Gabriel Swain

Award winning marketing strategist, innovator, and thought leader

Location icon United States

Marketing is in a state of transition. We've reached content saturation. Millennials are the largest consumer demographic. Success now requires a keen focus on the customer experience. I want to innovate and stay ahead of that curve. Existing best practices work today. But I plan to define new ones!

I specialize in:

• Dynamic Content/Copy Creation & Management
• Thought Leadership and Content Strategy
• User-Centric Messaging Development
• SEO and SEM Program Management
• Extensive Branding Experience
• Marketing Automation and CRM Systems Admin
• Stellar Research and Competitor Analysis Skills
• Strategic Website Mapping and Content Creation
• Editorial Function and Ad Placement
• Thorough Knowledge of CMS Management

Agile CRM Blog
[Blog] Marketing to millennials: How to prepare for the future

Did you know millennials spend 25 hours every week on online media? That's a significant exposure, which businesses may want to target. Find out some of the amazing tips for marketing to millennials and build a robust millennial marketing strategy.

Agile CRM
[Web Content] Digital Marketing Strategy

The idea of implementing a digital marketing strategy from scratch is daunting for most businesses, but it is particularly overwhelming for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Marketing techniques that worked in years past are no longer as effective as they once were, and smaller companies often feel out of their depth when they sit down to craft a digital marketing strategy. This guide will lead you through the process of creating a killer digital marketing strategy.

[eBook] Why Should You Care About Employee Engagement?

What is employee engagement? It can mean entirely different things to different audiences, and there are numerous, even contradictory definitions. In short, an engaged employee is one that feels a positive connection to her employer, which influences her to care more about the work she does and therefore put more effort into excelling at her work over the long term. Check out this best practices eBook to learn more... (I have multiple examples of eBooks such as this and I'm glad to share...

[Case Study] Berkshire Bank: Taking CRA Efforts to New Heights

Learn how Berkshire Bank streamlined their employee volunteer program to maximize participation and improve the bank's Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) score... (I have multiple examples of case studies such as this and I'm glad to share them upon request.)

[Brochure] GIFTS Online Blueprint

GIFTS Online Blueprint (MicroEdge's highly configurable grants management solution) helps you align your grantmaking software with your own internal processes, language, and user-specific needs. GIFTS Online Blueprint allows you to personalize your grants management system to match the way you work. Do you wish your grants management system spoke your organization’s language? Do you have different users in different roles that need to work in the system in different ways? With GIFTS Online...

[Infographic] The True ROI of Employee Engagement

We know how important an effective employee engagement program is to a company's success. It boosts workplace morale, increases employee retention, lets you share a powerful story with the community you support, and ultimately increases your bottom line. AngelPoints Volunteering will let you develop and evolve a powerful employee volunteer program and achieve all of this and more. Wondering how valuable this solution would be for your organization? How much money you would save by...

Please contact me if you would like additional samples of a particular type of piece.

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