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And welcome to my portfolio.

My name’s Harry, and I’m an Australian freelance copywriter with five years of experience in the travel niche. Previous clients include big-name brands like Culture Trip, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, HP, FluentU, and Hotels.com.

As a seasoned travel writer, I craft engaging stories to enhance brand awareness and convert leads into sales. My content covers everything from luxury hotel copy to adventure blogs and RV accessory guides.

Having been to 71 countries and counting, I can write with authority on most major global destinations. Pre-COVID, I was hopping between Asian hotspots as a laptop-wielding “digital nomad.” These days, I’m cruising around Australia in a Ford Transit motorhome to ride out the pandemic.

I don’t only cover travel—I’ve been known to moonlight as a generalist content creator, too. Don’t be surprised to see me pumping out B2B blogs on topics ranging from home improvement to tech.

As a freelancer by trade, I pride myself on delivering top-quality content in a timely fashion to exceed client expectations. I always incorporate the latest On-Page SEO techniques so you can achieve that coveted front-page ranking.

Drop me a line through the e-mail icon below. I look forward to discussing how I can enhance your brand's content marketing strategy.


Travel & Hospitality

10 Best Things to Do in Haute-Corse - What is Haute-Corse Most Famous For? - Go Guides

The best things to do in Haute-Corse include sunbathing on beautiful beaches, hiking pristine nature reserves, and admiring ancient sites. Occupying the northern half of Corsica, this spellbinding region is ripe for exploration. Quaint coastal towns, dramatic mountainous landscapes, and picture-postcard beaches impress even the most seasoned adventurer.

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Israel More Than Once

Whether you're Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, every believer can see the appeal of a second pilgrimage to the Promised Land. And in Israel, there are enough enticing holy experiences to keep even the most devout follower coming back for more.

Culture Trip
11 Different Magical Towns to Visit At Least Once in Your Lifetime

Yearning to escape the pitfalls that modern living entails? While many inspirational Instagrammers would recommend a visit to one of the world's greatest metropolises, here are Culture Trip we know all too well that a quaint little village is the perfect antidote for those 21st-century blues.

Camper Champ
Alice Springs Campervan Hire

Compare cheap campervans, luxury motorhomes & 4x4 campers in Alice Springs. Over 20 rental companies around Australia. You could save $100s.


The Growing Influence of Open-Source Software | HP® Tech Takes

Dive into the world of open-source software, exploring its growing influence, impact on industries, and the potential it holds for the future. Learn how businesses and developers leverage the power of open source for innovation and collaboration.

6 Ways Israeli Technology Will Help Tourism Make A Comeback

Necessity is the mother of invention-and never has the travel industry needed new technology more than now. When COVID-19 began its global onslaught in the first quarter of 2020, it immediately became apparent the tourism sector was in for a rough ride.

Website Planet
Your Domain Name Expired! Now What? - Website Planet

You've forgotten to renew your domain. Regardless of whether you were too busy or didn't check your emails, it's now expired. Caput, vanished into thin air, gone back into the wild. And it might never come back. Sure, you messed up, but it could be worse.

How Israeli Agriculture Technology is Changing The World | Special

Necessity is the mother of invention. With a sparse arid landscape to call home, Israelis have always needed to find innovative new ways to cultivate crops. Some two-thirds of the nation classifies as arid or semi-arid, and much of the soil quality is poor.

Food & Beverages

The 9 Best Israeli Foods You Have To Try At Least Once

Israel is becoming increasingly popular for its sacred religious sites, jaw-dropping natural scenery, and fascinating ancient history. But there's another enticing reason to visit the tiny Middle Eastern state, one you rarely see mentioned in the travel brochures: its outstanding cuisine.

Adventure Travel / USA

The Best River Float Destinations in the USA

Summer is a-comin.' Come to think of it; it's already here, so now you've got no excuse to stay cooped up at home. Get out there and make the most of this beautiful balmy weather, dammit. But let's face it, hiking and camping are pretty hard work.

The Most Epic Road Trips in the US

Ready to tour the U.S.A like a boss? Then give the plebs on those stuffy Greyhound buses a wide berth and opt for an epic all-American road trip instead. Throughout all 50 states, our awesome country boasts an intoxicating array of natural wonders and diverse communities to explore.

The 10 Best Places in the USA to See the Foliage This Fall

Just because it's getting chilly outside doesn't mean you gotta stay cooped up at home. On the contrary, fall is an awesome time to get out there and explore the great outdoors. The crowds are manageable, travel is affordable, and the pastel-colored hues of our nation's astonishing foliage is proudly out in on display.

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Culture Trip
Why This World Famous Beach Stole Its Name From Its South American Neighbor

The word 'Copacabana' was first thought to have originated in present day Bolivia from the Aymara phrase 'kota kahuana', which means 'view of the lake', in reference to Lake Titicaca. Later, however, a Spanish scholar discovered that ' Kotakawana' is the name of the Andean god of fertility, a fact backed up by the unearthing of several local shrines dedicated to the deity.


How the Abraham Accords Will Advance Israeli Tourism

The story of the Abraham Accords doesn't end with Bahrain; this historic peace deal has already had a domino effect on Middle Eastern politics. Thanks to the concession made with the United States, two new countries have recently normalized relations, and many more are tipped to come.

Culture Trip
You Can Now Buy Rare Frogs From Ecuador to Save Them From Poachers

The innovative scientific company known as Wikiri has established a giant frog farm in a town called San Rafael, not far from the Ecuadorian capital of Quito. Here, some 12 species of exotic frogs are being born in laboratory conditions and raised in a series of high-tech vivariums. These colorful amphibians are then shipped off to the U.S.A, Europe and Japan for as much as US$600 each.

Is Israel Open for Tourists? Latest Updates

Israel confirmed its first case of COVID-19 on February 21, 2020. After returning from quarantine on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, a woman tested positive at the Sheba Medical Center. In the following weeks, the virus started seeping into the country via overseas arrivals.