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Hello! My name is Katie. I'm a creator who loves every intersection of culture that the world has to offer. I specialize in feature interviews and narrative non-fiction, as well as broadcast and copywriting.

Proving Grounds
UberShouts: Life's challenges were "the greatest opportunities to grow"

"You know, I don't think I've ever really told anyone this story," Mitch "Uber" Leslie says over the phone without missing a beat. The Overwatch League caster has become something of an esports folk hero. Uber has built himself from the bottom up, focusing on fostering honesty, integrity, and fun within the Overwatch scene.

The Stars Fall Away

It's 2019, and the laughter of Ted " Silkthread " Wang is easy and comforting. He says that I can call him Ted--that everyone calls him Ted--and follows it up with a chuckle. He's tired, you can hear it in the way the already soft laughter fades into a long breath.

A Take As Old As Time - A Dive Into NA LoL

"NA Bad Lul" is a time-honoured burn, a classic tale that deserves to be told in context. Let's start in the 1970s and 1980s, where post-war South Korea took a firm step into the future with a deliberate push to develop a nationwide telephone service.

The Game Haus
Overwatch League: Seoul Dynasty Season Preview * The Game Haus

The Seoul Dynasty entered the Overwatch League carrying the legacy of Lunatic-Hai, a team that had won back-to-back APEX Championships and was lauded globally for their impressive play. Season 1 did not see Seoul rise to the lofty expectations placed upon them. What will Season 2 hold for Seoul Dynasty and their newly-revamped roster?

The Game Haus
It's Bren Awhile * The Game Haus

Holding back his own laughter, Brennon " Bren " Hook tells the tale of how he tried to sneak himself into the Overwatch beta. A self-professed Blizzard fanboy since age 11, Bren saw Overwatch's announcement and knew he had to act. "I wanted to get involved in Overwatch straight away," he recalls.

"In a Dream You Saw A Way To Survive, and You Were Full of Joy"

There's a running joke about Park "Saebyeolbe" Jong-ryeol that was born sometime during the Overwatch League's Inaugural Season. His unbelievably clutch play had to come from some supernatural source, a secret power that eluded his fellow competitors. Fans came to the only logical conclusion they could: the Married Man Meta.

Laying To Rest The Things Still Breathing

It hasn't been the same for a while now, and I know that. The EnVyUs that I remember was gone a long time ago, before INTERNETHULK passed away. I know that logically, I just sort of...forget every so often. Dallas Fuel, built out of the storied history of EnVyUS, now bear a specter in my mind.

Why "mono." Matters to Me

"mono." was uncomfortable to listen to, resting heavy on an already difficult day. It made my heart give a dull ache the same way that it does when I look through Polaroids of old friends. "mono." touched my open wounds, the things I have been secreting away for weeks and months and years.