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Madeleine Chan


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A recent Simon Fraser University communication graduate who enjoys critiquing and commenting on the world through writing. Also likes to express their strong thoughts and feelings on music and entertainment media. Catch them plotting the downfall of media oligopolies.

Pride Month in comics should transcend rainbow-washing

It's the beginning of Pride Month, and companies are already rolling out their rainbows, plastering on a progressive air to drive sales. Alcohol businesses are selling rainbow bottles to an audience disproportionately by alcoholism. Large companies like AT&T have rainbowed their social media graphics while to anti-gay politicians.

Overachiever Magazine
Shang-Chi and Why I Am Excited for the Asian Community

To preface, this movie won't fix Marvel's long history of racism, white-washing, and lack of representation in their comics, company, and films by a long shot. Older comics are ripe with yellowface and orientalism, and recent comics aren't totally exempt from this either.

The Peak
Five non-Marvel and DC superhero comics to cleanse your palate

By: Madeleine Chan, Opinions Editor Superhero comics published by Marvel and DC are great . . . sometimes. Don't get me wrong, there are stellar comics that these companies produce, but they are still rife with inconsistent storytelling and prejudice, among a host of profit-over-people industry practices.

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We aren't safe with SFU's security

CW: Discussion of sexual assault, police brutality, death. Over the years, there have been increasing about the response of SFU Safety & Risk Services (SRS) to campus incidents. Most recently, the RCMP were on a Black alumnus, resulting in them being pepper sprayed, tazed in the head, and arrested.

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iDKHOW critiques convention with some good old-fashioned Razzmatazz

By: Madeleine Chan, Opinions Editor Concept albums are one of my favourite things in the world. I think artists that put in the effort to create a cohesive story throughout an album should be praised more for their ingenuity. So imagine my delight when I discovered a whole ass concept .

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The Vancouver Mural Festival continues to paint over its gentrification

By: Madeleine Chan, Staff Writer If you've taken a stroll in Vancouver's Mount Pleasant area, you may have noticed a concentration of colourful shapes, people, animals, and words covering some of the walls. That's because it's the city's hub for murals and mural makers, and also where the Vancouver Mural Festival (VMF) has been held every year since 2016.

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Canada isn't the moral haven some want to claim it is

By: Madeleine Chan, Staff Writer A few weeks ago, #MeanwhileInCanada was trending on Twitter with people comparing the anti-racism protests (fronted by George Floyd's murder) to the supposed non-existence of similar racialized police violence in Canada.

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Companies shouldn't be exploiting tragedies to generate profits

By: Madeleine Chan, Staff Writer "In these unprecedented times," "We're all in this together," "Now more than ever," and "Our hearts go out to those affected," are all phrases I've seen recently in advertisements that make me want to scream. As a keen critic of commercialism, I'm used to seeing companies use current events to their advantage.

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Dear Evan Hansen was a wondrous spectacle and musical delight

by Madeleine Chan, Staff Writer Dear Evan Hansen rolled into town a few weeks ago, and I was ecstatic. If you weren't wistfully staring out a window while listening to this musical's top track "Waving Through a Window" in 2017, then I don't know what you were doing.

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Monday Music: Songs to dismantle the establishment to

by Madeleine Chan, Staff Writer When I think of the phrase "fuck the government" in relation to music, I think of punk rock bands like Green Day, The Clash, Dead Kennedys, and Bikini Kill that have strong anti-establishment messages sung with chaotic melodies and rhythms. But there are many other songs that wouldn't be considered typical thrashing "punk" that still contain the spirit and essence of going against mainstream notions.

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