Lizaveta Koliverda

Theatre producer, PR-manager, Curator of Theatre Projects, Performer


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Director, author and performer of project
Perfomance "Pesochnica", Ecotopia Festival, St. Petersburg

In front of the video installation was an art object in the form of a transparent square resembling a sandbox. But now there is no sand in the sandbox. There are fragments inside. The performer's task is to enter the zone and walk over the fragments on his heels, splitting them. With each penetration, it is more and more difficult and dangerous to do this, as glass becomes larger over time. The spectator could build a glass castle with the performer, or help clear the way with well-known and...

Director, author and performer of project
Perfomance "Date it"

Performance Date it was created within the framework of the exhibition LOVE! , which is supervised by Nadezhda Khmyl in the space Vershy Cultural This project was created for everyone who has no one to spend February 14 with, but who wants to go on a date. “Date it” is an online date that anyone can join at any time. All you have to do is find a date table in the middle of the exhibition, put on your headphones and answer the phone. There is no strict time limit in the performance, because...

Журнал Театр.
In St. Petersburg will shown a performative wairdcore-walker

28 августа в Санкт-Петербурге в рамках фестиваля "Красненькая биеннале 2021" команды Wall-online и DramaTechie представят проект "DU2DO". Это перформативная вейрдкор-бродилка, которую создали Лизавета Коливерда и Маша Танина, участницы независимого театрального комьюнити Беларуси. Бродилка соединяет в себе элементы спектакля, экскурсии, игры и квеста.


Face Art - Face Future: Performance of Art Mediating Team Minsk
Perfomance recording “Body.Access”

From November 2017 my team and me under the guidance of Belarusian choreographer Olga Skvortsova developed a performance entitled “Body.Access” in reference to the works of Ernst Barlach and Käthe Kollwitz. From movement and body language we created a sensitive, emotional and thrilling interpretation of the exhibited works. The around eight-minute performance provided a vivid and modern approach to a time long ago.