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A Sydney based father who thinks too much about things and then and writes about them.

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Daniel Morrison
How Euthenasia and Gay Marriage show that conservatism has lost its soul

Daniel Morrison With the Victorian Senate about to vote on a Voluntary Assisted Dying scheme which passed the lower house, the debate around this intimate issue has once again been reignited. And once again, conservatives (religious and otherwise, but mostly religious) are weighing in to urge a "no" vote.

Make America Hate Again: the reality of the Trump era hits home.

I don't mean "Nazis" in the abstract racist sense. I mean actual, genuine, swastika bearing white supremacists, proudly shouting Nazi slogans. They're not even wearing hoods. They are out in the open, wearing baseball hats that say "make America great again."

Daniel Morrison
Introduction to Sustainability

It's actually pretty simple. Sustainability is about the capacity to continue. In a way that's what civilization is for really, to continue. So this should be fairly straightforward. But then when it comes to the politics, it all becomes too hard, and we're left with diplomatic deadlocks that take us nowhere.

Daniel Morrison
SheShakespeare's "As You Like It"

The venue itself was interesting. It wasn't so much a theatre, as a long narrow room, with the performers down one long edge and the audience in two rows on the other. If I had to pick I'd say the chairs could have been a bit more comfortable.


Baby Carriers

I love getting outside, and I want my kid to love it too. Especially in a city like Sydney, there are so many beautiful spots to explore, w...

Ok yes, it's Skippy. But this is why you should eat it anyway.

We all need protein. Now of course you can get it from lentils and mushrooms, and soy beans and all that sort of jazz, and you can definitely do it deliciously. But for most people, it's hard to beat good old-fashioned meat. It's what we evolved with, and to be honest, it's pretty damn tasty.

Modern Public Shame - Mia Freedman, Roxane Gay, and the Collective Response

Last week the internet unleashed its collective wrath upon Mia Freedman. The scorn was a sight to behold. She was described as: "Literally sickening... Epically disturbing...Disgusting... Disgraceful... Utterly shameful..." She was called "Monstrous... Soulless... Absolute scum... Trash... The worst... C*unt". People were, in a word, "Murderous" Sounds heavy.