Ben Townsend

Science and Tech Writer

United Kingdom

Hei. I’m a science/tech writer with experience working for newspapers, magazines, cybersecurity platforms, and photonics publications. Right now, I provide technical copywriting and video scriptwriting services for global manufacturing and SaaS clients. Nice to meet you!


Science Journalism

Electro Optics
Under the spectroscope

A feature article reporting on three different spectroscopy projects from Denmark and China

The Independent
Thousands rally behind pioneering cancer researcher facing jail and deportation over UK visa...

A PhD student carrying out pioneering research into prostate cancer is facing jail in the UK because of an administrative error on her visa application. Mother-of-three Adriana Ortega-Zeifert, 39, originally from Mexico, failed to post the hard copies of the necessary documents to the Home Office in 2016, despite completing the relevant payments and forms online.

Technical blogs

Immersive Labs
New FIN7 Lab Series: Tool up against notorious global threat group

Earlier this year, a hacker found guilty for his 'high-level' involvement in a series of financially motivated cyberattacks received a ten-year jail sentence in Seattle. The Ukrainian national, Fedir Hladyr, was one of only three suspects arrested in 2018 that helped orchestrate thousands of network breaches against over 100 US companies, alongside the theft and sale of millions of customer card details and data records.

Video Scripts

Long form YouTube script

A script that I researched and wrote for a YouTube video explaining the downfall of MySpace.