduate of Brooklyn College's Journalism & Creative writing programs, possessing a great passion for journalism and storytelling.

Veronica Adriani

Web content editor

Web content editor per clienti impegnati in vari settori, scrivo di intercultura e terzo settore su Piuculture e Corriere Sociale. Sono stata copywriter di documentari turistici, videoricette e brevi spot promozionali. Ho tenuto due rubriche su Cibando e collaborato come redattrice di teatro e musica su Nuovo Paese Sera, T-Mag e Viva la Radio! Network. Ho collezionato storie e brevi "affreschi metropolitani" per Libri in Metro e altri blog letterari.

Aimee Knight

Writer, Journalist, Critic

Aimee’s words appear on and in The Big Issue, Little White Lies, The Lifted Brow, Kill Your Darlings and more. In 2017, she appeared at National Young Writers Festival and Digital Writers Festival. She's a current Writer in Residence at The Mill. Dancing on stage with Bruce Springsteen didn’t cure her anxiety, but it sure did help.

fatma sagir

writer / autorin

NEWS: 28. Oktober 2023 : Whisper of the Heart. Wege zum Schreiben.Workshop für BPoC. Kein Weißes Blatt Kollektiv. Kulturaggregat Freiburg 20. Juli 2023 : Grether Nach(t)lese, Freiburg, Kleines Grether Areal, 20.30 Uhr 12. Februar 2023 : Korkma ... Fürchte dich nicht! InstagramLesung Erdbebenhilfe 11. Februar 2023 : Benefiz Soli Lesung, Worten und Meer Verlag, Zoom 05. November 2022. : Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik, Bonn 28. Oktober 2022 : Zürich liest, Zürich 23. September 2022. : Stadttheater Freiburg 21. September 2022. : Staatstheater Hannover 3. März 2022 : Literaturhaus Freiburg +++++++++++++ English / German website Enquiries / Presse- und Veranstaltungsanfragen : info(at)fatmasagir(dot)com **************************************************************************** Alphabet der Sehnsucht. Texte zum Vergessen Edition SchreibStimme. Herbst 2021.EUR 16.90/CHF24.50 **************************************************************************** Rezensionsexemplare : koenig(at)schreibstimme(dot)ch Presse- und Veranstaltungsanfragen : info(at)fatmasagir(dot)com ****************************************************************************


John Kennedy

Editor-in-Chief, LEVEL

John is a creative and tactical content executive with nearly 20 years of experience writing, editing, and documenting culture, race, and men's interests for print and online mediums. He has a proven track record of building media brands from the ground floor and helping established entities successfully pivot and grow. John has held senior editorial positions at high-pressure, deadline-centric magazines (VIBE, XXL) as well as in ever-changing startup environments (Medium, Genius), where he remained adaptable and able to wear several hats. He has a passion for storytelling, whether long- or short-form writing, social or ad copy, still graphics, or video.


Kuba Shand-Baptiste


Award-winning journalist and Assistant opinion editor at The i Paper. Previously society and arts editor at The Conversation. Formerly The Independent, gal-dem, The Pool, and the FT's Money Management magazine. Editors: [email protected] for freelance commissions.

Sam Paul


I am a frequent contributor to the Feminist Book Club blog and podcast. My creative nonfiction essays have appeared in Fourth Genre and Phoebe and my criticism has appeared in Esquire. A former tattoo magazine columnist, I have also published blog posts, essays and branded content on websites like Nerve, Refinery29 and Gothamist. Contact: samdawnpaul[at]

Perla Copernik

Multilingual Writer, Photographer and Communications Professional

I’m a photographer and a writer Throughout the years, I discovered that I have many passions, and they are all reflected in my work. Although my photographic subjects and writing themes are diverse, there is a common denominator and that is raising awareness, educate, preserve and instill respect for everything that surrounds us, whether is an animal, a plant, our history reflected in buildings, temples, cities, ways of life, people’s cultures and most importantly our planet and all the living creatures we share it with.