Eric Linden

Communications/Marketing Professional

United States

I am a Marketing/Communications professional who enjoys adventure and marketing plans. I love working in ecommerce, communication/PR and content marketing areas. I also happen to like creative content writing that converts. Drop me an email and say hello.

Insurance 101: Understanding Catastrophe Bonds (CAT Bonds) | AgentSync

Since the mid '90s, insurers have used catastrophe bonds (CAT bonds) to provide a financial safety net in response to cataclysmic events like hundred-year floods, category four and five hurricanes, major wildfires, and even terrorism. Disaster films are very popular in America.

Insurance 101: What Is An Annuity? | AgentSync

Annuities are complex insurance products that often promise guaranteed retirement income in the future, in exchange for a premium paid upfront, and in advance. The mystique surrounding annuities has led to misunderstandings, confusion, and sometimes-undeserved reputations both among consumers and within the industry itself. So what exactly is an annuity?

12 Awesome Things You Can Do with SharePoint

SharePoint makes collaboration easy with its modern platform and the Digital Workplace has never been so accessible. Thanks to its flexible and intuitive nature, teams can interact and communicate in real time - even if each team member is in a different city.

Empellor CRM
Sales Lead Dog | Empellor CRM

On the Sales Lead Dog podcast, CRM technology and sales process expert Christopher Smith talks with exceptional sales leaders that have separated themselves from the rest and achieved a sales leadership role in their organization. Hear what they did to become the alpha, lead their pack, and how they leverage CRM technology to drive sales for their organization.

We Are In The Cloud. What Now? | Datavail

96% of companies are now using cloud computing in some form or fashion. But despite the many benefits of the cloud, migrating your on-premise databases is just the first step. Cloud computing isn't a destination-it's an ongoing journey that requires active management and monitoring.

Have You Ever Heard of Molybdenum? Why Should You Care?

Unless you are from either Leadville, Colorado or Northern Chile, you may not know what molybdenum is. It's probably a word you are not only unfamiliar with, but also don't care about! However, if you are part of the mining industry, you definitely know what molybdenum is, and if you are in the municipal water treatment world, you also have some knowledge on this particular chemical element.

5 Pros and 5 Cons of the Lift and Shift Cloud Migration Model | Datavail

Many organizations are convinced a cloud migration can lead to benefits of cost savings and flexibility. While cloud benefits are clear, the best model for migration can be less obvious. A "lift and shift" strategy may seem like a fast way to drop existing infrastructure on the cloud, but it's not always the optimal way to migrate workloads.