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Philthy Mag
Rituals of Mine Opens for Tricky at Underground Arts - Philthy Mag

Imagining all the best artists to co-tour with, touring with Tricky is "seriously, an honor," said Terra Lopez, lead singer of Sacramento-based band Rituals of Mine (f.k.a. Sister Crayon) during their opening act at Underground Arts for the Bristol-based heavy-bass-heart-of-darkness. A heckler in the crowd yelled,"We Love Tricky, and we love you!"


Sincerity is the Craftsmen's Greatest Tool - A Conversation with Michel Delgado

For most artists, no matter what stage along their path, the take-it-or-leave-it and nearly self-destructive question continuously persists: what happens if nobody sees it? As the Senegalese and Philadelphia based artist Michel Delgado nonchalantly puts it, "You gotta be cool with it." Unsettling? Yes. Refreshing? Most certainly not. Worth it?

A Sharp Divide - An Interview With Artist and Activist Dread Scott

Dread Scott-the artist who sparked controversy in 1989 as a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, snowballing to national debate with his installation What is a Proper Way to Display a US Flag? - is currently exhibiting his work at Rowan University Art Gallery at High Street.

Satire More Gold than Donald's Hair: My Visit to the T.Rump Bus

"He said something like, 'if we are to change our world view, images must change. The artist now has a very important job to do.' " David Gleeson states, trying to remember Vaclav Havel's quote on the artistic response to Communism, as we wrap up our conversation on Gleeson's recent exhibition at Crane Arts: T.Rump - America on the Rag.