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Hi, I'm Rhiannon, a creative storyteller striving for a better future. My work is driven by a belief in the transformative power of storytelling and focuses on giving a platform to those on the frontlines of fighting injustices and inequalities.

As an enthusiastic traveller and explorer, I bring a unique perspective to my stories by intertwining my multi-cultural experiences, a global outlook, and a passion for journalistic investigation. This approach offers insights and ideas that resonate with a broad audience, with the hope of inspiring the collective imagination to work together for a better future.



Maastricht Diplomat
Who is ensuring the Rights of Refugees? The Poland-Belarus Border Crisis

Mustafa Mohammed Murshed Al-Raimi, a 37-year-old Yemeni migrant, was buried in Bohoniki, Poland, Sunday, Nov. 21, 2021. He was one of the 21 reported people from the Middle East and elsewhere who have died in the freezing forests and bogs along the Poland-Belarus border.

Memos from Asia
Pulau Ubin: Travel in Time to Singapore’s Untouched Island

Pulau Ubin transports visitors back to the Singapore of the 1960s, featuring the country's last remaining kampongs—a traditional village that once symbolised Singapore's landscape. While kampongs have largely vanished on the mainland as urbanisation and modernisation took over, the unspoiled beauty and heritage of Pulau Ubin has been preserved by its small remaining community.


The Quarter Life Crisis
Do YOU need new FRIENDS?

STOP surrounding yourself with a bunch of 'YES' people! The people we surround ourselves with shape the trajectory of our lives. They can either elevate us to new heights or hold us back from growth. In today's episode of Ryan's Reflections, Ryan shares his tips for creating the supportive inner circle you need in your life. Written and edited by Rhiannon Read.

The Maastricht Diplomat
Cultural Crime and the Market for Illicit Antiquities

In this episode Rhiannon and Simon launch their new series “Abducted Art & Cultural Theft” where they will be interviewing experts to discuss the modern fight for the restitution of cultural artefacts and the illicit trafficking of looted objects. In their first episode they will be joined by Professor Donna Yates, an Associate Professor in the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology at Maastricht University to talk about her research on the global trade of trafficking culture. Together...

Creative Writing

A Short Film by Rhiannon Read
Maggie's Room

One day, when her estranged daughter comes to visit Maggie, trapped in an endless cycle of misanthropy, is forced to face the realities of her past and the consequences of her actions. Will she be able to give the world a second chance and learn to forgive it for all its problems? Or is that just too impossible? Premiered at Cine Detour in Rome, Italy.