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Culture & History

The Queen’s Cause Of Death May Not Be Formally Announced

The announcement of the death of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch had specified she had “died peacefully,” but notably did not include the Queen’s specific cause of death. Here’s what we know about her health over the years.

A history of Hong Kong cinema through the ages

Hong Kong films have a distinctive identity that has captured hearts and imaginations worldwide and resonates even now after our return to Chinese sovereignty, continuing to occupy a prominent part of the global cinema stage. For the film buffs out there, here is a look at Hong Kong cinema through the ages.

A history of local Hong Kong dairy farms

Hong Kong is a Chinese society with so many historically Western influences, and it’s easy to forget that our love for dairy products is one such cultural import. A look into the history of Hong Kong’s very own dairy farms and producers is “udderly” fascinating.

6 iconic Hong Kong landmarks worth remembering

Hong Kong has regrettably seen many of its previous cultural institutions shunted aside to make way for newer, shinier, and more profitable builds. Here are six famous Hong Kong landmarks that have had their heyday, and now only live on in Hongkongers’ hearts and memories.

Chinese Mythology 101: 18 levels of hell

The Chinese concept of hell is well-placed to sort out the saints from the sinners. Here is a little guide to the subterranean horrors that await sinners in the 18 Levels of Hell.

Triad and Tested: Hong Kong’s 10 best gangster films

Hong Kong’s film industry was propelled to international acclaim when gangster films burst onto our silver screens with guns ablaze. These works of unapologetically over-the-top bloodlust have made an indelible mark on Hong Kong, even to the point of spawning Hollywood blockbuster remakes!

6 Hong Kong women who have made history

The history of colonial Hong Kong's "protected women" is a page in our books that seems to just get skimmed past instead of pored over. Their impact on the city's development has largely been forgotten, and yet they've played a valuable part in bringing East and West together to create Hong Kong's singular character.

Mid-Levels Magazine
New intangible heritage list

The Hong Kong government has compiled a new list of 20 cultural items of value for preservation. Catharina Cheung finds out what’s on it.

Lifestyle & Leisure

12 exclusive members’ clubs in Hong Kong & how to join them

Hong Kong has a long and rich history of private membership clubs, with members well known as key movers and shakers in the fabric of society. With so many different clubs catering to all interests, here are just some ways to enjoy the good life in one of the best cities in the world.

How To Grieve Someone You Didn’t Know

Many have been left understandably shaken by the death of Queen Elizabeth II—mourning the loss of a monarch and also coming to terms with the major transition now at play, following Her Majesty's 70-year reign.

10 best alternative social media platforms

Mainstream social media is a chaotic place. Here are some alternative social media platforms where the crowd is simultaneously more select and inclusive, and the content is cooler.

Classic Hong Kong drama series to binge-watch

Many concur that TVB productions peaked around the 1990s and early 2000s, so here are the top 10 classic Hong Kong drama series that almost every local knows and loves, and are well worth watching for a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

15 best books of 2019 you need to read

How many times have you scribbled down “read more books” as a new year’s resolution? We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, so hit up your nearest bookstore, grab a few noteworthy tomes, and strut into 2020 a (soon-to-be) well-read individual!

Top 12 podcasts to listen and subscribe to

Friendly chinwags, laugh-out-loud bites, and touching human interest stories have accompanied us on many a long commute. Make sure your earbuds are fitting comfortably and listen away to our favourite podcasts!

10 foreign language films you should watch

If you've been enticed by Parasite into exploring films that lie outside English- and Chinese-speaking offerings, then get the popcorn ready; we’ve gathered 10 fantastic foreign-language titles that everybody should see.

Travel & Art

Most scenic spots in Hong Kong

We venture slightly off the beaten path to give you a selection of gorgeous scenic spots in Hong Kong, some well-known and some which you may not yet have visited.

Hong Kong’s most interesting precincts to explore

Whether you may have heard of them or not, there are certain small areas of the city that have evolved into little villages of their own, taking on a character that’s different to the larger district they belong to. Here are Hong Kong’s most interesting precincts to check out!

Your ultimate guide to Hong Kong’s best museums

For such a small city, there are a surprising number of museums dotted around Hong Kong! Spanning a wide range of topics from modern and classical art, medical sciences, and transportation, to tea and even ancient tombs, here are some of Hong Kong’s best museums to visit.

