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Paolo F. Vergara

Writer and Multimedia Producer

Location icon Philippines

Graduated AB Communication in 2016 from Ateneo de Manila.
Freelance writer, editor, and video director covering art, culture, and politics.
Core member of artistic, literary, and multimedia folio Silakbo PH.

Whips up a mean breakfast and meaner beats on his guitar.

How disinformation is a major symptom of a sick democracy

Our long-time helper was active in the last election season. Frequenting Facebook, cycling between groups and posts, she involved herself in online political discourse. Over dinner she would recount heated debates, some bordering on the nasty side, occurring over Facebook comment sections in the pages of both the incumbent and aspiring mayor of our city.

Stretching through time

by Peavey F. Vergara * Published 22 May, 2016 at 10:56 AM "Now, for the Warrior!" I felt princely indeed as I followed after Sir Henry's majestic pose, arms outstretched, as if surveying one's domain. Ten seconds in and it was more like surfing-rather, it felt like riding a wave of aches and trying not to fall.

Philippine Tatler
Colour and Motion: Fringe Manila's Fourth Year

Local artists together with those from the Filipino diaspora, as well as visiting foreign artists will dazzle through exhibits, shows, and workshops in the month long festival held in various locations and creative hubs across Makati, with satellite events in Taguig, Quezon City, and San Juan.

"Ancient" wisdom, "modern" dilemmas

Blue Jeans by Peavey F. Vergara * Published 18 November, 2015 at 4:03 PM Sustainability, gender sensitivity, conservation-these are ideas and buzzwords dominating the academic and activist conversations of today. Ideas craving to be born into reality. There are people who've lived by these principles, a heritage spanning thousands of years.

The art of rejection

IT STARTS with questions: Why me? Why not me? How can I? What can I do? Artists, more than people of other callings, are most familiar with rejection. Whether our art is that of the word, the stroke, the note, or the stage, there are as many talented ones as there are stars.

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