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As a seasoned wordsmith with 15 years of experience in Singapore's media scene, I'm a master of crafting captivating content that hits all the right notes. My passions are as diverse as they are exciting, ranging from tech and environmentalism to hospitality, travel, and the colorful characters that make our world go round.

Whether I'm jet-setting around the globe or glued to the latest TV shows, I'm always on the hunt for fresh perspectives and creative inspiration. With a versatile skill set honed in both PR and media, I'm equally at home in the spotlight or behind the scenes. And with a flexible, easy-going approach, I'm the perfect collaborator for any project.

If you are interested in exploring a collaborative endeavor, please email me: hazeljlazarus[at]gmail.com

The Edge Malaysia
Sustainability: Data centre evolution embraces sustainability

Advancements in the digital world have led to an increase in the number of data centres, but their colossal energy demands and environmental impact call for an urgent transformation. With Malaysia offering 5G coverage, data centres are poised for a significant evolution in a few key areas, says K...

The Edge Malaysia
Edutech: Accessible, dynamic learning for all

Education technology, or edutech, in Malaysia is experiencing a dynamic phase, characterised by both rapid growth and the need for continuous adaptation. The burgeoning landscape of edutech has propelled advancements, yet new trends are steering this sector towards innovative transformations. As ...

The Edge Malaysia
Cybersecurity: Building ransomware resilience

In recent years, ransomware has surged as a pervasive global threat, infiltrating networks, disrupting operations and extorting millions from individuals and organisations. Its exponential growth has sparked widespread concern among cybersecurity experts and governments, highlighting the need for...

The Edge Malaysia
Manufacturing: Robotic revolution to address workforce challenges

The workforce landscape has undergone significant changes post-pandemic, marked by a shortage of both skilled and non-skilled workers. Industries are facing challenges in finding willing individuals for demanding roles in factories and warehouses due to various factors, including the appeal of re...

The Edge Malaysia
Maybank Asset Management spots investing opportunities in ESG

Maybank Asset Management Sdn Bhd (Maybank AM) bagged three awards at The Edge Malaysia ESG Awards 2023. The MAMG Global Environment Fund (MGEF) won gold in the best overall fund and the best equity fund categories, while the Maybank Global Sustainable Technology Fund (MGSTF) won silver in the best low carbon award category.

The Edge Malaysia
AHAM eager to promote ESG and SRI funds

The AHAM ESG SGD Bond Fund (formerly known as Affin Hwang SGD Bond Fund) took home the gold award in the best fixed income fund category for the second year in a row at The Edge Malaysia ESG Awards 2023.

The Edge Malaysia
Ecosystem: Revolutionising tech trends

From revolutionary smartphones that set new industry standards to cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality and connectivity, Samsung has emerged as a trailblazer in innovation.

The Edge Malaysia
Into The Future: Accelerating towards a greener future

Whenever there is talk about the emergence of self-driving or autonomous vehicles (AVs), it often elicits a range of emotions, combining both excitement and apprehension, as individuals grapple with the idea of surrendering control to artificial intelligence.

The Edge Malaysia
Collaboration: A leading force in EV revolution

Malaysia has initiated ambitious plans to boost the national demand for electric vehicles (EVs), which include significant investments in charging infrastructure development, financial incentives for EV adoption and supportive policies.

The Edge Malaysia
Edutech gets second wind with digital twin program

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, educational technology (edutech) companies swooped in like superheroes to save the day, keeping education going while schools remained closed.

What's Left Unsaid S2
If I'm Adopted, Can I Still Fit In The Family?

Even in our more "woke" society, it seems that there is still a negative attitude towards disclosing the status of being an adopted child or a parent of an adopted child. The perception is that they may be afraid of facing judgement from their peers or feel less than. Is this really the case?

Digital Edge, The Edge Malaysia
Collaborating to inspire innovation

South Korea may be renowned for its K-pop and technology prowess but, recently, it has also been making waves as a thriving global business hub.

