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At a loss for words? I can help. I'm a passionate writer with a flair for storytelling and a love of good syntax. Whether it's on-page content, blog articles, a tweet, or a corporate email, I can work with you to tell your story. I've been writing for marketing agencies, newspapers, corporate and personal blogs, and corporate teams for the past four years, creating optimized, branded content with personality and purpose.

I am also the author of the book '50 Things to Know about Travelling around Spain in a Campervan'.

Isaac Asimov once said "Education isn't something you can finish" and I wholeheartedly agree. I relish the opportunity to write about even the most niche topic and learn something new in the process. My specialist areas are education/eLearning, corporate culture, and mindfulness, but I am open to any new challenge that comes my way.

If you only take three things away from this bio, I hope they are the following:

1. The pen is mightier than the sword, choose a writer that can tell your story the way you want them to.
2. I am that writer.
3. Writing with purpose and personality is my thing. If it's your thing too then get in touch.


Business & Corporate Culture

How to Handle Politics in the Workplace: Top Tips from a Recruitment Agency

Working as part of a team and collaborating effectively involves learning how to navigate office politics. At some point in your professional life, you will need to work side by side with other people with varying mindsets, perspectives, and life experiences. Here are some tips from a recruitment agency on navigating office politics.

eLearning Industry
8 Tips To Manage Your Time Better And Make More Time For The Things You Love

As the way we work continues to evolve, time management has become a hot topic for those in the workforce. An ever-increasing number of us now work partially or fully remotely. The lines between our personal and professional lives are more blurred than ever, and how we view time management and productivity is changing too.

eLearning Industry
5 Signs Of Burnout And The Steps Organizations Can Take To Prevent It

Burnout is on the rise. It can lead to a lack of motivation, engagement, productivity, as well as long-term physical effects. Find out the warning signs, the stages of burnout, and what actionable steps organizations can take to keep it at bay. Professional burnout may not be a new phenomenon but the term itself is.


eLearning Industry
5 Ways To Nail Your Look And Feel Without A Graphic Designer

Creating engaging and effective eLearning courses isn't easy. We, as Instructional Designers, have to consider the content, the learner experience, the user experience, the graphics and multimedia, gamification, and the LMS administration to name but a few factors. As a result, sometimes the look and feel of eLearning courses can be swept aside or not given as much importance as it should.

eLearning Industry
The Future Of Corporate L&D: Moving From A Netflix To A YouTube Model

Now more than ever, L&D professionals have had to step up and jump on board the eLearning trend, whether you see it as a temporary solution or the new L&D normal, it's clear that things have changed. With 2020 rendering face-to-face training virtually impossible, we've had to scramble to get ourselves Zoom proficient and transform our training plan into a digital training plan.

eLearning Industry
How To Create Compelling Compliance Training And Why It's Worth The Effort

Are you an L&D professional tasked with the daunting prospect of creating compliance training for your company? Never fear, it doesn't have to be as dull as it sounds! When done correctly, compliance training is an opportunity to reflect and reinforce company culture and create community. This article has some tips to convert your training into compelling, high-converting courses.

Explore the eLearning world with us
eLearning for Nonprofits: How to Support Training with an LMS

One of the biggest challenges nonprofit organizations face is working within a limited budget. Not only does this budget have to cover salaries and other overhead, but it also needs to be stretched to train employees, donors, board members, and volunteers on key messages.

Explore the eLearning world with us
Customer Service Training - How to Move It Online

The quality of the customer service your company provides will have a direct impact on how successful your business becomes. And that's exactly why customer service skills training is so vital. If you intend to train your employees on how to deal with customers and need some tips on how to plan out, create, and distribute your training, then look no further.

Explore the eLearning world with us
Customer Education 101: How to Start Training Your Clients

When a customer purchases your product, you want them to be able to navigate it easily, use its full range of features, and extract the greatest possible value from it. But how do you facilitate a successful customer experience? In this article, we give you the lowdown on how to successfully training your clients on your products and services.

Explore the eLearning world with us
Retail Sales Training - the Ultimate Guide

No matter where you work, having happy customers usually equals a successful company. And happy customers are those who got what they expected in terms of products or services. That's exactly why retail sales training is so important for organizations: it is sales professionals who communicate with customers on behalf of the entire business.

Explore the eLearning world with us
Learning Objects: The Whats, Whys, and Hows

Would you like to make online training more cost- and time-effective? One way is to create and deploy learning objects (LOs). As a result, instead of starting from scratch every time, you'll be able to reuse parts of a training quickly and easily, customize learning according to the needs of an individual or specific group, and significantly reduce creation costs.

Explore the eLearning world with us
Just in Time Training: Definition, Benefits, and Examples

Gone are the days of regularly scheduled programming. Nowadays, we watch TV on demand, we use our cell phones to order cabs right to our doorsteps, and, thanks to mobile devices, we can even learn more flexibly, taking e-courses on the go.

Explore the eLearning world with us
E-Mental Health: How To Make It Right in the Workplace

Hectic lifestyles and work pressures leave people feeling anxious, stressed, and burned out to the point that they need extra support for their emotional and physical well-being. Add to that the strain of a global pandemic, and it's no wonder our collective mental health is at an all-time low.

