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Max Opray

Freelance Journalist

Multi-award-winning journalist whose clients include the Guardian, The Saturday Paper, VICE, The New Daily, InDaily, Fairfax Media, CityMag and Projectory. Contact via [email protected]

Elvira Truglia

Writer, Editor, Journalist, Multimedia Producer & Communications Specialist

Extensive experience in content development, communications and social media strategy, multimedia and print resource production, public engagement, training & facilitation, and program/project staff management.

Giovanna Beltrão

Jornalista de Cultura | Produtora de Conteúdo para Web | Pesquisadora

Sou jornalista formada pela UFG, Mestra em Jornalismo pelo Programa de Pós-Graduação em Jornalismo (Posjor/UFSC) e estou cursando Especialização em Processos e Produtos Criativos na Faculdade de Artes Visuais (FAV/UFG). Pesquiso as interações estéticas entre a fotografia e o texto escrito no Jornalismo Cultural e formas variadas de Storytelling. Devido à especialização em Processos e Produtos Criativos, passei a estudar, também, sobre Design e Economia Criativa. Áreas de interesse para trabalho: jornalismo cultural [impresso, revistas e web], produção de conteúdo, revisão e tradução de texto do/para o inglês. E-mail: [email protected]

Miranda Hale

Freelance Writer/Editor and Educator

Hi! 👋 I’m Miranda. I’m a writer, editor, and a teacher/tutor/writing consultant. I have an M.A. in English Language and Literature, a Certificate in Teaching College Writing, a Professional Editing Certificate, multiple certificates in Business Writing, & additional relevant professional certificates. My writing experience is extensive & diverse. I’ve written for various websites, publications, agencies, businesses, & clients. I specialize in copywriting, particularly persuasive marketing copy. In doing so, I make use of my knowledge of effective methods of persuasion gained from my academic research & from my experience teaching persuasive writing. I also have extensive editing experience, including copy editing, line editing, & developmental editing. As a teacher/tutor, I undertake careful editing of the writing my students need assistance with. Additionally, I’ve completed many editing assignments for agencies, for businesses, for individuals, & for authors who need pre-publication editorial assistance with their book manuscripts. More information about my experience, education, skills, publications, & certifications is available on my LinkedIn profile and on my resume (see links below). Please free to get in touch if you're interested in my freelancing services, if you have an opportunity to share, or for any other reason. I'd love to hear from you.


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Elaine Carvalho

Jornalista Freelancer

Depois de 15 anos a escrever, contar histórias, fazendo reportagens e conteúdos diversos para revistas e outras mídias, foi preciso uma pausa. Deixei o Brasil e fui para a Irlanda, respirar outros ares, viver novas experiências, trabalhar em outra área, falar outro idioma. Hoje vivo em Portugal, terra dos meus bisavós. Renovada, estou ávida para desvendar esse pais e continuar contando histórias, no Porto, onde moro, e fora dele. Abaixo, um panorama dos trabalhos que desenvolvi anteriormente e de temas com os quais tenho bastante afinidade, como sustentabilidade, bem-estar, cultura e cidades. Saiba mais em: => Contactos: => +351- 937 951 611 => [email protected]


Jon Powell

Writer-Copywriter-Communications Coordinator-Social Media Manager-Blogger

If it's words you want, you're looking at your "guy." Press releases, social media, blog posts, reviews, corporate newsletter pieces, email marketing, internal and external name it, I can do it...and do it exceptionally well. I earned a Bachelor's degree in communications from North Central College and an Associate's degree in journalism from the College of DuPage. I have excelled as as a Content Manager for a social media marketing firm and as a Communications Director for and educational corporation. I am willing to step-up to the challenge of any format. Versatility is my middle name (actually it's Cornell, but how cool would "Jon VERSATILITY Powell" sound?).

United States of America

Daisy Sells

Contributing editor at Large

I am passionate about the freedom and evolution of the print and digital collaborations learning from an inspiring collection of writers, experiences and titles. Currently exploring and questioning the world around me from Lyon and Iceland to and Turner Prize to Pride13. I am somewhat unconventional, occasionally controversial, doggedly determined and infuriatingly curious. #London #travel #fashion #lifestyle #music #art #culture #news #hackforhire. @TrendPriveMag @macedigital @noctismag @clicdigitaluk @TheNewsHub @frukmagazine @RuckLondon @urbanwatchmag @plus_minus_mag @defuzemag @pharoslondon @writingtimesmag


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Mark O'Brien


News Reporter for Dublin Gazette Features Writer for Travel Ireland Magazine Contact me: mark_obrien[at]hotmail[dot]com

Britt Thorson

Assistant Editor of Seattle Refined

Britt is the Assistant Editor and a writer at Seattle Refined. She mainly covers the all-encompassing Lifestyle section, but can occasionally be found in Travel and Fashion as well. Britt is a passionate Seattleite who loves to write, talk, eat and sleep (among some other things). She left this wonderful city for college at USC, and quickly moved back to the Pacific NorthBest as soon as she graduated. She’s a little obsessed and will defend this city to the death (it doesn't actually rain that much here! Chicago and NYC get more than us each year! Geez.) 
An all around communications junkie, Britt’s dabbled in broadcast journalism, radio, talent publicity, weeklies, and strategic planning firms. Outside of writing, her passions are kids and animals - she volunteers with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and spends ridiculous amounts of time cuddling with her dog Bella. When Britt isn’t talking or typing, she’s probably watching Law and Order: SVU, trying to get friends to go out dancing, or hauling away on the elliptical.

United States of America

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Tiffanie Wen

Writing about culture, travel, food, psychology, health, tech and fascinating people/things.

"Experimentality" columnist at BBC Future. Award-winning writer. Freelancing for The BBC, The Atlantic, Timeline, The Daily Beast, DAM, New Hampshire Magazine, Firebrand titles and others as I split my time between New Hampshire and San Francisco. Please find a few clips below. Thanks for reading!

United States of America

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