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“The job of the writer is to make revolution irresistible.” — Toni Cade Bambara | HAUSMUVA.NET


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Opinion | Beyoncé and the End of Respectability Politics

Beyoncé is at the pinnacle of her career. At the Coachella festival in the Southern California desert on Saturday, she showed that there's nothing this mother of three can't do. But she didn't just kill the performance; she also rewrote the book on black respectability politics.

What Beyoncé Won Was Bigger Than a Grammy

Historically, whiteness does not reward black defiance. Surely we know that a culture that forgot Zora Neale Hurston until Alice Walker returned her to glory in her work wouldn't reward Beyoncé. American culture has long punished black people who make work that explores black narratives without considering the gaze of a white consumer.

Little Richard's Traumatic Black, Queer Childhood Helped Mold Rock 'N' Roll

In 2000, The Donny & Marie Osmond Show interviewed Little Richard which led to one of his most candid reflections on his childhood and relationship to masculinity. In front of a virtually all-white audience, he describes the bloody beatings his father would give him while naked and tied up.

The Deeply American Appeal of Donald Glover

Over the weekend, Donald Glover released his latest visual "This is America" accompanied with a sing-rap song that sounds like something you'd expect as Pharrell's next Billboard hit. If you've somehow missed it, the video showed a deranged Donald Glover sliding in and out of choreography committing acts of violence that echo real life moments of terror like the Charleston Church Massacre.

The Ghost of Big Freedia

Drake: Photo by Ethan Miller/BBMA2017/Getty Images, Big Freedia: Photo by Scott Dudelson / Getty Images), Beyonce: "Formation" Video In the first scene of Drake's "Nice For What" video, you hear the voice of the black, queer New Orleans bounce artist, Big Freedia. What you see, however, is a white woman with blonde hair looking sultry into the camera.

Cardi B And Kim Kardashian Never Asked To Be Politicized

The internet is a capricious beast; someone can go from deified to vilified in a matter of minutes. Kim Kardashian and rapper Cardi B, whose single "Bodak Yellow" just made the Billboard Top 10, are the latest examples of how internet-shaming can both inform and disempower, and how the same societal forces that give a celebrity like Kim Kardashian so much influence can cripple black and brown celebrities who commit similar faux pas.

Black Gay Lives Matter-And Our Deaths Can't Be Ignored Anymore

The grief and tragic energy around any murder can make one forget the political potential each one possesses. And in the wake of recent heightened media attention around cis-heterosexual black male deaths due to state-sanctioned violence or recent high school shootings, many are being reminded of the inherently political nature of taking a life.

Bitch Media
A Clockwork Trauma | Bitch Media

This is one of three personal essays Bitch Media is publishing today to reflect on the one-month anniversary of the Orlando Pulse shooting. This essay includes racial and homophobic slurs that some readers may find triggering.

Seven Scribes
Decaying Hope

"Words! Mere words! How terrible they were! How clear, and vivid, and cruel! One could not escape from them. And yet what a subtle magic there was in them!" - Oscar Wilde Language does not get to exist how a photograph or art does, preserved in the Louvre or in a scrapbook until the apocalypse; rather language has a finite life just like humans do.