Explore the eLearning world with us
How to Create a Video for an Online Course - A Complete Guide

A video can speak a thousand words. It can grab attention, foster engagement, and stick in viewers' minds in a way that text or image alone simply can't. Therefore, it's no wonder that teachers and Learning and Development professionals have embraced video as the "medium of the moment."

Explore the eLearning world with us
eLearning in the Healthcare Industry - Learning the Ropes

Healthcare systems around the world are overwhelmed. Aging populations and a global pandemic have added even more strain to the sector, prompting a demand for more flexible training solutions to plug the skills gap and cross-train workers. And that's where eLearning comes in.

Lifestyle & Culture

Bueno - Smart property accounts
5 Spanish Food Festivals Not To Be Missed

When most of us think of Spanish food, we think of paella, chorizo, and, of course, tapas. While these may be popular staples, there's a whole lot more to taste. Spain is home to hundreds of local food festivals and tapas fairs that dish up everything from regional classics to the latest in cutting-edge cuisine. Here are five Spanish food festivals that you simply can't miss.

Archiscene - Your Daily Architecture & Design Update
3 Zombie-Proof Homes And How to Protect Your Property

Ever wished you were a billionaire and could afford a Fort Knox style mansion? What they don't tell you is that with great real estate comes great responsibility. Owning a multi-million dollar mansion isn't all about luxury, it also requires a pretty intense lock system to keep intruders at bay.

Bueno - Smart property accounts
Everything You Need To Know About Retiring In Spain

Retirement is often referred to as the 'golden years', you've paid your dues, left the workforce, and now you're ready to spend your pension money by making the most of your newfound freedom and time. For many, moving to sunnier climes is the perfect way to make the most of the golden years and start a new chapter.

Chef's Pencil
16 Most Popular & Tasty Irish Cheeses - Chef's Pencil

Ireland is home to some of the finest dairy products in the world. This is, in large part, due to its climate. The island of Ireland has one of the longest grass-growing seasons on the planet. Because of this, Irish farm animals are fed fewer growth hormones and have an all-around more natural diet, making their dairy products look and taste more vibrant and delicious.

Chef's Pencil
Top 15 Most Popular Irish Desserts - Chef's Pencil

When most people think of Irish food, the first dishes that spring to mind are usually hearty comfort foods like Irish stew, a cooked breakfast (the world-famous "fry"), or the old Irish staple bacon and cabbage. However, the Emerald Isle also boasts a mouth-watering array of delectable desserts to satisfy even the most insatiable sweet tooth.

Self Care & Mindfulness

Private Client
Ginseng Health Benefits

This article was written for a private client. An optimised article outlining the health benefits of Ginseng, how much to consume, and simple ways to incorporate it into your diet.

Private Client
How to Treat Autoimmunity Naturally

This article was written for a private client in the natural health sector who needed a highly SEO optimised, long-form article. It is a detailed guide outlining what autoimmunity is and how lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise can treat autoimmune conditions naturally.

Personal Essay
Why we've got to be kinder to ourselves

Learning to love yourself is the biggest act of rebellion there is. This article explores the way we talk to ourselves and how the words we choose can have a huge impact on our self-esteem and wellness. After all, being kind makes us happier and being happy makes us kind.

5 Life Lessons I've Learned From Drag Queens

Sometimes the most valuable pearls of wisdom come from the most unlikely places. Drag queens aren't just glamazons in nice wigs and expensive shoes; they can teach you a whole lot about self-love, healing childhood wounds, and stepping into your most fabulous self. Henny.

Tech & Finance

Private Client
How To Get Help With Debt

This article was written for a private client in the finance sector. It offers advice on how to get back on track if you're drowning debt.

Private Client
On Demand TV

This article was written for an on-demand TV provider. It is a brief overview of what on-demand TV is, who it's suited for, and how to get it.

Private Client
What Is Cloud Computing?

This article, for a SaaS provider, is an overview of cloud computing. It explores how cloud computing has evolved and what's next for the sector.

Private Client
How To Apply For A Credit Card In the UK

This article was written for a client in the finance sector. It's a comprehensive guide on how to apply for a credit card in the UK for first-time borrowers or those with a low credit score.

Journalist Pieces

Euro Weekly News
The best places to spend Valentine's Day in Spain

The 10 Best Places to Spend ValentineĀ“s Day in Spain. Image: Pixabay Whether you want to surprise your partner or meet your next great love, we've put together a list of the most romantic cities to spend Valentine's in Spain. All guaranteed to make you swoon.

Euro Weekly News
Ideas for couples for a perfect Valentine's in Mijas Pueblo

Have a day to remember this Valentine's in Mijas Pueblo. Image: Pixabay With its cobbled alleyways, stunning seas views, and white houses decorated with brightly coloured flower pots, Mijas pueblo is the perfect Valentine's getaway for you and that special someone.

Euro Weekly News
6 Ideas for a Romantic Valentine's in Benidorm

Sun, sea, architecture, and great food. Benidorm is every romance lover's dream. If you want to whisk someone special way this Valentine's then look no further. We've compiled a list of six romantic date ideas to enjoy this Valentine's in Benidorm.