Dominic Rottman

The Armchair, Editorial Writer; Editorial Assistant, Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal

United States

Writer and Editor. MA in Philosophy, BA in Philosophy and Political Science. Writer of critical essays for several years on a variety of platforms and subjects, equally passionate about refining others' critical voice. Always happy to find opportunities for growth in the art of composition.

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Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal
Notes on Recent Works

A collection of the short blurbs I wrote on recent works received by the GFPJ.

The Climate in Florida

The place where culture and material conditions converge to ceate a situation where a wily and conniving stage magician can play the hero's part.

Flash is Fast, Flash is Cool

I've been on an 80's kick lately. Maybe all of the proclamations that this is "literally 1984" in response to things that are quite only metaphorically 1984 have seeped into my subconscious to the...

The Annihilation Industry

I'm minting this piece as an NFT so if you screenshot it I'm suing for 8 billion ETH.

Minneapolis Burning

The state demands the perpetual sacrifice of black blood. George Floyd was not the first and will not be the last.

The True Democracy

"We live in a republic, not a democracy," is a claim usually cited in America, though it applies to most other western countries as well. It is a claim said with approval by some, happy that the...

The Vanderbilt Hustler
ROTTMAN: When some beliefs are better

Let's begin with a simple thought experiment. Adam believes that no beliefs are better than others, while Sally believes that some beliefs are better than others. With whom do you agree? If you agree with Sally, you believe that some beliefs are better than others. If you agree with Adam, you still believe that some...