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A writer based in Brooklyn. A graduate of the New School and NYU, I write about women, the web, and the weird.

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Feminist Book Club
Book Review: Body Work by Melissa Febos

Melissa Febos has made a career out of telling her own story. Her work is deeply personal, sometimes painful, and always resonant. Her memoirs and essays stand out even beyond the import of her experiences and her talent because they are always interwoven-almost bursting-with poetic and philosophical references and insights that help connect her own experiences to universal ones.

Feminist Book Club
Book Review: This Time Tomorrow by Emma Straub

At the start of Emma Straub's newest book, This Time Tomorrow, Alice Stern is not unhappy with her life. She just isn't sure whether it's the one she would have chosen. There are minor spoilers in this review!

Feminist Book Club
Internet Fiction: Seeing Through the Static

The internet is difficult to describe. It is a porous thing, multifaceted, influencing and infiltrating every aspect of our lives. We enter and exit it potentially hundreds of times a day, each time our thumbs bring us back to Instagram or a notification buzzes in our pocket.

Feminist Book Club
Overhaul Your Inbox: A Guide

I treat my inbox like I treat my home. I try to keep it free from clutter and full of things that bring me joy. I curate its contents, adding newsletters and Substacks that give me a laugh or a moment of pause or something to think about in the middle of the day.

Rest in Peace Bill "Bilthy" Meier. " Bike Blog NYC

(photo from Kevin "Squid" Bolger on Instagram @keirinberlin) Bill Meier, known throughout the bicycle community affectionately as "Bilthy" because of his, shall we say rugged exterior, was as real as they come. He was a famous bike messenger and was recently delivering pizzas in Williamsburg ( ) when he became ill and was hospitalized.

"He Only Likes You For Your Fat Ass And Big Tits"

I eased up on myself when I started college and moved into an apartment in Brooklyn. I binge drank, and ate countless dollar slices of pizza. I quickly put on the weight I'd worked to keep off in high school and a little extra.



Sam Paul

Aloha Sam Paul I awoke to smell of bacon and the sound of his screams. Both the sound and the smell traveled down the hallway through our closed bedroom door. He was preparing breakfast shirtlessly...