Sassy Mama
"I Found Out I Was Adopted at 33. Here's Why I Wish My Parents Had Told Me Earlier"

I've often heard people say that some of the most honest conversations they've ever had in their lives were in a parked car in the middle of the night. It makes me chuckle now because I'd like to tell you just how one such conversation - a.k.a Armageddon - on a chilly Saturday night changed my life permanently.

Sassy Mama
Where to Get Birthday Party Decorations, Helium Balloons & Party Supplies in Singapore

Whether you're throwing a birthday party, baby shower, or a gathering for a special occasion with the fam, you're bound to need some quality partyware. We've got an easy-to-browse list of party shops with awesome party supplies in Singapore where you'll find a wide variety of themed party supplies, decorations and helium balloons for any occasion.

Sassy Mama
Palawan Sands: Sentosa's Palawan Beach is Getting a New Family-Friendly Playground

Singapore's a great place to be if you've got kids; after all, the island is home to lifestyle and entertainment precinct' at Palawan Beach on Sentosa Island, Palawan Sands is the brainchild of the Shangri-La Group, and is designed to be a fun, new beach playground with loads of activities for the whole family.

Sassy Mama
Where to Go for Gelato & Ice Cream in Singapore

Singapore's tropical weather is always a plus, but sometimes, we all need a little help to beat the heat. And there's really no better way to do that than with a delicious scoop of ice cream or gelato. Wondering where to go for a cold, creamy cone or waffle bowl?

Sassy Mama
Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park in Malaysia Opens!

Thinking of taking advantage of the VTL arrangement between Singapore and Malaysia for your next family getaway? If you love theme parks like Universal Studios Singapore and Legoland (Malaysia), then you'll want to know about the next big theme park to open come 8 February 2022...the Genting SkyWorlds theme park in the Genting Highlands!

Sassy Mama
Where to Go for Steamboat and Hot Pot in Singapore

Said to have originated in Mongolia before spreading to China, steamboat or hot pot meals are a popular staple in many Asian countries. Hot pot in Singapore is almost a way of life, and is one of the island's biggest culinary highlights.

Sassy Mama
Psychology Blossom Review: What I Learnt in Therapy as a Brown Woman

Many Asian women are raised to be seen and not heard. We're told from an early age that our behaviour is a reflection of the family's honour, and that family always comes first. My parents ran a semi-conservative but strict Indian household, and my relationship with them and my elder brother wasn't always the easiest - or the happiest.

Going Places by Malaysia Airlines
A perfect day in Seberang Perai - Going Places by Malaysia Airlines

In partnership with Penang Tourism Formerly known as Province Wellesley by the British, Seberang Perai is often credited as the spark behind Penang's rapid economic and commercial growth. Comprising several small towns - Butterworth being its main draw - this mainland is known for its agricultural output, bustling retail scene and idyllic sights.

Sassy Mama
16 Best Korean BBQ Restaurants in Singapore

Singapore is one of Asia's best dining hubs simply because of the sheer variety of global cuisines you'll find here. One popular offering you'll find is the ubiquitous Korean BBQ restaurant. This communal dining option is perfect for big groups, and requires you to grill your own meats over a gas or charcoal grill that's built into the table or on a portable stove.

Sassy Mama
Wish Journey of an 18-Year-Old with Cerebral Palsy: Cindy Wong & Daughter Hillary

Cindy Wong's daughter, Hillary, weighed only 2kg when she was born in June 2003 following a full-term pregnancy. At the time, it didn't occur to Cindy that Hillary might have a medical condition, which was something she only realised when she noticed that Hillary was unable to do the same things that other babies her age did.

Sassy Mama
Family Friendly Halloween Movies for Kids: Young Kids to Older Kids

All tired out from going trick-or-treating this year? Then decorate the house, whipped up a bunch of tasty treats and curl up in front of the telly with the kids with an awesome Halloween movie or two! There are plenty of classics on the list, plus new, must-watch films that every age group will love.