8 best heritage hotels & hostels in Hong Kong

If you are looking for an authentic experience that gives your travels or staycations more depth instead of just lavishness, then perhaps you’d be interested in ditching the regular pool and buffet combo for some of Hong Kong’s excellent heritage hotels and hostels.

Squarefoot Magazine
The Crown Jewel on the River of Kings

Reviewing Bangkok’s Chao Phraya Estate, an expansive development with two world-class hotels and a Four Seasons private residence tower that epitomises luxury waterfront living.

7 interesting temples and places of worship

Hong Kong may be small, but it still boasts approximately 600 temples, shrines, and monasteries, dotted all around the territories. Here are seven that are beautifully interesting and deserve more attention.

Squarefoot Magazine
Top 5 Unique Villas

Spruce up your getaway with these stunning villas that all boast a special spark; just imagine the gorgeous photos!

Squarefoot Magazine
Of Printing and the Moon

Inspired by the letterpress and the moon, serviced apartment The Luna is here to surpass expectations.


Through a queer eye with film director Ray Yeung

Catharina Cheung catches director Ray Yeung after the release of his stunning queer movie to find out more about courageous choices, giving Hong Kong’s fringe communities a voice, and why older homosexuals would rather stay in the closet.

Swimming against the tide with Olympian athlete Camille Cheng

Catharina Cheung spends a breezy afternoon with Hong Kong’s very own Olympian swimmer, Camille Cheng, learning about the selection process for the Olympic Games, representing the city internationally as a third-culture kid, and her daily training schedule.

Painting a thousand words with artist Brendan Fitzpatrick

Catharina Cheung holes up with Brendan Fitzpatrick in his relaxing Aberdeen studio, literally watching paint dry and chatting about artistic inspirations, Asian preconceptions, and the importance of having a visual focus in art.


What is Hong Kong-style Western cuisine?

One of our most interesting types of food is Hong Kong-style Western cuisine—so ubiquitous in our cha chaan teng restaurants that sometimes it’s easy to forget that they are classed into a special category of their own! Here are some dishes with Western origins that savvy Hongkongers have modified and made their own

Where to find Hong Kong’s most luxurious brunches

There are always going to be times when you need to treat yo’self, and for that noble reason, we’ve gathered Hong Kong’s top splurge-worthy brunches for your pleasure. Here’s to the weekend!

Hong Kong’s best neighbourhood bars

Even outside of the nightlife and clubbing districts, our city has plenty of lesser-known bars dotted around—here are some of our favourite neighbourhood watering holes.

8 village cafés to discover in the New Territories

Most people will immediately think of the rapidly gentrifying area of Sham Shui Po—Hong Kong’s Brooklyn, if you may—when it comes to independent coffee shops, but there are great pickings out in the New Territories too.

8 best places to get authentic laksa in Hong Kong

We’re big fans of Singaporean and Malaysian foods, so it stands to reason that laksa is always top on our list of favourite eats. Here are a few restaurants in Hong Kong which do a rich, multi-layered laksa that is hearty and satisfying.

A history of Hong Kong’s home-grown XO sauces

So much of good Chinese cooking depends on usage of the right condiments. In this instalment of Sauced Up, we explore the origins and local brands of one of Hong Kong’s favourites: the XO sauce.

Where to find local honey from Hong Kong bees

Only honey produced in Hong Kong can help provide defence against local air-borne allergies! Here are the best of Hong Kong honey from local bee farms or grocers.

Southside Magazine
A Hairy Situation

Catharina Cheung investigates the annual fervour during hairy crabs season.

Outdoors & Nature

Best places to see seasonal foliage in Hong Kong

We don’t have to journey all the way to Japan or to Canada to enjoy cherry blossoms or autumn leaves, because our fantastic city actually also has certain spots with the right plants and flora to do the job.

A look into Hong Kong’s wild boars

(In)famous for being an endearing sight on hikes or causing consternation for wandering into the MTR, wild boars have increasingly been crossing the line into urban life in recent years.

Humour & Satire

Branded Campaigns

Discover Hong Kong
Exploring West Kowloon | Hong Kong Tourism Board

A series of guided tours for the emerging neighbourhood of West Kowloon, connecting traditional crafts, historic buildings, authentic dining, and shopping experiences, to the new bustling energy of an international art and culture district.

The Book Depository | Localiiz
10 anticipated books to put on your reading list

We’ve consulted with the lovely folks at Book Depository for a list of the most highly anticipated books of 2020, containing everything from YA romance to dystopian thrillers.