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Susan Goen

Writing, Editing, Media Relations; [email protected]

Susan is a professional writer, editor and media relations specialist with 20+ years of experience working in all areas of communications. Creative, dynamic, organized, passionate and flexible, Susan can make your organization shine by using the written word to tell your best stories. Susan has a journalism degree and professional experience writing all forms of communications, including direct marketing pieces, brochures, websites, social media, blogs, ads, radio spots, annual reports and press releases. She also has extensive editing experience, with an eye for substance, style, consistency and ease of use, and expert knowledge of AP and AMA style. In addition, Susan has invaluable experience as an instructor and a profitable entrepreneur. Smart, tenacious and a team player who can self-manage heavy workloads with minimal supervision, she can hit the ground running and help you successfully engage your audience. Email [email protected] to contact Susan and see how she can help improve the visibility and image of your organization.


Andrea Calabretta

Freelance Writer, Editor & Content Strategist

I help companies and organizations use the power of language to define their brands, position themselves in the marketplace, and pursue the most effective content strategies. With experience in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors, I know how to communicate to a variety of different audiences and how to use content to engage and inspire. I am particularly interested in progressive, change-making initiatives, cultural institutions, and international work.


Brieanna Casey

GT Teacher & Freelance Writer and Editor

My two passions in life are writing and teaching, and I've always found a home where they intersect. I'm currently a Gifted/Talented English teacher and part-time freelance writer and editor based in Dallas, specializing in journalistic, academic, and creative writing.  My BA and MA degrees in English focused on language, literature, and education. My 10 years' experience working in primary, secondary, and higher education roles informs and impassions my writing projects relating to education, technology, health/wellness, lifestyle/entertainment, and local reporting. An overview of publications are as follows: reporter and copyeditor for TWU's student newspaper, The Lasso; contributing writer for the Denton Record-Chronicle, Argyle Living, Lantana Living; blogger for The Tutoring Center; and ghostwriter for HealthMarkets.com, GardeningChannel.com, Relieved.com, and Shareably.com. I'm currently available for hire, and look forward to collaborating with you on your next writing project.


Keaton Eberly

Digital Content Producer

We are currently living in a digital age where it is absolutely imperative for journalists to have an enriched understanding of multimedia production and market consumption. Passionate about content creation and media production, I have developed a diverse awareness in various digital mediums, which range from radio, television, online, photo, infographic design, podcasts, social media and mobile content. In addition to my experience using these various platforms, I have continued to strengthen my writing, broadcasting, analytical and public speaking skills, particularly in the sports industry. I am also proficient in Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, Wordpress, Squarespace, and Frequency, as well as A/V equipment. In a business world that’s continuously changing, it is time for myself to change with it through hard work and dedication. My objective is to continue my professional journalism career with excellence and integrity, specifically as a reporter, producer, broadcaster and writer in sports and entertainment media.

Hillary Cormier


Copywriter Extraordinaire @ Thrasio // Freelance Writer @ WGSN Branding and strategy nerd // lover of trend forecasting and futures Based in Houston, TX. Open to remote work.


Daniel Russo

Automotive Content Writer & Editor

This is my dream job. From the time I was just a kid, I’ve loved everything about automobiles, racing, and everything in between. This lifetime of automotive knowledge and a keen knack for writing authoritative content allows me instantly connect with other automotive-brained individuals and those who don't know their ADAS from their CVT. In short, I love the world of automobiles, and I love to share this enthusiasm and knowledge with others. As a freelance writer, I’ve had the opportunity to provide an enthusiast’s voice to some of the most prestigious brands in the automotive world, but it wasn't easy. After graduating from college, I pursued a sales and marketing career in construction sales. After nearly a decade, and after achieving the rank of Sales Director, I quit to start my own automotive writing business. Sound crazy? It's the best decision I've ever made. I quickly grew my business by writing persuasive and compelling marketing copy from the heart and mind of a true enthusiast. Over the last 6 years, I've written thousands of pieces for brands I love and admire. It's been a ride, and I can't wait to see where life rolls next!


Sharice Wells

Bureau Editor

I am currently a full-time editor for The Motley Fool. I graduated with my Master of Accounting from North Carolina State University and hold an extensive finance background. Those things may seem to be counterintuitive to someone aspiring to be a writer, but those the background shows the abundance of my interests. I believe numbers tell a story, but also every person tells a story. Whether about finance or just life, I hope you hear my story through it. In every role I've been noted for strong verbal and written communication. I know these are rooted in my passion for writing. When I was younger, writing, reading and learning were things I loved to do naturally. Not because someone told me to do it, but because I saw something within every story and teaching. I'm choosing to connect with that little girl again but instead of choosing the path everyone said would lead to financial success, I'm choosing the path to passion and me. Writing is what I want to do for a lifetime, it's the only thing that brings me consistent joy and peace.


Wynter Aiken

Editor-In-Chief of RGP Muse Magazine, Writer and Content Creator under Rahway Girlz Publishing

I am an avid writer, blogger, and content creator who not only creates for my own enjoyment but I also wish to share with others my true passion in the creative, digital writing world by giving exposure to other creatives stories and journeys! With my degree in Communication and Journalism, I hope the skills I have worked hard to build showcase in the content that I share via portfolio.


Annika deGroot

Author, Copywriter, Blogger, Director

I'm an award-winning Filmmaker/Writer/Editor specialized in publishing lifestyle blog posts for Fortune 500 companies, and directing commercials. I also have expertise in online help documentation and developed and wrote the online help content for the Kindle line at Amazon.