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Eric M. Ruiz

Writer, Marketing Strategist

Eric M. Ruiz is an LA-based writer and marketing professional from Modesto, California. Most recently, he was part of the Marketing team at Netflix where he helped partners across Latin America—like Telmex, izzi, and AT&T—integrate with the streaming platform. Prior to Netflix, Eric spent six years at Waze (and Google, after the billion-dollar acquisition in 2013), where he launched the company’s first partnerships and marketing campaigns in the U.S. and Latin America. He also led the launch of the Waze Carpool app for U.S. Spanish-speaking audiences. His work has led him to interview numerous CEOs, NYT Best-Selling Authors, renowned academics, and professional athletes. Eric’s curiosity and people-first mentality have allowed him to cultivate a world-class network. His essays on identity, belonging, and culture have appeared in Fast Company, Observer, Entrepreneur, and Howler Magazine. He’s also appeared on NPR Latino USA to discuss his ideas on diversity. Eric has an A.A. from Modesto Junior College and a B.A. in International Business from San Diego State University. Prior to graduating from SDSU, Eric spent a semester at the University of Barcelona, where he furthered his studies in economics and history.

Tasha Shayne


With more than 13 years of professional experience, I excel at crafting intriguing and polished copy. I strongly believe that clear communication is the key to conveying professionalism and expertise. If your company's emails, flyers, website, or other copy contains errors or isn't easily understood, you'll lose credibility with your audience. Opt for a professional who can write compelling content for a number of audiences, maintain brand voice, and nobly uphold the laws of grammar. I excel at writing clear, concise, and accessible copy — and I love doing it. Over the course of my career, I've written for such notable clients as Gaia, Sling TV, Organic India, and Colorado State University Global. I've worked with content marketing agencies, non-profits, e-commerce sites, and numerous entrepreneurs. My work experience includes writing copy for sales funnels, email newsletters, one sheets, research articles, websites, marketing proposals, commercials, animation scripts, style guides, training manuals, power point presentations, and ads. Have a project you need help tackling? Let me know what you're looking for, and we'll work out the details. Shoot me a quick email at [email protected]


Ana Sánchez Ortega

Creación de Contenidos Digitales, Comunicación y Producción Cultural

En tres palabras: entusiasta, disciplinada y soñadora. Trabajo a diario con CMS y SEO, a la vez que trato de mantener mi creatividad siempre despierta, tanto a la hora de escribir como de buscar nuevos recursos. Además soy bilingüe en inglés, y por mi formación y experiencia estoy acostumbrada a la relación con clientes.


Marina Daras

Freelance Journalist

I am a journalist living in London and currently working for several French speaking radio stations and newspaper as a UK correspondent. I have experience in print and radio journalism, occasionally TV, and can work in both French and English.

Miles Raymer


I'm an award winning journalist, critic, and producer with over 15 years of experience covering music, culture, style, and politics across digital, print, and video for Esquire, Pitchfork, GQ, VICE, Playboy, MTV News, and Entertainment Weekly. In 2017 I won the Webby People’s Voice award in Animation for’s “A Brief History of Goth” (directed by Joren Cull). I'm a former contributing editor at Esquire, former music columnist for the Chicago Reader, and the only professional music critic to share a songwriting credit with Cat Power. I'm an expert in the history of pop music and youth culture going back to the early 20th century, and a keen observer of the intersection between art and technology. One time Cheech Marin called me "hilarious."


Elodie (Louise) Testa

Journaliste - Pigiste

Thèmes de prédilection : géopolitique et Russie Autres intérêts : culture et société Langues parlées : français, anglais, russe, italien Diplômée de l'Institut d'Etat des Relations Internationales de Moscou (MGIMO) en 2015 Contact : [email protected]

Dánae Vílchez

Freelance Journalist/ Researcher

Central American. Multimedia and bilingual journalist and researcher with experience in production and post-production of features and reports on a variety of topics: Human Rights issues, press freedom, social movements, politics, and culture. MA in Journalism and Politics from the Mundus Journalism Program. (University of Amsterdam & Aarhus University) ICFJ Fellow 2017 at AJ+. Central American Correspondent for the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) Email: [email protected]

Myles E. Johnson


“The job of the writer is to make revolution irresistible.” — Toni Cade Bambara | HAUSMUVA.NET

Tori Rubloff


Tori Rubloff is a senior at the University of Florida (UF) who is pursuing a Master of Arts in Mass Communication from the UF College of Journalism. She is currently enrolled in an internship as a Writer for Study Breaks Magazine, in which she pitches and writes long-form pieces and conducts interviews. Tori has also been a National Feature Writer & News/Pop Culture Blogger for Her Campus, the #1 new-media brand for college women. Before this position, she was a Wisdom Writer for the UF chapter of Her Campus. She was also the Journalism Intern for UF Hillel, in which she pitched and wrote creative copy to engage the UF campus community. Thought Catalog, an online publication read by over 30 million monthly readers, has also published Tori's articles. Tori's dream is to work in the writing field to help make positive social change, enhance the lives of others and spread big ideas. Her favorite topics are personal growth, mental health, psychology, lifestyle, health, inspiration, motivation, creativity, culture and societal trends. She is also interested in how media and film have the capacity to create change, influence and impact. Tori aims to spread ideas of curiosity, discovery, passion, authenticity and positivity through her writing. Resume: See all of her articles for the following: Study Breaks | Her Campus | Thought Catalog | UF Hillel |

United States of America

Shelby Spear

Freelance Writer

Sappy soul whisperer and sarcasm aficionado writing about motherhood, life, love & faith at Contributing feature writer at:, Tribe Magazine, Her View From Home, Huffington Post, Sammiches & Psych Meds, Spoke Red Tricycle, Blunt Moms, For Every Mom, Family Share Contact: [email protected]