Neymat Raboobee

Writer | Content Producer

South Africa


I'm a twenty six year old South African writer and content producer. I'm passionate about reading, mental health, and inclusiveness. I currently work for the media company SEEN (formerly Hashtag Our Stories).




How To Read Manga: Your 101 Guide | Book Riot

I discovered manga ages ago when my mom took me to a nearby bookstore that was having a massive sale. I came away from there with 20 new books and nagged my mom into taking me back several times.

8 Books for When You're Figuring Out How to Adult

The Twentysomething Handbook by Nora Bradbury-Haehl Let's face it: adulting isn't easy. That's why Nora Bradbury-Haehl created this essential guide to help you avoid the mistakes, missteps, and financial failures that took others years to learn.

9 Books About Life During COVID-19

Amazon Original Stories From the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna to the unprecedented rise of COVID-19 and the protests honoring George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the 2019-2020 NBA season was, from the beginning, about more than winning basketball games for the Los Angeles Lakers.

18 of the Best Word Game Apps for Readers in 2021 | Book Riot

I love word game apps. They're a great way to entertain yourself when you just can't get lost in a book, no matter how hard you try. You can also use them to distract yourself from the urge to doom scroll through Twitter for an hour.

Read Harder 2021: A Work of Investigative Nonfiction by an Author of Color

TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations. TBR is Book Riot's subscription service offering Tailored Book Recommendations for readers of all stripes. Been dreaming of a "Stitch Fix for books?" Now it's here! Tell TBR about your reading preferences and what you're looking for, and sit back while your Bibliologist handpicks recommendations just for you.

15 Adorable Wind in the Willows Illustrations & Art Pieces | Book Riot

Lots of us have spent enough time at home this year that we're itching to switch things up and redecorate - and what better way is there to do that than to turn back to old childhood loves? It's not surprising that there are some really lovely The Wind in the Willows illustrations out there.

Book Phone Cases That Make Your Phone Look Like a Book

The average person has a cell phone either with them or in hand for at least a couple of hours each day. So, since we've got them with us, why not make them bookish? After all, with apps like Libby and Kindle you can very easily tackle your TBR pile from a phone.

8 of the Best Books About Digital Activism | Book Riot

Tor Books. Cory Doctorow's Attack Surface is a standalone hacker thriller set in the world of New York Times bestsellers Little Brother and Homeland. In her day job at a transnational cybersecurity firm, Masha makes the hacks that allow repressive regimes to spy on dissidents.

Are We Allowed to Appreciate Flawed Books? | Book Riot

I hated getting rid of anything when I was a child. I'd keep old school notes, old year planners, and even the clothes that I'd outgrown. My mother despaired of me and I'd often come home to find her having strategically tidied things into the bin.

Guest Blog Posts

Muslim Girl
This Is Why I Don't Need to Be Less Sensitive | Muslim Girl

By Neymat Raboobee When I was a little girl, I was dubbed sensitive. I'd get upset when I was teased, and I was incredibly soft spoken. In those days, I was painfully shy and timid; the kind of child who'd stay away from sports because I wasn't good at them, and stay away from other children because I couldn't understand them.

Muslimah Bloggers
I'd Rather Be Single - Muslimah Bloggers

She's still not married? What's wrong? For some reason, many communities have this ridiculous notion that a woman's life both begins and ends with marriage. My own community - that of South African Muslims - is particularly guilty of this and it has resulted in vibrant young women making hasty matches because what if nothing better comes along?

Bit Rebels
Women's Demand For Hijab Fashion On The Increase

Without a doubt, hijab fashion has been making waves in recent years. The mainstream fashion industry is experiencing a significant rise in demand for modest wear and scarves (also known as hijabs).

Muslimah Bloggers
Making Excellence a Habit - Muslimah Bloggers

Some people seem to be on top of the world. They're the leaders of their fields, they're always on top of things. It's common to wonder just what their secret is. I've done it myself. How is it that they're capable of doing so much when normal people like you or I find it so difficult to accomplish our own goals?

Muslimah Bloggers
Coping Mechanisms - Muslimah Bloggers

Coping mechanisms are things you use to get you through difficult situations. Special thanks to Hasina Suliman from Muslimah Lifestyle for starting to talk to me about different coping mechanisms and making me realize that a great blog post was hiding in the topic.

Muslimah Bloggers
How to Stop Overextending - Muslimah Bloggers

Work, family, hobbies, passions. Our lives are filled with so, so many things Alhamdulilah. But what happens when there's too much? I have the tendency to overfill my days, stuffing them as full as I can until my day planner is virtually whimpering in defeat.

Muslimah Bloggers
What Will People Say? - Muslimah Bloggers

Have you ever wanted to do something (or refrain from doing something) and then proceeded to deny your desire because What will people say? What will people say if they see your children going out and playing in the mud? What will people say if you stay at home?

The 10 Tips You Must Read Before Your Next Road-Tripping Adventure

I love travelling by road, just today we crossed the border and came from Bulgaria to Greece for some #Greeksummer! Road travelling can be so much fun, cheaper for larger families and create a different kind of memories. My nieces so far are loving the adventure.

Muslimah Bloggers
The Need for Good Islamic Fiction - Muslimah Bloggers

Do you know what almost everyone likes? We like to have fun. We like to enjoy things. And I've never met a person who doesn't enjoy a good story. Whether via reading, hearing or watching some form of entertainment, we all like to take pleasure in a good story.

Muslimah Bloggers
The Value of Journaling - Muslimah Bloggers

I love words - I think I've said that probably a thousand times. It's still true though. I love words because they help me to express myself, because they help me to entertain myself (and hopefully others too). I also love words because they help me to remember things.

Muslimah Bloggers
Islamic Bucket Lists - Muslimah Bloggers

Bucket list - a list of goals that a person wishes to accomplish before they die. Islamic bucket list - basically the same thing except all of those goals are connected to Islam in some way. How did this idea come about?

Muslimah Bloggers
Self Doubt - Muslimah Bloggers

It took me a very long time to decide what I wanted this post to be about. If I still wrote free-hand, there'd be a trash can filled with crumpled up pages at my feet. What I settled on in the end is a topic I'd be able to write about day and night for the rest of my life - self-doubt.

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