Aimee Knight

Writer, Journalist, Critic


Aimee’s words appear on and in The Big Issue, Little White Lies, The Lifted Brow, Kill Your Darlings and more. In 2017, she appeared at National Young Writers Festival and Digital Writers Festival. She's a current Writer in Residence at The Mill. Dancing on stage with Bruce Springsteen didn’t cure her anxiety, but it sure did help.


Features & Favourites

Kill Your Darlings
Have A Nice Day: A pop-culture history of the T-shirt

The T-shirt started modestly as 19th-century underwear; today, it's a pervasive semiotic mode. How did a humble undergarment become a tool of countercultural protest, and later, an icon of Western consumerism?

Film, TV & Screen Industry

MIFF 2016 Blog
A Frame Can Be a Cage: Animals on Screen

"Kedi", "Unlocking the Cage" and "Bugs" examine how non-humans fit in our anthropocentric world, and the sometimes-inhuman ramifications of our relationship with animals.

MIFF 2016 Blog
Aquarius, Four Ways

Aquarius is the tits, both figuratively and literally. Brazilian director Kleber Mendonça Filho showcases mastectomy, breast-feeding, and the non-sexualised mammaries you don't see in Miami.

Little White Lies
Review: The Work

This essential, moving documentary challenges the idea of prison as a breeding ground for machismo and violence.

Little White Lies
Review: I, Olga

Prague, 1973. A young woman drives her truck down a bustling footpath, taking out a crowd of around 25 people.

Bitches Ain't Shit: On Sex, Gender + Hip Hop In 'Straight Outta Compton' And 'Dope'

Two films, both alike in dignity, released within weeks of each other. Set almost 30 years apart, they tell the same story: of racism in the USA, of police brutality and intimidation tactics perpetrated against people of colour, and of how American young people struggle to break free from the stereotypes and expectations that swallow them.

Daily Life
'I want Shorten and Turnbull to see the film': Eva Orner on her doco, 'Chasing Asylum'

"We need to get educated and know the facts" about our government's offshore processing policy, says Chasing Asylum director, Eva Orner. The new Australian documentary Chasing Asylum gets behind the barbed wire fences of Nauru and Manus Island to reveal terrifying home truths about offshore refugee processing. But the story doesn't end there.

'Paddington' Is This Holiday Season's #1 Film About Xenophobia

It seems like another arbitrary remake of an antiquated children's franchise, but is one of the most thought-provoking films of 2014's mainstream. The heart-warming story of London's beloved homeless bear, this latest version offers a quiet commentary on race relations, social acceptance and Western society's not-so-secret xenophobia.

Sex, Gender & Sexuality

The Adelaide Review
The speaker was an angel

"I've been doing my work for 12 years and it's just in the last three that more people are... letting me have a voice. Prior to that I was just associated with pornography and throughout the world 'pornography' is a dirty word, right? So people don't necessarily want to hear you speak."

Lifestyle, Culture & Opinion

Destroying the world for breakfast

There's a tarot card called 'The Knight of Cups'. This intrigues me. Not (just) because I'm a full-blown female Fox Mulder who badly wants to believe in divination...

Wasted youth

Aimee Knight explores why Generation Y was against plans for a nuclear waste dump in SA.

Podcast: Waste and Death

A podcast that was supposed to talk about coffee cups and waste, but ends up hitting the big issues: death, trying to be an adult, and (of course) capitalism's fatal flaws.

Nature and nurture at Janesce

"Someone said years ago, 'The best manure for a plant is a farmer's footsteps.' Isn't that beautiful?"

The Thousands
Entering an eating competition

I'm an emotional eater and David Bowie died last week, so entering an eating competition seems like a no-brainer.

Music Reviews

Rip It Up
Review: Cold Chisel

Whenever pub rock patriarchs Cold Chisel return to their hometown, the night is guaranteed to get pretty loose. This is best evidenced by the guy passed out on the footpath at 7.30pm.
Review: One Electric Day

The parched lawns of Elder Park played host to a line-up of Oz rock stalwarts at One Electric Day, named presumably for the frying-pan-like conditions forecast.
APIA Good Times Tour

On an LCD screen above the stage, Glenn Ridge announces, "Welcome to the #APIAGoodTimes tour: celebrating the experiences of people over 50." Honesty is important.

Adelaide Film Festival 2015

ADL Film Fest Blog
Real Talk: Documentaries at ADLFF

Documentaries give voice of those who aren't usually afforded volume. They can be raw and personal, objective and discreet, and sometimes straight-up hype machines.

Adelaide Festival of Arts 2015 Music Mini-Mag

AFoA 2015 Mini-Mag
'Tommy' with Camille O'Sullivan

Irish torch singer O'Sullivan reveals how she feels about starring in a masterful reworking of The Who's seminal rock opera.