Dolores Rauter

Media and Communication Manager

Author and freelancer located in Berlin with a bachelor degree in classical music and a master degree in media and communication management.

The Culture Trip
Baltic Sea Philharmonic: The Ultimate Reason For An Orchestra To Exist

'There should be a reason for having an orchestra - not just to play music,' says Kristjan Järvi, internationally successful conductor and co-founder of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic. It's an orchestra that wants to bring not only beautiful music, but peace to a politically divided Baltic region, raise awareness of nature and create a platform for unity, change and innovation.


Discover The 'Beyond'

Lithuania at sunrise, somewhere on the shore of the Baltic Sea, on tour with the outstanding Baltic Sea Philharmonic Orchestra. An orchestra which set itself the task to not only play exceptionally well but connect nations and people especially in the Baltic region. Internationally famous conductor Kristjan Järvi is the driving energy-source behind the whole project and...

The Culture Trip
Parov Stelar: The Father Of Electro-Swing Live In Berlin

The master plays and the crowd moves. Not a single person was able to sit still at the rousing show electro-swing DJ Parov Stelar put on with his band Friday, 1 April 2016 at Max-Schmeling-Halle in Germany 's capital. The king of electro returned for a bombastic night in Berlin.

The Culture Trip
Nirvana Project: A Classic-Rock Mashup In An Abandoned Crematorium

Don't think that classical pianists can be rock stars? Think again. Or better, listen, to this outstanding, explosive and inspirational young artist in AyseDeniz Gokcin . Last Thursday (June 30th) the Turkish pianist gave a concert at the silent green Kulturquartier Berlin, to promote her newest album - Nirvana Project.

Golan - Concept Discovery Of The Week!

How did that happen? Sorry folks, who are strictly into classical music, but I can't help it. I just stumbled over these musicians and it simply snapped. Now before you wonder what happened, have a look at it. Isn't it so refreshing to actually see how the music evolve you are listening to?


The Culture Trip
Komische Oper Berlin: In Conversation With Star Baritone Dominik Köninger

Sitting down with Wigmore Hall Competition winner and opera star Dominik Köninger to chat about authenticity on stage, dying classical music and life saving actions, The Culture Trip Berlin explores music, the universe and everything in between with the Komische Oper's star baritone.


The Culture Trip
Discover The Underground Supper Clubs of Berlin

Berlin is famous for its underground scene, be it parties, art or music, so it does not come as a surprise that the most creative city in Germany has a thriving underground supper club scene.

This is a 'tuba'. -A what??? Featuring Andreas Martin Hofmeir

You can never imagine what Andreas Martin Hofmeir is able to do with a tuba. 2016 is getting started and is already at that early time full of surprises. I had the honor to travel with outstanding musician, teacher and creative Andreas Martin Hofmeir and get a glimpse into his professional life as a musician....

The Culture Trip
7 Hilarious Classical Music Videos

Dolores Rauter Published: Thought that classical music was for old and boring people? Think again. These videos are definite proof that classical musicians are everything else but draggy, buttoned-up and outmoded. Humor on the stage is not a recent phenomenon.