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James L. Fredrick

Multimedia journalist and filmmaker

I'm an independent multimedia journalist, producer and filmmaker based in Mexico City. My main focus is immigration and refugees. I travel across Mexico and Latin America to write, make radio, produce podcasts, create documentaries, and take photos.

Gabrielle Narcy

Blogueuse et auteure de récits de voyage

Je m’appelle Gabrielle, et j’ai vécu dans de nombreux pays depuis 10 ans, avant de poser mes valises en Angleterre. Je suis passionnée par toutes les facettes qui entourent la vie à l’étranger, à tel point que je ne peux pas m’arrêter d’écrire sur ce sujet, quel que soit le format : articles de blogs, récits de voyage ou chroniques ! J’utilise mon expérience personnelle pour parler de la vie d’expat et des voyages sur mon blog, L'allée du monde, et dans mes textes. Bienvenue sur mon portfolio !

United Kingdom

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Pao F. Vergara

Journalist and multimedia producer

Having graduated AB Communication in 2016 from Ateneo de Manila, Pao now covers art, culture, and politics in the Philippines and Southeast Asia and produces for film, advertising, TV, and social media. Also available for corporate PR projects.

Chelsea E. Regan


A savvy writer and editor with: 10+ years of experience in digital and print B2B and B2C media; familiarity with covering entertainment, sports, politics, technology, business and more; ability to turn around quick news articles, engaging Q&As and compelling features; well-honed copyediting, proofreading and fact-checking skills; and a creative writing background. From the U.S., but currently calling Belgium home.


Elizabeth Roan

Essayist and Blogger with many cultural curiosities. Inspired by art, music, and travel.

Writer, journalist, and social media manager for nonprofits located in Philadelphia. Contact me via email if you're interested in collaborating. email: [email protected]

Chantelle Mitchell

Writer, Editor, Educator

BA in Creative Writing and Literature from Santa Fe University of Art and Design MFA in Creative Writing from University of Nevada, Las Vegas Current Ph.D. student in English and Literary Arts at University of Denver

Tasha Shayne


Why, hello there! Welcome to my online writing portfolio! As a freelance writer, editor, and consultant with more than 16 years of professional experience, I've played major roles in creating a ton of content. I'm talking everything digital — including blogs, social media content, ads, PowerPoint presentations, website copy, brochures, flyers, product descriptions, newsletters, marketing emails, manuals, case studies, short-film scripts, infographics, speeches, and so on. Whatever style you need for your brand, chances are I'll nail it. I've written and contributed to a few house style guides myself, for a few different companies, and find it easy to code switch from formal to informal, humorous to philosophical, industry-relevant to layman's terms...whatever you're looking for. Your brand is key to having clients (and potential clients) not just remember but respect you — and I'm here to uphold it. Whether you're looking for a seasoned freelancer to add to your team, or you just need a couple blog contributions a month, I'm happy to help! Shoot me a quick email at [email protected], and we'll work out the details. I look forward to chatting with you soon! Tasha


Ana Sánchez Ortega

Comunicación y Marketing digital

Llevo ocho años dedicada a la comunicación corporativa, con una perspectiva global y sin perder de vista al consumidor, la persona por la que todo esto tiene sentido. Para ello, busco que la comunicación sea clara y efectiva a través de web, e-mailing, redes sociales, publicidad (digital u offline), en acciones B2B y en estrecha colaboración con los medios. Puedo aportar a un equipo mi compromiso con un proyecto, las ganas de trabajar y aprender, la empatía (con clientes y compañeros) y la intención de buscar soluciones a los 'imposibles' del día a día.


Marina Daras

Freelance Journalist

I am a journalist living in London and currently working for several French speaking radio stations and newspaper as a UK correspondent. I have experience in print and radio journalism, occasionally TV, and can work in both French and English.

Miles Raymer


I’m an award-winning, multifaceted trans writer and creative motivated by an endless fascination with culture and the people who shape it. As a writer, I produce ahead-of-the-curve journalism and criticism, specializing in music, fashion, and fringe communities. As a visual artist and designer, I create graphics influenced by underground media from the 60s through the present. As a creative director and consultant, I bring my decades of experience working on the leading edge of culture to projects ranging from magazine launches to marketing campaigns. I’m an expert in pop music, trans issues, and queer history. I live in New York City with an orange cat named Junior.