Sassy Mama
How Helpers and Kids Can Make Cashless Payments in Singapore

Have you ever scrambled to find cash at home or had to go out to search for an ATM when your child runs out of money or when your helper needs to do a grocery run? Now, you can skip all that hassle and let your child or helper go entirely cashless!

Sassy Mama
Where to Rent & Buy Winter Wear in Singapore

Now that Singapore is opening up more VTL lanes for year-end holidays, you may be considering going abroad to see family or perhaps you're escaping for ski season. You're going to want to invest in quality winter wear in Singapore - especially if your existing winter clothes are in need of an upgrade.

Going Places by Malaysia Airlines
The Phuket Sandbox 7+7 Extension is now in effect - Going Places by Malaysia Airlines

Thailand's pioneering tourism programme just got even bigger, including more of its stunning southern islands In partnership with Tourism Authority of Thailand Since July, our fair neighbour to the north has been pioneering new protocol for reopening its most famous island destinations to vaccinated international travellers.

Sassy Mama
Best Children's Books Written by Hollywood Celebrities

Thinking of padding your child's bookshelf with a few good reads? Or maybe you just want something new to read aloud to your kids before bedtime. We've got you covered with our shortlist of fun children's books. You won't find any Enid Blyton or Roald Dahl here though; instead, our booklist comprises children's books written entirely by some of Hollywood's most famous faces!

A heritage jewellery brand's bold new campaign

Jewellery has always been integral to Pamela Seow's career. After all, the scion of the Poh Heng Jewellery empire has been in the business since she was a teenager - she's the granddaughter of founder Chng Tok Ngam.

Sassy Mama
Done with Squid Game? 16 Other Korean Dramas on Netflix & Viu

Melodrama, intriguing mythology, social culture, and hot Oppas with better skin than most women are just some of the reasons why Korean dramas on Netflix and Viu are a hit. If you're not already on the K-drama train, get ready to hop on board with our handy guide to some of the best Korean dramas on Netflix and Viu.

Sassy Mama
Where to Buy Cute Christmas Pyjamas for the Whole Family

One of the best things about Christmas with the kids is being able to set fun family traditions together, whether it's decorating the Christmas tree, baking cookies together or opening presents on Christmas morning with matching holiday jammies. This year, order your Christmas pyjamas early because international delivery from certain countries is still affected by Covid delays.

Book a table at one of these 7 newly minted Michelin-starred restaurants in Singapore

With a multitude of cuisines available at every price point, from hawker stall to fine-dining restaurant, Singapore is a veritable food destination. It's little surprise then that the Red Dot now has 44 restaurants with Michelin stars. In the recent 2019 edition of the revered food guide, several new restaurants were added to the list.

Island Living - The Samui Way of Life

With private beaches, sun-soaked pool villas and its own swim reef, The Ritz-Carlton’s latest escape on Koh Samui raises the bar for luxury.

Robb Report Singapore
Paving the Way

What does it take to be a true industry leader? These three experts spill the beans.

Robb Report Singapore
Liquid Awakening

Cognac was rarely the tipple of choice for younger drinkers, but it’s slowly experiencing a renaissance and carving a new niche for itself.

Robb Report Singapore
Design Wonderland/Penthouse Playbook

Robb Butler gives us his take on what happened at the launch party of Concourse Skyline Penthouse by Robb Report by allowing us to reproduce a page from his personal journal.

Robb Report Singapore
SIFA 2019: Theatre, interactive art exhibitions and music performances to catch

As one of Singapore's premiere arts festivals, the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) has never shied away from thought-provoking performances that feature a diverse cast and explore often-taboo subjects. This year is no different, as the island's thriving arts scene is once again thrust into the limelight for SIFA's 42nd edition.

Robb Report Singapore
High Spirits

These unconventional boozy options are breaking tradition and stirring up the cocktail scene across the world.

