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Ellen McGrody

Freelance Journalist, Author, and Activist

Ellen's writing credits include Pioneers of the LGBTQ Rights Movement and Coping with Gender Dysphoria, both published through Rosen Publishing. She is currently a staff writer for the Bay City Beacon and for TSSZ News, and has appeared on Waypoint, PC Gamer, The Mary Sue, Broken Joysticks, and elsewhere. Her work has been featured at TRANSform Tech, Lost Levels, GaymerX, and the Queerness in Games Conference. Ellen lives with her fiancée and cat in Oakland, California.

United States of America

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Mark Cantrell

Writer & Journalist

A writer and journalist with some 15 years' experience working on B2B titles in print and online, writing news, features, set-piece interviews, political and social commentary. My work has covered housing, construction, technology, politics and public policy, business, industry and more.

United Kingdom

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Will Gordon

Freelance journalist/researcher

I write about news, music, culture, travel and other topics. Bylines: Outside,, Esquire Classic, Men's, The Morning Call, The Lafayette Student Newspaper. I live in the greater New York area.


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Leon Horton

Arts, culture and lifestyle journalist

Leon Horton is a cultural journalist and humorist. After gaining his masters from the University of Salford, he drank himself into a corner working as a Court Reporter at Manchester Crown Court (wouldn't you?), lost the will to live writing "isn't everything great" bullshit for local advertising magazines, and enjoyed a failed stint as editor of Old Trafford News. His writing is published by Beat Scene Magazine (UK), International Times (UK), Literary Heist (Canada), Empty Mirror (US), Beatdom (UK), The Animals Voice (US), Erotic Review (UK), Beatdom (UK) and TheGayUK. In January 2019, he became a member of the European Beat Studies Network, an academic community of scholars, writers and artists concerned with the Beat Generation.

Gabriel Swain

Award winning marketing strategist, innovator, and thought leader

Marketing is in a state of transition. We've reached content saturation. Millennials are the largest consumer demographic. Success now requires a keen focus on the customer experience. I want to innovate and stay ahead of that curve. Existing best practices work today. But I plan to define new ones! I specialize in: • Dynamic Content/Copy Creation & Management • Thought Leadership and Content Strategy • User-Centric Messaging Development • SEO and SEM Program Management • Extensive Branding Experience • Marketing Automation and CRM Systems Admin • Stellar Research and Competitor Analysis Skills • Strategic Website Mapping and Content Creation • Editorial Function and Ad Placement • Thorough Knowledge of CMS Management


Jessica Salter

Journalist and Editor

Deputy editor of Women's Health; previously commissioning editor at Telegraph magazine and Sunday Telegraph's Stella

United Kingdom

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Harry Stewart

Freelance Content Writer

Welcome to my portfolio. My name's Harry, and I'm an Australian freelance writer in the travel and culture niche. I've spent the last three years creating quality content for big-name digital brands such as Culture Trip, FluentU,, and the Google Arts and Culture Magazine. I also work as a copywriter, crafting compelling story-driven copy to convert leads into sales for everyone from luxury hotel wholesalers to outdoor adventure retailers. I'm an avid traveller who's been to 71 countries and counting, so I'm capable of writing with authority on most major destinations on Earth. At present, you'll find me hopping between Asian hotspots as a laptop-wielding, WiFi-soliciting "digital nomad." I've also been known to moonlight as a generalist content creator. Don't be surprised to see me pumping out B2B blogs for topics as varied as home renovations, food, and tech. As a freelancer by trade, I pride myself on consistently delivering top-quality content in a timely fashion to exceed expectations. Rest assured I'll use the latest On-Page SEO techniques to give you the best chance of landing that lucrative front page ranking. Go ahead and drop me a line through the e-mail icon below. I look forward to discussing how we can enhance your brand's content marketing strategy. Harry,

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Reem Khokhar

Freelance writer

I freelance with various prominent publications on travel, culture, social trends and issues and personal narratives. Telling a great story is what I strive to achieve with my writing and I indulge most of my tale telling abilities in my blog - - a humorous (usually) take on relationships, life and celebrating the extraordinary in the ordinary. There is no dearth of inspiration around me with my husband and dogs, friends, the bustling city of Delhi where I live, the choir that I sing with, my nomadic childhood or the places where I travel. I have worked in marketing, PR and communication over 16 years. Writing has always been an integral part of my professional roles. Whether starting out as a content writer or packaging content for social media, writing press releases or pitching a story to the media.


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Daniel Morrison

Freelance Writer

A Sydney based father who thinks too much about things and then and writes about them. Sometimes politics, sometimes culture, lots of parenting, occasionally advertorial.


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Bibek Bhattacharya

Writer and Editor at Mint Lounge

I write on travel, music, culture, the arts and art history. My articles have appeared in several publications, including Mint Lounge, Outlook Traveller, National Geographic Traveller, Verve Magazine, and Business Today.


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