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Arbër Gashi

Writer, Researcher, Visual Storyteller.

Arber is a Writer, Researcher, Visual Storyteller, Events Producer and Curator based in London. He has a BA in History from Goldsmiths, University of London and a Master’s in Gender, Sexuality and Culture from Birkbeck, University of London. His research has looked at documenting the experiences of ethnic minority communities of Muslim faith in London. He has also extensively researched about Yugoslav Colonisation practices in Kosovo during the interwar period, and it's long-term effects on Kosovar society. Arber writes about a variety of subject areas, but is particularly focused on LGBT+ themes, Balkan heritage, diaspora experiences, and Kosovo’s historical and cultural expression. Arber explores his diverse diasporic identity through visual storytelling, and combines his written practice with other artistic mediums such as photography to poignantly convey his inner most thoughts and feelings. Arber is the founder of the digital educational platform Balkanism and co-founder of the events organisation the Balkan London Collective. Arber is open to collaborate with arts organisations, publications and collectives that align with his intentions and goals.


Rhiannon Read

Writer | Journalist | Filmmaker | Content Producer

Hi, I'm Rhiannon, a creative storyteller striving for a better future. My work is driven by a belief in the transformative power of storytelling and focuses on giving a platform to those on the frontlines of fighting injustices and inequalities. As an enthusiastic traveller and explorer, I bring a unique perspective to my stories by intertwining my multi-cultural experiences, a global outlook, and a passion for journalistic investigation. This approach offers insights and ideas that resonate with a broad audience, with the hope of inspiring the collective imagination to work together for a better future.



Freelance Food, Culture, and Travel Journalist

Anna Mindess is an award-winning writer with a passion to explore the connection between food, culture, and travel. Her 200+ articles have appeared in The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Lonely Planet, AFAR, Atlas Obscura, Fodor's, Saveur, Edible East Bay Magazine, The Chocolate Professor, The Cheese Professor, KQED, Berkeleyside, Oaklandside and other print and online publications. Anna also works as an American Sign Language interpreter and is the author of Reading Between the Signs, a book used to train sign language interpreters around the world., which has been translated into French, Chinese, and Hungarian.



Writer & Editor

Experienced writer with published works on travel and more. Message me to see more, or visit for links!


Sophia Berbano Concordia

Lifestyle Journalist and Editor

Sophia Berbano Concordia is a lifestyle journalist, fashion stylist, and designer. With over 6 years of experience in the fashion and publishing industry, Sophia began her career at the age of 17 years old, interning for L’Officiel Magazine. She then went on to spend the next 5 years honing her skills in styling, writing, and art direction under the mentorship of former Inquirer RED and Preview Magazine editor, Meg Manzano. Whilst pursuing her undergraduate studies, Sophia worked freelance, spearheading numerous fashion styling projects for publications such as Scout Magazine, MEGA Magazine, and PURVEYR Magazine. In 2020, she obtained her certificate in Fashion Journalism from the London College of Fashion, and in 2021, her Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. That same year, Sophia launched her conscious clothing brand “A Las Siesta” where she currently serves as creative director. Sophia is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Communication with a specialization in digital media at Deakin University.


Nia Howe-Smith

Writer & Producer

Nia is a writer/producer, pop culture obsessive, and native New Yorker. She is currently an Associate Producer at NBCUniversal. Nia has never met a pastrami sandwich she didn't like.

Jenny O'Connor

Fashion, Gaming & Culture Writer | Creative Director at G.URL Magazine

Contact: [email protected] / [email protected]

Frank Bures

Writer, Editor

Frank Bures is an award-winning writer, reporter and editor based in Minneapolis and author of The Geography of Madness, which Newsweek called one of the best travel books of the decade. He also edited the collection Under Purple Skies: The Minneapolis Anthology. His stories have been included in the Best American Travel Writing, selected as “Notable” stories for the Best American Sports Writing, Essays and Travel Writing and won other awards. Areas of expertise include cross-cultural communication, language, and the science of narrative and culture. He speaks Swahili, Italian and a few other languages. Bures also works with select companies and organizations to create impactful narratives the people will actually read and remember. You can reach him at [email protected]. More at