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Quia Bethea

Travel, Food and Culture Writer

Quia (pronounced kee-ah) is a freelance writer specializing in travel, lifestyle, and food. With interests in sustainability, diversity, and inclusion and a knack for culture-driven story-telling, she strives to share informative, inspirational and relatable content for travel, hospitality and lifestyle aficionados. You can view more of her work on Muck Rack:

Joan Gralla

General Assignment Reporter, Newsday

I adore breaking news, excel at finding the sources to do so and spotting holes in what's presented -- hopefully improving the outcome. It’s wonderful working with such a talented group excelling in so many areas, including video and graphics. No newcomers to SEO. My hope is my public service aims, starting with my Reuters Holocaust restitution series, will appeal to you. Researching, spotting a new angle -- and then writing as simply as possible to truly explain complex problems, from global warming to COVID-19, are some of my strong suits. Curiosity always serves me well. For Reuters, where I worked most of my career, I covered many financial markets; New York, NYC and states from Maine to Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas, reporting on all manner of policies, legislation and budgets. Breaking news with New York City's budgets was one strength. Covering 9/11 -- from the attack through the reconstruction -- later led me to report for Newsday about flawed safety gear provided often immigrant asbestos workers. For Reuters TV, I interviewed a few dozen governors, treasurers, mayors and the like; wrote companion stories; gave live reports. I've co-moderated Crain's Business Breakfast panels; spoken on journalism panels. A Loyola Law School public service fellowship was wonderful. Recently I was on "Crime Stories with Nancy Grace at 7 minutes, 29, 36, 39, 42, for example. At Reuters, I regularly led competitors covering precious metals, debt, equities and energy -- a highlight was the UN-Iraq oil-for-food talks, a lengthy assignment. My multi-year Holocaust series began when NYC axed a Swiss bank from a bond sale. Two days later that was a front page New York Times story; that wasn't the first; I've had to match them too. Local, national, such as the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, and global media often ran my stories outlining talks between advocates, governments, museums, rail roads, banks and insurers. I also put Reuters first with the U.S. EPA's demand NYC cleanse its water with a new plant the city said cost too much. That was a bit of a merry-go-round. A recent Newsday story about stiffer rules for wastewater plants benefited from my in-depth experience reporting on this problem. So did a story on the curtailed lives of the oysters planted in New York Harbor's restoration programs. Previous stints: Securities Week, Physicians Financial News, the Research Institute of America, The Wall Street Transcript. Thank you for considering me, Joan

Ivy Grace Sarmiento

Content Editor/Creative Writer, Artist and Art Enthusiast, Educator

For over a year, I have worked as a content editor; focusing on arts and culture, lifestyle, and home improvement. As a content editor, I am skilled in SEO and content management systems (CMS). I also had an experience in freelance creative writing. My works have been published on and in Art+. I have a degree in art studies with a minor in sociology from the University of the Philippines (Diliman) and a background in communication arts and campus journalism. Earlier this year, I completed a short teaching program at the University of the Philippines Open University. Feel free to send me a message for concerns and inquiries! (Note: I wrote the articles listed from during my time at the website/company. However, management revisions may change the author's name over time. You may contact me to request offline copies of my works.)


Dominic Rottman

The Armchair, Editorial Writer; Editorial Assistant, Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal

Writer and Editor. MA in Philosophy, BA in Philosophy and Political Science. Writer of critical essays for several years on a variety of platforms and subjects, equally passionate about refining others' critical voice. Always happy to find opportunities for growth in the art of composition. Follow my work at Contact me at [email protected]


Jason Rhys Parry

Senior Content R&D, Sapienship

Building refuges for thinking.

Julieta Galera


I´m Julieta Galera, from Argentina. I´m a freelance feminist journalist, specialising in human rights and social movements. I was the editor of Perspectiva Latinoamericana and Babel magazines. I collaborate with the portal Periodismo por venir (PPV); La Retaguardia magazine and the Rebelión portal, Acción Magazine, among other media.


Isabel Villarreal

Content Marketing Manager & Digital Marketing Specialist

I'm a Content Marketing Strategist and Digital Marketing Manager, with a hybrid background in Humanities, Journalism, and Business Development. I have written articles and stories about technology, finance, design, innovation, real state, travel, culture, and music. I love interviewing celebrities and SMEs. EN/SP.


Maurice Johnson

Educator/Thought Leader

Professor Maurice Johnson is an educator and researcher in the fields of media, communications and Hip Hop culture. He is a graduate of the Florida A&M University (FAMU) School of Journalism & Graphic Communication, earning a Bachelor of Science in Magazine Production. He later earned a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications at the Florida State University (FSU) College of Communication and Information with graduate certificates in both digital video production and project management. Johnson has served as a faculty member at both institutions, which are located in Tallahassee, Florida, and has also taught classes at Widener University, Southern New Hampshire University and West Virginia University. Academic Contact: [email protected] Business Contact: [email protected] Johnson is currently a doctoral candidate at the FAMU College of Education, earning a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership. His research focuses on the intersection of Hip Hop culture, urban schools and culturally responsive teaching and leadership. He is an accomplished journalism educator and was selected from a nationwide search to participate in the 2022 Solutions Journalism Educators Academy. He formerly served as faculty advisor to the award-winning college student newspaper, The Famuan, and advisor to the FAMU student chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ). Instagram: @novatheprofessor Twitter: @hiphopntheflesh Prof. Johnson has presented academic research at the East Carolina University Emerging Scholars Symposium, the Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience, the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting and was a featured speaker for the award-winning Leon County Library Lecture Series. His honors include being named a 2017 Omicron Delta Kappa Circle Chapter Leader of the Year, a 2016-17 Col. Bernard T. Hendricks Office of Student Activities Top Rattler Award for University Employee of the Year, a 2018 Golden A.C.E. Top 20 Under 40 Award for Journalism and more recently, he was named to the Florida A&M University Inaugural 40 Under 40 List. He is currently an Inaugural Propel Center HBCU Faculty Fellow, in which he is creating tech-enhanced approaches to promote learning and identifying opportunities for technology integration in learning environments and their surrounding communities.


Eric Song

Creative Writer, Technical Writer, Content Writer

An academic background political science and foreign affairs is what originally sent me to Central Asia (Mongolia, 2017-19 and Kazakhstan, 2020-23). I have returned home to America with new skills and a new direction for my career in the fields of writing, journalism, proofreading, editing, and storytelling. I am a skilled writer in both creative and technical capacities as a demonstrated, dependable and returning contractor for PricewaterhouseCoopers Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to proofread and contribute technical writing services to the external reports of third-party client companies.


Arbër Gashi

Writer, Researcher, Visual Storyteller.

Arber is a Writer, Researcher, Visual Storyteller, Events Producer and Curator based in London. He has a BA in History from Goldsmiths, University of London and a Master’s in Gender, Sexuality and Culture from Birkbeck, University of London. His research has looked at documenting the experiences of ethnic minority communities of Muslim faith in London. He has also extensively researched about Yugoslav Colonisation practices in Kosovo during the interwar period, and it's long-term effects on Kosovar society. Arber writes about a variety of subject areas, but is particularly focused on LGBT+ themes, Balkan heritage, diaspora experiences, and Kosovo’s historical and cultural expression. Arber explores his diverse diasporic identity through visual storytelling, and combines his written practice with other artistic mediums such as photography to poignantly convey his inner most thoughts and feelings. Arber is the founder of the digital educational platform Balkanism and co-founder of the events organisation the Balkan London Collective. Arber is open to collaborate with arts organisations, publications and collectives that align with his intentions and goals.