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Residents rally to support local boy with rare disease - Dublin Gazette Newspapers - Dublin News,...

Lucan residents are uniting to create a "Blanket of Love" for a young boy who is suffering from a rare degenerative condition. Eoin McStravick Sloan (6) from Finnstown was diagnosed with Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD) in October last year. The disease, which has no cure, affects motor functions and can lead to a loss of hearing and sight.

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'My nine-year-old boy is being denied an education' - Dublin Gazette Newspapers - Dublin News,...

A Blanchardstown mother whose son suffers from behavioural difficulties says that he is being denied the right to an education. Doreen Devine's nine-year-old son Sean has recently been diagnosed with Teenage Conduct Disorder. The disorder is a serious behavioural and emotional disorder that can occur in children and teenagers.

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Domestic violence refuge in Tallaght to close after being refused funding

A WOMEN'S REFUGE in Tallaght is to close next month after it failed to secure government funding to keep it open next year. Staff at Cuan Álainn Women and Children's Refuge were officially told on Tuesday that they would be made redundant and the centre will be closed just before Christmas.

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Wanted: Dubliners to Share Stuff With - Dublin Inquirer

Bernie Brannick wants you to borrow more from your neighbours. That's why she co-founded WeShare Dublin. "It's about connecting people again, because money just isolates people," said Brannick, over the phone. "When somebody wants something they just go and buy it, they hand over money and that's the end of that relationship."


"I lost the primary thing that held meaning to me for my adult life"

Mark O'Brien : Photo: Matthew Willis (circled far right) in January 2008, the last photo he took as an Uhuru Movement member. (C) Matthew Willis A lot of people become more politically engaged in college as they meet new people and are opened up to new ideas and new ways of thinking.

So Long Leonard. Your Life Is A Lesson In Dignity

In July of this year, an e-mail Leonard Cohen wrote to his ex-partner and great love Marianne Ihlen, who was days away from death, went viral. In it, Cohen wrote: "Well Marianne, it's come to this time when we are really so old and our bodies are falling apart and I think I will follow you very soon.

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Inside Outside by Isobel Egan at Gallery Zozimus

Ever since reading The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard as a child, artist Isobel Egan has been fascinated by the idea of architecture, space, and the interrelationships between us and the buildings we inhabit. These ideas are explored in her exciting new exhibition Inside Outside, which opens on 6 October in Gallery Zozimus on Francis Street in Dublin and runs until 24 October.


Amanda Palmer at the Academy - Review and Photos

Amanda Palmer selected an interesting passage for Neil Gaiman to read from her book The Art of Asking when he took to the Academy stage. The passage details a conversation she had with her husband where they share their biggest fears. Palmer's fears all seem to revolve around what people think of her.

Villagers at the Olympia Theatre - Review and Photos

Ivor Novello Awards, Mercury Prize nominations, Choice Music Prize wins. The last few years have been kind to Conor O'Brien, the diminutive, humble and thoroughly likable mastermind behind Villagers and their three stunning albums. International success is all well and good, but as O'Brien mentions to the crowd early on in his Olympia set, 'it's good to be home'.

Eels at The Olympia Theatre - Review & Photos

There are some gigs that just have an intangible, magical quality from the moment the band strikes the first note. This gig from Eels was one of those shows, with Mark Oliver Everett, better known by the shortened moniker E, in cracking form from the moment he kicked things off with a plaintive version of When You Wish Upon A Star.