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Afternoon at McBurger's review: A surreal slice-of-life

When you turned 11, did you go to a fast food chain to order a Once Party meal for a chance to win a glimpse of one of three moments of your future for five minutes? The protagonists of Fantagraphics' book Afternoon at McBurger's Nuria, Pepa, and Dani did.

Eternals review: The MCU can't escape itself

Eternals is being positioned as the Marvel Cinematic Universe's (MCU) most unique film to date. Touting a large, diverse cast and grounded visuals, seems like a turning point for the MCU. There are myriad reviews out there slamming the film for being too busy or not behaving like a Marvel movie, but I found the film enjoyable - mostly because it didn't completely behave like an MCU film.

Shang-Chi Isn't Watershed Representation, It's a Stepping Stone

Currently, over $200 million domestically, making it the a "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings- the first Hollywood superhero film with an Asian lead and full Asian cast has . It's also had rave reviews from critics and fans alike, with a Rotten Tomatoes pandemic era's biggest hit to date score of 92% and an audience score of 98%.

Why I hate (and love) the Marvel Cinematic Universe

I used to measure my years by the release of Marvel movies. Counting the days until the next instalment, I would try to imagine what astonishing direction the universe would go in next. As a result, a large portion of my teenage years was occupied with daydreams of fantastical powers and possibilities.

Blame Marvel Execs, Not Creators, For Lack Of Representation

It was an unprecedented move by Marvel Studios. In the third episode of the Disney+ show Loki, the titular character was asked if he had been with any princesses or "perhaps, another prince." He responded with "a bit of both." It appeared he was openly confirming his comic counterpart's bisexual identity - a first for a Marvel main character.

Drezus and Dakota Bear collab doesn't run in "Circles"

by Madeleine Chan Indigenous Music Awards winner and JUNO nominee Drezus has teamed up with fellow Nehiyaw hip-hop artist and activist Dakota Bear for their latest single "Circles." Following recent singles "Bless" and "Setbacks" from Drezus and Dakota Bear respectively, "Circles" is the kind of song you want when you're chilling with your friends and...

Pride Month in comics should transcend rainbow-washing

It's the beginning of Pride Month, and companies are already rolling out their rainbows, plastering on a progressive air to drive sales. Alcohol businesses are selling rainbow bottles to an audience disproportionately by alcoholism. Large companies like AT&T have rainbowed their social media graphics while to anti-gay politicians.

Overachiever Magazine
Shang-Chi and Why I Am Excited for the Asian Community

To preface, this movie won't fix Marvel's long history of racism, white-washing, and lack of representation in their comics, company, and films by a long shot. Older comics are ripe with yellowface and orientalism, and recent comics aren't totally exempt from this either.

The Peak
The Vancouver Mural Festival continues to paint over its gentrification

By: Madeleine Chan, Staff Writer If you've taken a stroll in Vancouver's Mount Pleasant area, you may have noticed a concentration of colourful shapes, people, animals, and words covering some of the walls. That's because it's the city's hub for murals and mural makers, and also where the Vancouver Mural Festival (VMF) has been held every year since 2016.

The Peak
Canada isn't the moral haven some want to claim it is

By: Madeleine Chan, Staff Writer A few weeks ago, #MeanwhileInCanada was trending on Twitter with people comparing the anti-racism protests (fronted by George Floyd's murder) to the supposed non-existence of similar racialized police violence in Canada.