Mark Cantrell

Writer & Journalist

United Kingdom

A writer and journalist with some 15 years' experience working on B2B titles in print and online, writing news, features, set-piece interviews, political and social commentary. My work has covered housing, construction, technology, politics and public policy, business, industry and more.

Northern Housing
England’s failed state of housing is no place for kids

Whether they’re languishing in shipping containers dressed up as a ‘homes’ or trapped in overcrowded one-bed flats, children are paying a cruel price for a place in England’s failed state of housing.

Northern Housing
All talk and no housing?

Rumours of social housing’s resurrection have all-too-often been exaggerated, but lately we’ve seen a remarkable shift in tone. Could we finally be on the verge of a new beginning for a tenure that once dare not speak its name?

NFB Regional Review (North West)
Men need to get on board with gender equality

The second Inspire Summit in Manchester showed a strength of spirit and a determination to forge a more inclusive and diverse construction industry – but more men need to hear the message.

NFB Heritage & Traditional Building
Don’t throw the future out with the past

With the construction industry facing a critical skills gap, some might be tempted to regard conservation and restoration crafts as a luxury. Not so, says the NFB Heritage Group.

Master Builder
Computer says grow

SME builders need to make the most of information technology, same as any other business, if they want to grow.

Housing magazine
May the lady be for turning?

Once again, England's social housing sector found itself wondering how shifts in the political landscape would ultimately affect its lot.