Gabriel Swain

Award winning marketing strategist, innovator, and thought leader

United States

My Philosophy on Content Marketing:

Marketing is in a state of transition. We've reached content saturation. Millennials are the largest consumer demographic. Success now requires a focus on the customer experience. I find ways to stay ahead of these trends. Existing best practices work today. But I prefer to use my creativity and define NEW disruptive and innovative best practices.

Content marketing now must focus on the customer/prospect and their needs, goals, interests and challenges You must know them. You no longer boast about your amazing company. Now you research and understand the customer's needs. Then you educate them on trends and best practices that will help them best meet those needs--normally with technology and automaton software.

This leads to increased customer engagement, a better customer experience, higher levels of customer satisfaction, and faster revenue growth. If you don't produce original, valuable content, it will get lost in an abyss because we've reached content saturation. Produce content that stands out, or your content will not be read.

I specialize in:

• Content/Copy Creation & Management -- Content that differentiates you.
• Thought Leadership and Content Strategy
• User-Centric Messaging Development
• Social Media Management and Engagement
• SEO and SEM Program Management
• Brand Reputation Management and Brand Awareness Initiatives
• Marketing Automation and CRM Systems
• Strategic Website Mapping and Web Content Creation

[NOTE: I'm happy to send my resume upon request.]

Trends in America [The Council of State Governments]
Water Quality in the United States

Public policy briefing on the potential long-term impacts of increasingly pollute groundwater and waterways in the United States

[Press Release] Agile CRM Recognized as a Leader in the CRM Space

Agile CRM was recently ranked as the seventh most popular customer relationship management (CRM) solution by Capterra, a world-renowned business software review site. Capterra also ranked Agile CRM as one the top 20 most user-friendly CRM solutions.

[eBook] Why Should You Care About Employee Engagement?

What is employee engagement? It can mean entirely different things to different audiences, and there are numerous, even contradictory definitions. In short, an engaged employee is one that feels a positive connection to her employer, which influences her to care more about the work she does and therefore put more effort into excelling at her work over the long term. Check out this best practices eBook to learn more... (I have multiple examples of eBooks such as this and I'm glad to share...

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