Ally Rae Van Siclen

Journalist, Copywriter, Web Content Writer, Playwright, Author

United States

I'm a writer and performer, currently based in Minneapolis after five years of living in Brooklyn, NYC. With over ten years of experience in writing across a variety of media platforms, I have developed a wide range of editorial and production skills for a spectrum of communication styles and forms.

My main focuses are in journalism, copywriting, blogging, creative content production, publication, and performance, social media, digital and print magazines, narrative fiction, and sketch comedy.

This website contains examples of my:

*Articles for print and online magazines.
*Copywriting: professional examples of my work for various clients.

Before you begin to read my articles, please take note that I developed and maintained an edgy, intentionally coarse language to adhere to Vice’s Codes of Style. It heavily contrasts from the voice required from my examples as a copywriter for nonprofit blogs; additionally, the writing samples on my website demonstrate my ability to adapt to any required marketing voice and they are not meant to demonstrate my natural writing style.

Any questions? E-mail me at [email protected]

Elsewise? Enjoy!

Wheels For Wishes
How To Stay Aware During Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. This is an important time for veterans and their families to reflect on how much alcohol they are consuming. Another important factor in alcohol usage is why it's being consumed. If you or the veteran who is close to you drink in order to cope with emotional or physical pain, there are better, safer, and easier solutions.

Wheels For Wishes
Surprising Facts About Cinco De Mayo

In the United States, we often assume that Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico's Independence Day. That is not true. Sept. 16 is actually Mexico's Independence Day, and Mexico won its independence before the date of May 5, 1862, the day that Cinco de Mayo actually commemorates.

Wheels For Wishes
Celebrate National Infant Immunization Week By Spreading The Word

Since 1994, the last week in April has been celebrated as National Infant Immunizations Week in the United States. This year National Infant Immunization Week is held from April 16-23, the same week as World Immunization Week. The World Health Organization promotes in all of its six regions access to universal vaccination and international cooperation.

Wheels For Wishes
Throw One Heap Of A Good Time At Bags For Wishes

Get your bags lined up and your party-face on, because it's time once again for an epic cornhole tournament you won't want to miss. Make-A-Wish Illinois and the young professionals of their Associates Board invite teams and individuals to test their "baggo skills" at the 8th annual Bags to Wishes Tournament at MINI of Chicago (on 1111 W.

Wheels For Wishes
Celebrate World Water Day On March 22nd

You probably don't spend much time thinking about water, despite it being a necessity in your daily life. Many of us don't. The United States is one of the largest consumers of freshwater resources on Earth, with the average American using between 80 and 100 gallons per day.

How Would You Like to Die? | VICE | United States

There have been some really fucked-up deaths in the last few weeks. First off, there was that naked guy who ate someone's face , then there was that guy who disemboweled himself and flung his innards at a policeman , and let's not forget the French porn actor who dismembered his lover and distributed the body parts through the mail.

Deaf Comedy Jam | VICE | United States

Photo by Diane Cohen Deaf comedy hasn't had a lot going for it ever since black people ran it into the ground in the 90s. There's that episode of Seinfeld where Rob Schneider pretends to be deaf, but that's kind of it, and I'm not sure deaf people think that counts.

Did This Teenage Brainiac Cure Cancer? | VICE | United States

Photo courtesy Jack Andraka Earlier this year, 15-year-old Jack Andraka entered the prestigious Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, submitting an invention that he hoped would help diagnose cancer. While developing his project, Jack had emailed numerous professors at the Johns Hopkins University to ask if he could use their labs as a workspace.

What's the Cheapest Way to Execute Evildoers? | VICE | United States

The USA loves three things: violent sports, adding more patties to burgers, and executing prisoners. Forty-three prisoners were put down last year, putting us behind only China, Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. Lethal injection-an odd way of killing someone that is not cruel or unusual at all, according to the courts-was the most popular form of capital punishment.

Tom Six, the 'Human Centipede' Director, Is 'Very Proud' of His Work | VICE | United States

Photo of Tom Six via Wikipedia user Nigeldehond Everyone has awful thoughts from time to time, fragments of fucked-up fantasies sloshing around in the seas of our subconscious. Most of us forget about these notions; we bury them because we don't want to be reviled for our secret sadism or even admit to ourselves that we've considered the logistics of, say, sewing someone's mouth to someone else's anus.