Samantha Cooper

Writer | Editor | Creative Person

United States

I'm a New York-based writer, editor, and general creative person who definitely did not, at 15, write her first play in comic sans. With positions that run the gamut through a range of sectors I've worked on it all. "It all" being scripts & creative writing, tv/movie synopses, technical process documents, and marketing and development communications to name a few. No matter the job title, I'm always using my writing skills to my advantage. I'm probably walking through a cemetery right now.


Creative Writing

Personal Substack
This'll Have to Do: a newsletter where I'm just tryping my best

This’ll Have to Do is personal essays, memoir, musings, photos, lists, probably some jokes, maybe some favorites, possibly a poem or play or two from me, Samantha Cooper. It’s a grab bag of topics! Should I be more focused? Nah, I have a lot of stuff to talk about.

Anchor FM Inc.
Invincible Ones (FULL version) by New Light Radio Dramas

All 6 episodes together for your uninterrupted enjoyment! Reeling from their best friend's death, a group of women face what their lives look like in the aftermath. In the wake of loss, they each attempt to answer seemingly unanswerable questions: Who will give the eulogy? Will they ever be able to live alone?

10-minute Play
The Woman American

Script writing sample in the form of a short play seen at Samuel French's Off-Off-Broadway Theatre Festival.