Robb Report Singapore
Interview with Parisian glass artist Nathalie Ziegler Pasqua

Mention the name 'Nathalie Ziegler Pasqua' to any in-the-know decor enthusiast, and you'll probably be greeted with a big smile. And it's not hard to understand why, because the artist's stunning glass lighting creations are giving new meaning to the word bespoke.

Robb Report Singapore
The Write Instrument

The pen isn’t just mightier than the sword, it’s also proving to be mightier than digital technology.

Robb Report Singapore
Liquid Gold

Customised wine labels have existed for a while, but what about the liquid itself ? Lebua Hotels & Resorts’ Bangkok outpost kickstarts the trend with the creation of a special, bespoke Perrier-Jouët bubbly.

Robb Report Singapore
Dubai Calling

In 2018, Dubai saw the opening of 1,109 restaurants. But is this flourishing foodie hub really worthy of all the hype? Celebrity chef Gary Rhodes shares all.

Robb Report Singapore
Treat Your Skin

Exfoliation, moisturisation, fillers, sun protection – if this jargon isn’t already in your vocabulary, it’s time to get with the skincare programme.

Robb Report Singapore
Wonder, Wander

Long before wellness and sustainability became mainstream concepts, luxury hospitality group Six Senses was already ahead of the curve. CEO Neil Jacobs shares how the brand continues to stick to this ethos in an urban landscape.

Robb Report Singapore
Who, What, Wear?

Who said you need to invest in an entirely new wardrobe to be a 21st-century sartorial savant? We have you covered with this easy guide to effortless style.

Robb Report Singapore
Samsung celebrates the 10th anniversary of its Galaxy smartphone series in Singapore

At a time when technology advances at dizzying speeds, only a few years separate those who can't imagine life without a sleek smartphone from those who remember Asian companies as manufacturers of bargain-basement products. However, one company has successfully broken through this limiting perception to emerge as one of the world's innovation leaders in smartphone technology.

Robb Report Singapore
Interview with PengWine co-founder Chris Milliken

A chef by profession, Chris Milliken had taken wine appreciation classes and regularly served fine wines with his signature dishes. However, the American never truly appreciated wines... until the day he met co-founder Max Eyzaguirre at a barbecue.

Robb Report Singapore
i Light Singapore 2019: Programme lineup, dates and highlights | Robb Report Singapore

Art and culture play a huge role in shaping Singapore's creative fabric, and it can't be denied that there's plenty of art to enjoy here, be it travelling exhibits at local museums, signature art events like Singapore Art Week, and even signature art districts such as Gillman Barracks that house some of the region's best galleries and art collections.

Robb Report Singapore
Orient Express Hotel at King Power Mahanakhon will open this year

The Orient Express trains were famous for the highest standards of fine craftsmanship, the newest innovations and the most exquisite dining. In 2019, it's getting a new phase of life in the form of a hotel in Thailand's bustling capital.

Robb Report Singapore
Borsa Vini Italiani introduces red and white wine selections from 20 wine regions in Italy

Italian wine is no stranger to Singapore and you'll likely order a glass at Italian restaurants or pick up bottles at retail stores and supermarkets. However, despite being the largest wine producer in the world (Spain and France come in second and third respectively), dominating at least one-third of global wine production, Italian wines still remain shockingly under-represented in Singapore.

Robb Report Singapore
The Abu Dhabi Edition Hotel opens on Al Bateen in the UAE

Opulence isn't just a buzzword when you're in the UAE. There, it's a way of life. After all, this is the country where the police use Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bentleys to catch criminals, travellers can soak in the swimming pool at the Dubai airport while in transit, skyscrapers are found at every corner and ATM machines dispense one-ounce gold bars.

The Finder Singapore
Advertorial: Spotlight On - GPA Dental

Some dentists may recommend extracting a wisdom tooth, even if it’s not hurting you. But do you really need to undergo surgery to remove it?

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