Perla Copernik

Multilingual Writer, Photographer and Communications Professional

I’m a photographer and a writer
Throughout the years, I discovered that I have many passions, and they are all reflected in my work. Although my photographic subjects and writing themes are diverse, there is a common denominator and that is raising awareness, educate, preserve and instill respect for everything that surrounds us, whether is an animal, a plant, our history reflected in buildings, temples, cities, ways of life, people’s cultures and most importantly our planet and all the living creatures we share it with.


Wildlife Conservation

The Stunning Courtship Behavior of The Great Egret, an Unmissable Spectacle!

The great egret has a behavioral repertoire that includes over 16 different displays. And only some of them are more prominent during courtship with the aigrettes, the spectacular scapular plumes, playing a critical role in helping magnify the optical effects of the displays.

The return of the wood stork to South Florida

The wood stork is an endangered species in Florida. Although it is nowhere near the historical population that foraged and nested in the Everglades and surrounding areas, it is making a slow comeback mirroring the efforts to restore the iconic River of Grass, as Marjory Stoneman Douglas used to call what is now Everglades National...

Endangered Ecosystem

"When it comes to looking after all the species that are already endangered, there's such a lot to do that sometimes it might all seem to be too much, especially when there are so many other important things to worry about.

I'm not medicine: The race to save the five extant species of Rhinoceros

"Only when the last of the animals, horns, tusks, skin and bones are sold, will mankind realize that money can never buy back our wildlife." -WILD AT HEART Southern White Rhinoceros It was the passing of Sudan on March 20, 2018, the last male Northern white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum cottoni), in the world, that prompted...

Travel and Culture - Print

Conservation and Photography
Catalan Modernisme: In Search of a National Architecture

"The straight line belongs to man, the curved line belongs to God" -Antoni Gaudí Since the very beginning, even before the actual word was coined, architecture has been influenced by nature. Whether leveraging existing resources like caves to protect ourselves from the elements, to using the universal laws of physics that govern everything in this...

Destination Jamaica
Devon House

Stepping into Jamaica's past

Razones de Fe

Reasons of Faith: Discusses religion and faith, showcasing temples and shrines around the world. Published in the Latin magazine Complot, based in Miami, Florida

Newsweek en Español
De Todo Para Todos

There is Something for Everybody: Panama as a tourist destination. Article published in the Spanish speaking version of Newsweek

Journal O Globo
A Beleza e a Fe Na Catedral de Florença

Beauty and Faith in Florence's Cathedral: Article about Sta Maria del Fiore, also known as Il Duomo de Firenze. Written for the travel section of the Brazilian newspaper Journal O Globo

Journal O Globo
A Historia Das Cruzadas Vive Na Terra Santa

The History of the Crusades in the Holy Land: Story about the Crusaders castles that can be found all over Israel. Written for the travel section of the Brazilian newspaper Journal O Globo

Op-Eds, Analysis and Interviews

Economia Hoy
Extremismos Fuga de Desesperados

Extremism an escape for the desperate: Opinion story about how desperation because of poor socio-economic conditions might lead to religious extremism. Published in the Venezuelan newspaper Economia Hoy

Nuevo Mundo Israelita
Tu Naciste, Yo Escogí

You were born, but I chose (to be Jewish). Interview with Brazilian actress and councilwoman Neuza Amaral