Nia Howe-Smith

Writer & Producer

United States

Nia is a writer/producer, pop culture obsessive, and native New Yorker. She is currently an Associate Producer at NBCUniversal. Nia has never met a pastrami sandwich she didn't like.

Resident Alien Season 3 VFX Tour

A behind-the-scenes look at how the props, makeup, and visual effects teams collaborate to bring the world of "Resident Alien" to life.

Resident Alien Season 2 Mystery Recap

This “Law & Order” themed recap of “Resident Alien” season 2 provides a primer for fans ahead of season 3, and pokes fun at the titular alien’s in-universe love of the classic crime drama.

Resident Alien Season 1&2 Recap

Narrated by “Resident Alien” star Alan Tudyk, this in-character series recap sets the scene for season 3 with all the alien humor fans of the show have come to know and love.

Prosecuting Evil with Kelly Siegler

Ex-Prosecutor Kelly Siegler returns, in her second show for the network, this time breaking down adjudicated landmark Texas murder cases from initial investigation through to trial.

Snapped CrimeCon Panel Reel

Shot at CrimeCon 2022 and screened at CrimeCon 2023, this love letter to Oxygen-mainstay "Snapped" combines interviews with convention-goers and show footage to highlight why this show remains #1 on the network.

Buried in the Backyard Press Trailer

When human remains are uncovered, investigators get to work determining the victim's identity, talking to loved ones, and establishing motive.

Blood & Money Launch

Dick Wolf enters the True Crime sphere with "Blood & Money": Police, journalists, friends & associates recount the money-motivated murders that captured national attention.

Cold Justice Press Trailer

Former Harris County, Texas Prosecutor Kelly Siegler is invited by local authorities to re-investigate cold murder cases, in the hopes of bringing justice to the victims and providing answers to their families.

Oxygen on Tiktok
Snapped in a Snap

This weekly, TikTok-exclusive series takes Oxygen-favorite "Snapped" and boils down episodes to 1-minute explainers. Exposing the nearly 20 year-old hit show to a younger generation of True Crime fanatics.

Nickelodeon's Weekend Catch Up

Weekend Catch Up is a weekly on-air spot calling out new episodes of current shows and pushing to Nickelodeon's DVR/On Demand viewing.

Covid-19 Response

This on-air spot was produced in the early days of the Coronavirus pandemic, encouraging kids to practice good hygiene and keep each other safe.

Nickelodeon Halloween Anthem 2020: "Happy HallowScream"

Nickelodeon's annual Halloween Anthem parodies a popular song (in this case, The Weeknd's "Blinded by the Lights"), transforming the lyrics to call out the brand's spooky-centric programming. Produced in the throes of Covid-19, this spot combines Halloween-themed show clips with footage of talent from an 100% remote shoot.

AAPI Heritage Month 2020

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and this on-air spot gathers Nick & Nick Jr. talent to highlight the unique diversity of the many countries and cultures of AAPI folks.

Women's History Month 2020

In celebration of Women's History Month, the cast of "All That" introduces viewers to Women's Suffrage and gives a short primer on how the 19th Amendment came to be.
Nia Howe-Smith

A collection of articles written for Entertainment Weekly.

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Movie Rewind: "The Trip"

An opinion piece examining the heavily improvised 2010 comedy film, "The Trip".

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"Dear White People" & The Black History Question

An editorial inspired by Justin Simien's 2014 debut film that considers how Blackness is viewed and portrayed in the media, against the backdrop of Black History Month.

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Happy Halloween: "Creepshow" & "Creepshow 2"

An editorial on 1982’s "Creepshow" (and the 1987 sequel), a collaboration between horror masters Stephen King and director George A. Romero, embodying all things freakish, frightening, & campy in true Halloween fashion.