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Rubin Verebes

Former Editor-in-chief of The Nottingham Tab

I am media and communication studies graduate from the University of Nottingham and former editor-in-chief for The Nottingham Tab. I write about education and universities, cultural and religious identity, student politics and racism for The Tab. My work has been featured in The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, Sunday Times, Sky News, BBC, Channel 4, and HuffPost UK. Actively seeking graduate work experience in the industry.

Thomas Graham


I write about science, culture and policy and have worked from the UK, Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil. My work has been published in The Economist, the Financial Times, the BBC, Wired, The Guardian, World Politics Review, Apolitical, Sight & Sound magazine, Times Literary Supplement and Little White Lies, among others. Before becoming a journalist, I studied biomedical sciences and worked in laboratories in Oxford, São Paulo and Lisbon, focusing on microbiology.

Megan Bull

Lifestyle Writer

Lifestyle Intern at Hello! Magazine (Jan 2020-Present) My articles for the publication can be viewed at Aspiring journalist + novelist. Surrey native + London commuter. General Temp at Condé Nast Britain (Nov 2019-present) Blogger: (June 2019-present) Previous Experience: - Freelance Writer for Attitude Organic (July-Oct 2019) - Content & Social Media Intern at SUITCASE Media (Aug-Oct 2019) - Lifestyle Contributor at Impact Magazine, UoN (Feb-May 2019) - Proofreader at Humans of UoN (Dec 2018-May 2019) - Office Assistant at MBL Estates Ltd. (Jun-Sep 2018) - Content Intern at The Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing (Aug-Sep 2017) - Editorial Intern at SUITCASE Magazine (July 2017) University of Nottingham English Literature and Creative Writing (BA Hons) Graduate: Upper second class division. My article, 'What your degree says about your fashion sense' was shortlisted for the Best Lifestyle Piece 2019’ award by the Student Publishing Association, an award that received 1,000 submissions nationally.

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Ziad Saliba

Screenwriter | Author | Content & Creative Writer

My name is Ziad Saliba and I'm a writer by trade. I have a decade's worth of experience in the States and in Lebanon and have written original content for film, television, magazines, startups, tech companies, and marketing agencies. I love what I do, and I adapt my own distinct style to any given project.


Anna Galbraith

Features Writer

Anna Galbraith is a 24 year old features writer. Although currently based in West London, her heart still stubbornly beats for the Lancashire-Cumbria border on which she was born, and continues to straddle uncomfortably in the tones of an indiscernible accent. Anna's career in journalism began in 2018, when she became a staff writer for the luxury men's lifestyle magazine, Gentleman's Journal, and where she continues to contribute features covering everything from grooming and fashion to fine dining and profile pieces. Her experience across this breadth of topics has swiftly taught Anna that she dislikes the idea of becoming a specialist writer, and relishes any opportunity to stick her teeth (often literally) into any weird and wonderful project that excites her. However, if you were to press Anna for her specialism, it would be her borderline-creepy biographical knowledge of the life and work of Dame Emma Thompson — whom she has written (thus far unanswered) fan letters to since she was 15. Alongside freelance writing, Anna has experience as a proofreader, copyeditor, campaigner and journalist and she would love to hear from you, should you have any projects, pieces or features you would like to collaborate on. She also sincerely apologises for the excruciating self-indulgence of writing this bio in the third person. Who does she think she is.


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Timothy Ludwig

<h2>Digital Marketing Professional, SEO Content Writer, Educator</h2>

You can call me Timmy. I write content about everything from blockchain to bizarre news to booze. Have a B.A. in English and History and an M.A. in English Education from the University of Rochester. Been known to dabble in web development and the more technical side of digital marketing. I also love email outreach, list building, and campaign management. Writing copy all the way to interacting with potential leads, I'm comfortable with all of it.



Littéraire et toujours connectée à l'actualité sous toutes ses formes, j'ai développé naturellement un fort intérêt pour le journalisme. Communiquer avec rigueur une information aux gens me tient à cœur d'autant plus que j'accorde une réelle importance à la véracité des faits. Je suis passionnée par les sujets culturels et artistiques, la société et son évolution et j'aime capturer l'individualité de chaque personne pour la transmettre.


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Leah Welborn

Freelance Writer

I'm Leah Welborn, a freelance writer based in Denver, Colorado, and I've been writing professionally for 25 years. I have advanced degrees in Creative Writing and Art History, and I've written extensively about art, culture, and cannabis.

Alex Waite

Writer and Journalist

I started writing articles on football, sports and culture in my spare time. I now write articles for a Crystal Palace fan site, The Cultural Me and various other websites and publications - always enthused and motivated to start my next writing project. [email protected]