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Ben Townsend

Freelance Journalist

Location icon United Kingdom

Hei, I'm a student journalist based in Manchester. I have written for The Independent, aAh! Magazine (Manchester Met), Backbench and The Beaver (LSE). I've also had work experience at Reuters, Canary Wharf.

You'll hear local and student news from me, including features, comment, interviews, reviews and investigative journalism.

Send me comments, stories, or death threats - I don't mind.

Contact: [email protected]

The Independent
Everything you need to know about surviving university accommodation

This is it. You've unloaded the car, navigated endless, winding corridors with twenty bags and a house plant in tow, survived a brief (perhaps tearful) farewell, and now you face the front door of your new university home. You slide your key into the lock. But then, you pause.

aAh! Magazine
Manchester's toxic air: what are we doing about it? | aAh! Magazine

Have you experienced any coughing fits recently? How about itchy eyes or an irritated nose? It might not just be hay fever. According to Clean Air Greater Manchester (GM), these can also be the effects of toxic air pollution - one of the biggest health risks in the city today.

Why I'm Voting... Green | Backbench

Finally, the wheels are in motion. Earlier this month, the United Nations published a monolithic report on something that shouldn't have needed rephrasing - that life on planet Earth is quickly being snuffed out.

aAh! Magazine
Richard III Review: A descent into royal insanity | aAh! Magazine

The claustrophobic set of Richard III is unnerving from the get-go. A sense of anticipation hangs over the theatre, as a lowly crown hovers centre stage, prophesying the turmoil soon to come, and a semi-circle of mirrors shimmer across a dark, foreboding backdrop.

Is the culture of witch trials returning to the West? | Backbench

"WITCH HUNT!", cried Donald Trump over Twitter back in January, as the frustratingly inconclusive Mueller investigation was approaching completion. The report, designed to sniff out suspected Russian influence over America's 2016 election, has provoked the bombastic President to deny collusion 55 times, according to the Week. But while Trump remains in the doghouse, it's possible his tweets aren't totally unfounded.

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