Martina Bonaventura

Marketing and Content Editor

United Kingdom

Graduated in Hospitality and Tourism Management in 2019, having a background in cultural tourism and hailing from Venice, Italy. After settling down in the UK she has achieved further qualifications in Events planning, Travel and Tourism, Marketing and Google analytics. She has a strong interest in art, cultural tourism, tourism sustainability, health and science.


Health & Science

Mental Health: How companies can support homeworkers during the Lockdown |

Positive mental health has become extremely important for an organisation, and the promotion of a healthy work environment impacts employees performance and work-related well-being. Therefore, what happens if an unexpected event breaks through the company management? After the severe acute respiratory syndrome 2 (SARS-CoV-2) outbreak in late December spreading in every country, it has altered livelihood generating psychological consequences.

Music alongside the fight against the Asbestos Mesothelioma disease |

In Italy despite the law 257 of 1992, which has prohibited the extraction, import, processing or use of the asbestos, there are still 40.000.000 tons of materials containing it, and about 1.050.000 sites and microsites of national interest are still waiting to be reclaimed. The Sicilian rapper Picciotto has been committing himself for years to...

How to prevent back pain while working from home

Lumbago or commonly called back pain or lower back pain is derived from symptoms that involve nerves, muscle, the spine, discs or ligaments. Back pain can affect everyone at any age, but the older, the more chances to be affected are high, as the process of osteoporosis may also lead to increasing the problem.

Tourism, Hospitality & Culture

How are Uk restaurants responding to Covid-19? Monti Restaurant Interview |

It's been a rough period for restaurants and pubs. While the rebound is still slow, the last announcement has not seemed to brighten in the dark. Although the restaurant industry was already struggling during the pre-pandemic, the current situation has not helped. Enforcing closures and restrictions have constrained many restaurants to rely on home delivery...

Covid19 Tech Trends: how hospitality and tourism industries are changing |

Technology in the tourism field has always been disruptive, recently it has increased its implementation. Contact-less communications, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) have developed to be at the forefront of the future post-pandemic. Therefore, as we all know, tourism is a dynamic sector where political, economic and social factors can determine a destination, service or product.

COVID-19 marketing trends for ‘the new normal’ in the Hotel Industry

t is now more important than ever to make the guests’ journey as satisfying, enjoyable and safe as possible, including ranking the competitors while having more success within the market and new trends. Hence hoteliers need to reassure people during the pre and booking process, starting with an effective hotel marketing approach. To explain, hotel marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses a range of strategies to promote the business and attract potential guests and customers alike...

Mulino del Ronzone: a cultural revival in Leonardo Da Vinci lands |

In Vinci, a town in the outskirts of Florence, thanks to the cultural association SUONAMIDITE Onlus, a significant project is blooming: the Mulino del Ronzone, Art and Music Production Centre as a coworking residential site. Already restructured and refurbished with low-environmental construction systems, it is located in lands that used to be owned by Ser...