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The Huffington Post
'This Is Us': An IV Drip For Humanity

Every nuance of humanity explored in the first season of This Is Us filters through my veins. And based on my conversations with countless family and friends, I'm not alone.

The Huffington Post
Raising Teens Made Me a Better Human

The litany of challenges facing teens in today's modern culture mocks the floodwaters of generations past. As a veteran teen raiser, I'm amazed by the tenacity exhibited by the Millennial population considering the ill-effects of growing up in a projector screen society. Public is the new private for adolescents.

Her View From Home
Why Emotional Losses Mean Motherhood Gain

Losing something dear to us means we had something to begin with. I wouldn’t trade the pain of these passings for anything: watching my newborn sleep, nursing in the still of the night

For Every Mom
A Mom's Open Letter to Michael Phelps: Thank You for Embracing Your Purpose

Dear Michael Phelps, Thank you. Thank you for saying "yes" to you. Thank you for seeking help when your spirit lay drowning at the bottom of the pool. Thank you for your courage in mining through the wreckage within your heart. Thank you for your perseverance in overcoming the demons exposed in the process.

FamilyShare - Discover How to Improve Your Family Life and More
23 soul-altering lessons I've learned from 23 years of marriage

A short list of lessons gleaned from the moment I stepped off the altar with my amazing soulmate to jet set into the realm of marriage. This painting was a tenth anniversary gift from my husband, John. His own hand brushed the vibrant colors across the canvas.