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Catharina Cheung

Editor, translator, content strategist

Multilingual editor and content creator with years of experience in digital and print publishing, content ideation, and creative direction. Proven results in long-form feature writing, growing lifestyle products, creating branded, B2B and B2C content, managing custom print projects, and two-way translation. Get in touch for all your editorial, copywriting, SEO, and English–Chinese translation needs.

Nicki Wylie

Writer & Author

At a loss for words? I can help. I'm a passionate writer with a flair for storytelling and a love of good syntax. Whether it's on-page content, blog articles, a tweet, or a corporate email, I can work with you to tell your story. I've been writing for marketing agencies, newspapers, corporate and personal blogs, and corporate teams for the past four years, creating optimized, branded content with personality and purpose. I am also the author of the book '50 Things to Know about Travelling around Spain in a Campervan'. Isaac Asimov once said "Education isn't something you can finish" and I wholeheartedly agree. I relish the opportunity to write about even the most niche topic and learn something new in the process. My specialist areas are education/eLearning, corporate culture, and mindfulness, but I am open to any new challenge that comes my way. If you only take three things away from this bio, I hope they are the following: 1. The pen is mightier than the sword, choose a writer that can tell your story the way you want them to. 2. I am that writer. 3. Writing with purpose and personality is my thing. If it's your thing too then get in touch.


Lizaveta Koliverda

Theatre producer, PR-manager, Curator of Theatre Projects, Performer

Wonder Woman. I do everything: from theatrical projects to memes. I can manage your project or follow on Instagram,


Samantha Cooper

Storyteller, Writer & Editor

Hi there. I'm Samantha. I'm a New York-based writer & editor. At 15, I wrote my first play. Yes, I used comic sans. Since then, I've gotten smarter about font usage and much more passionate about writing and storytelling. Over the years, I've developed writing skills that span genres and sectors. I love to tell stories. And I'd love to help you, your company or brand, discover the heart of your work and convey to a global audience. As a writer, I have been affiliated with organizations such as [email protected], Crashbox Theatre Company, Macha Theatre Works, New Light Theatre Project, NorthNorthwest Short Play Literary Journal, The Seattle Star, and Project Y Writer's Group to name a few. I have more recently finished projects with Netflix and MSCHF. BA: Western Washington University - English Literature & Theatre Arts MFA: Columbia University in the City of New York - Playwriting I am currently searching for remote and/or NYC based contract & freelance gigs or FTE writing, editing, or creative-based work.


Eylul Deniz Yasar

Journalist, Videographer

Trilingual (Turkish, English, German) investigative journo with a penchant for visual storytelling, based in Istanbul, Turkey, focusing on politics, human rights with occasional forays into cultures, art, and travel. Fond of representing the human condition turning the eyes on topics deemed as taboo and social identities which are discriminated against, othered and disenfranchised such as the homeless people, Kurds, LGBTIs, the most disadvantaged working-class people. Skilled in camera work, editing, photography, and feature writing with 7 years of writing & 5 years of video journalism experience. Former political editor and Turkey correspondent of Medya News international news portal. Published features & articles in Turkey's national media outlets Gazette Duvar, Mesopotamia Agency & Birikim magazine. Works appeared: in ARTE, Belfast Telegraph, RT, Spectee News. Member of independent video activist collective Seyri Sokak since 2017. Below are some of my work in English. More samples and references are available upon request. Contact via: [email protected]


Freelance Writer, Creative Director

Writer for Arcade Press. Professional copywriter, blogger, editor, and essayist. 💫 Exploring Minimalism, Internet Culture, Esports, and many other digital subjects.

Elizabeth Moheidly

Writer and Editor

Experienced ghostwriter, editor and fiction enthusiast. Currently ghostwriting on all topics from DIY, and gardening to family life, literature, cooking, and culture. Professional editing skills relating to SEO and P24 formatting, submitting to clients, giving feedback and corrections for over 150 writers. Items on this portfolio are a mixture of ghostwritten and personal-style essays as indicated.