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Ailin Hernandez

Modern Languagues graduate focused on Business

Modern Languages graduate focused on business. "Marketing and Sales Strategic Management" diploma. Amateur photographer. Beginner writer. Content creator wannabe. Professional compiler. I have 3 years of experience in english education, and I also have a background in writing and translation. I'm interested in art & culture, travel, social media, online community management, and technology. Discord: ailindigo#5958

Sara Peláez


Juntaletras. Escribo en sitios y escucho a The Smiths.

Katrina Dix

Digitizing the public sphere. Obsessed with policy-level change. Lives past & present: Journalist, teacher, diplomat, RPCV, philosophy advocate.

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Margaret Kovick

Freelance Writer

My name is Margaret Kovick. I'm a freelance journalist from a small town in rural Virginia. After high school, I started traveling internationally and developed an interest in food and culture. My other interests include pop culture, social justice, and music. I have worked as a freelance writer since 2016. I have written for local publications in North Carolina, as well as international publications based in Italy. For business inquiries, contact me at: [email protected]


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Somya Abrol

Freelance Writer & Editor

Now an Associate Editor with American news website,, I have previously been employed with leading English news publications in India. My last stint in India, before making the move to Germany, was with India Today as an Assistant Editor. I have also worked for The Tribune and Hindustan Times, as a writer, reporter and editor. With a career in journalism that spans over nine fruitful years, I have reported extensively on women's issues, particularly health, interviewed people from all walks of life and mentored young writers and editors, while building and managing a microsite and all its facets.

Azzief Khaliq

Freelance writer/journalist

I've been writing since 2013, initially on tech-related topics before switching to my first love, music, in 2016. I started writing articles and listicles for in 2013, spent a year (2015 - 2016) writing tech and gaming news for now-defunct website Jon the Boy, before serving as editor and writer for The Wknd, a Southeast Asian music portal based in Malaysia from 2016 to 2017. In 2019, I edited and contributed a foreword to 'Jogja Noise Bombing: From the Street to the Stage', a book about the Jogja noise music scene. I currently contribute reviews and features to NME Asia and am always on the lookout for more opportunities.